A Day Trip to Hell Fire Pass and Museum for a Father and Son day

After breakfast Rich and Me started off on a Father, Son day and decided we'd go to Hell Fire Pass, for a walk along the old railroad bed and through the part cut through the solid rock cliff , the POW's used only picks and shovels to cut thru the rock , and buckets to carry the cut and broken rocks in to make the railroad bed. They worked around the clock and at night the cut thru the rocks looks like fire and erie , sooo the name Hellfire Pass , the men said it looked like a scene out of Hell.Many POW's and Asian labors died or were beaten to death by the Japanese soldiers , many also died of starvation and disease. When you walk through this place you can see and feel the horror of war and the cruelty one person can afflict on another person . Was quite a experience.The walk thru ,just about took it's toll on these old bones , soooo off to the Hot Springs we went.