Why VF is neglecting this blog lately.

I have grown increasingly weary of discussing all things Thai, both here on the blog but also in my life.  Thailand is simply where I have lived most of my life and not some new exotic fascination, as it is for some.  Many of the people I have attracted with this blog are interesting and thoughtful individuals but far too many are extremely negative about Thailand or completely unable to navigate their way through the most mundane of tasks.  Having always found Thailand easy, I wonder at those who find it so unfathomable.  I would prefer to interact with people who possess a more positive outlook and have a bit more vitality, vision and self-reliance. 

I am trying to move away from the Thai and Expat part of my story by moving in the direction of broader, more universal themes, which might lead me to a new path and a different kind of story.  I am still happy living where I do, though it was a real shock to the system for both of us, as we stepped off the airplane into a smoke filled world devoid of the color and freshness we had just left in lush beautiful Hawaii.  Though this time of year is unpleasant, it doesn't last forever and I have no desire to move elsewhere.  I just move indoors until things clear up.  For example, my mountain bike is back in front of the television until the air is healthy to breath again.

After thirty years in Bangkok, the move to Chiang Rai helped to stir things up for a while but now that we have been here more than seven years, this once new life has become fairly routine.  The same thing has happened with the blog.  In the beginning it was all new to me and provided the stimulus one gets from discovering and exploring new things.  It is not that I am bored or lack things to do, it is more intangible and harder to pin down than that.  Perhaps it is just a lack of passion which I am experiencing at the moment.

I often meet people who latch onto one thing and that becomes who they are for perhaps their entire lives.  They are somehow able to maintain that singular focus on a very narrow topic over an extended period of time, something I have never been able to do.  My list has alway been long but as I get older the list of things which interest me and which are still doable becomes shorter.  Partially that is down to having done so much of what I have wanted to do in life.  Age and physical limitations also contribute to what remains on the list and what gets shunted aside.  Time and money shorten the list even more.

I guess my focus has shifted to wondering what comes after 60, as I try to evaluate and internalize the loss of a parent.  So my attention is no longer on life in Thailand but has shifted to a broader question of life in general and how to get the most out of the time I have left.  Anyway, I thought I owed you an explanation of sorts.  Personal opinions and insights are welcome.