Just some thoughts

The schools have reopened this week. My kid doesn't want to go to school. He wants to continue in summer camp. I had to explain him the difference between regular school and summer camp : one costs a lot of money and doesn't teach anything and the other costs a lot of money and doesn't teach anything but only runs in summer.
At school, my kid got his first homework today : I have to make a chart on places of worship.

My kid is almost seven. So I have decided to teach him survival skills. This week, I will teach him about Google search and cut & paste. I will take it up a notch next week  - go to the field. I will teach him to pick the fastest queue at grocery and withdraw cash from ATM.

Since the last time I posted, BJP has swept to power. On results day, the TV anchors were all talking in hyperbole:  Modi Wave, Modi Tsunami. It was all great. But shouldn't a wave and Tsunami hit the coastal areas? Should it not cause maximum damage in Tamil Nadu, Orissa and West Bengal? 

Even before the election indelible ink could disappear from my thumb, Modi's Government has embarked on its divisive agenda of article 370. Do you realize what it shows?

Well, for one thing it shows that I need to take bath more often.