New Realizations

I have joined hands with some talented bloggers to form team 'Inspirati' and compete in BlogAdda's Game of Blogs. This is an episode (episode 7) of a continuing story across the blogs.

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New Realizations (Episode 15)

As Aryan walked past Roohi's apartment, his head turned involuntarily to steal a glance. He felt a pang of guilt as he saw the tightly shut windows and doors. The

Duttas were an island, closed from the world, isolated in their grief.
'Sorry, Shekhar. I hope you will forgive me for what I have done to you,' Aryan murmured as he walked past them.
The grief of parents losing their kid is one of the worst miseries, Aryan knew. He had seen his boss suffering from that grief for a long time now. A suffering that

was so profound and so prolonged that it had compelled Aryan to agree to his boss's request even thought it was completely illegal and probably immoral.

'What could I do?' Aryan asked himself. He owed everything to his boss. He was his friend, philosopher and guide. He had taught everything that Aryan knew.

So when his Boss had tracked Roohi and had decided to kidnap her, Aryan just went along. Aryan needed to be convinced of just one thing - there won't be any

harm to Roohi. And his boss had assured him completely of that. Aryan had gone over the plan with his boss at least a dozen times to convince himself of that.

But the scheme that they had carefully planned, artfully implemented, had fallen apart. He did not know where Roohi or kamla was. And worse, he had not been

able to talk or meet his boss and find out any information. He had waited patiently so far, hoping that his boss would call him and tell him that everything was fine.

But as time passed and the call did not come, he had decided to act himself.

He took his mobile and called a name stored as 'X'
"I had warned you not to call me." The man at other end said as soon as he picked the call.
"I am worried about Roohi." Aryan said.
"So am I. I am trying to get in touch with kamla." The man said.
"You said that you trusted her." Aryan said.
The man remained silent.
"If we don't get to know about Roohi, then I will..."
"What will you do?" The man interrupted.
What could he do? There was nothing he could do without endangering his own safety, Aryan knew.
"That's what I thought?" The man said and cut the call.
Aryan put the phone back his packet an walked downcast.
'What could he do? What could he do to save Roohi without harming himself?' Aryan wondered

"I want Roohi, I want my daughter back." Tara said to Shekhar. Roohi's name had become a chant with Tara. She spent every waking moment uttering Roohi's

name as though the power of saying her name again and again would itself bring Roohi back home.
Shekhar said, "Don't worry! We will get back our daughter. I am doing all I can."
And some more, Shekhar thought. Tara's vast experience in the media world, the old media comprising of T.V and newspaper, had not helped thier cause. For

them, Roohi was just another kid, another statistic.
But Shekhar's work as a freelancer, and the associated experience in the social media. Shekhar and his widely connected freelancer friends had spread

Roohi's name and photo far and wide using blogs, facebook and twitter had come in handy. Shekhar hoped that someone, somewhere might see Roohi and

then remember her from the tweet or post and get back to them.
It was a small hope, but nevertheless a hope.

"I want Roohi, I want my daughter back." Tara's mumbling brought Shekhar back to earth.
As he saw his wife's face, swollen because of incessant crying, Shekhar grudgingly admitted to himself that all those retweets and likes may not change anything. Save the Tiger campaign had netted a million likes, but the tigers had dwindled to less than a hundred.

"Is there any update from the police?" Tara asked. "If anybody can save our daughter, Inspector Tawde is the one."
Shekhar looked at Tara wondering how she had said what he was just thinking himself. Tawde had come very close to catching Roohi near Tawera hotel. If he had come a second earlier, if the visarjan procession had not been there, their Roohi would have been with them by now, Shekhar thought. As Shekhar thought about that day and Tawde, he realized how much that miss had affected Tawde himself. The inspector looked beaten and lost after that close miss. As Shekhar mind wandered, the thought of the call from Tawde came to his mind.

"That call!" Shekhar said aloud. "I can't believe how drunk Tawde was."
Tawde talked utter nonsense in the call and even said Aryan would never forgive him if he came to know that Roohi had gone.
"Why would Aryan not forgive Tawde?" Shekhar asked himsel.
Suddenly it struck like a flash to him and then he understood everything, just like that.

To be continued....
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