Another New Year, 2015…

I began this blog so many years ago, amid a time of change and uncertainty in my life.  I had spent thirty years in the heart of Bangkok.  Before that, I had grown up in the suburbs of university towns, in the desert and on an island.  Even though my parents roots had been somewhat rural, I had never really known rural life except for brief summer visits with grandparents on the dairy farm and other relatives in small rural towns.

In 2007 I suddenly found myself living in a Thai village, building a house and writing a blog, all things I had never previously contemplated.  It was a tumultuous time in my life but it was the good kind of turmoil.  We have these moments in our lives where things change inexorably, punctuating our story and separating what came before from what is about to happen.

This can come in the form of moving from one geographical location to another as when we moved as a family when I was three, again at thirteen and when I started my own journey at twenty three, moving to Thailand.  Now that I think of it, we met when I was forty three and my wife and I made our move to Chiang Rai after living together in Bangkok for ten years or at fifty three.  One begins to wonder if ten years in Chiang Rai or the age of sixty three will usher in another change or not.

The death of my paternal grandfather when I was ten, looking back, changed the structure of our entire extended family, though I had no way of knowing that at the time.  The things which punctuate most people’s lives, like career, marriage, children and divorce remained absent from my life, except for marriage, but as I have mentioned before that didn’t happen until I married at forty-five years of age.

Illnesses and health issues are often notable points on the path but other than a broken leg I have seldom crossed paths with doctors or hospitals, usually only while visiting others.  I have dealt almost exclusively with trusted pharmacists and bypassed the other players in the medical profession.

I suppose one reason I have a hard time writing now, is that my muse in the form of turmoil, change and uncertainty has been largely silent, except of course in that I have lost both my parents this year.  That I find, is largely an inner conversation which does not lend itself well to the written word, at least for me.

What was once a new path filled with uncertainty is now an inseparable part of who I am.  Long past is the time of questioning and wonder at where I found myself.  The house we built has become a home and has influenced so many aspects of our lives.  Not everything has worked out quite as we had imagined but I am quite content and have no regrets.  It is now hard for me to imagine a life elsewhere or what we would have done had we remained in Bangkok or perhaps chosen a different path.

Sure there is turmoil in the village which surrounds us but our home is like a fortress of peace and tranquility.  I continue my path of noninterference in the lives of others, while my wife fulfills social and cultural obligations.  I walk my dogs each evening around sunset, stopping to allow children and other dogs to come say hello to Cookie.  All our dogs are getting older but for now are still in good health.  Unfortunately our cat did pass away recently.

This is such an easy life we are living right now, it is tempting to just drift through life completely without direction.  I have no idea what this year holds but I have no plans to force things.  If something new presents itself, great, but if not I am quite content to enjoy these tranquil waters for a bit longer.

I wish you all good health and happiness in 2015.