Journey loving connection behind 3D movies

Cinema Loves ) With the desire to bring a little joy to the poor children and children with difficulties, "Cinema of Love" was LG Electronics Vietnam Co. extensive organization and become an activity throughout the South North.

Journey loving connection behind 3D movies
Journey loving connection behind 3D movies

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The joy of these children are mountainous communes 3D movie

From September to December 11/2014, for almost three months, "Cinema of Love" was relentless pass over 6000km long way organizations 3D screenings for more than 12,000 children in the poor commune areas remote or feeding centers, child welfare disability.

Gifts for children simple but meaningful to strange. That's just the candy, milk box to enjoy while watching 3D movies, take instant photos are printed by printer LG Pocket Photo mobile, but getting back is the beautiful baby smile, or whooping sounds like fun and cute gestures when first 3D movie enjoyment of the children.

"Theaters love" access to remote areas, where there are sawed mountain road

Cinema's Journey to love throughout 25 provinces, from plain and midland to alpine areas and islands also. Go where members were welcomed by the emotion and rustic simplicity. Whenever saw the next film, the students were rushed out and welcome the delegation with the big smile, by the sound of chisel before the facilities that her uncle had brought.

To prepare for the journey of thousands of kilometers, LG has equipped Cinema 4K love 2 TVs 84-inch ,. Although supply must pass many mountain passes, but all the equipment to carry them always in the ready state to the point when the projector group.

"Theaters of love" will be a beautiful memories of childhood
"Theaters of love" will be a beautiful memories of childhood

There are places to Cinema Projector love until midnight, by not only the children, but the young siblings and her elderly uncle also want to enjoy 3D movies. When parting with the team members, her elementary school vice principal Ninh Thuan, Bon-panel, high-emotion Lao said: "This is the first time that her role in Ninh Thuan is the 3D movie on the big TV . Gift meaningful sense but Theaters love brings is unmatched."

Cries and outstretched hands caught the strange objects flying out from screen TV

During the journey of love Theaters, each projection point are various scenes of life. There are places where to come to the theater, they have to walk half a day to as Nam Tra My (Quang Nam), The City (Lao Cai) and Mu Cang Chai (Yen Bai). There are places where the audience chatter that they are physical impairment such as social protection centers in Hai Duong province, or feeding center disabled children Thuy An ...

Sit anywhere, 3D film has been enthusiastically welcomed them. The arms rise capture 3D objects, the laughter and loud cheers fill the air always in the theater. Journey 3D movie has become a journey of love connection, bring plenty of joy to children all parts of the country.

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