How To Solve The Problems Of The Bones Of The People Office

( If you can not change jobs, office workers can still "living with floods" by the simple exercises are effective. According to the World Health Organization, the decade 2011 - 2020 is considered the "Decade of bones and joints" where the bone and joint diseases is increasing. Notably, civil office is one of the subjects most susceptible to bone. Because specific work, they usually go early to late, no chance of exposure to the sun, reducing the absorption of calcium for bones. Besides, having to sit around too long, sedentary also cause weakened bones.

Anlenevn - How To Solve The Problems Of The Bones Of The People Office

In fact, the office people can still "living with floods" by a method not too complicated but effective, which is enlisting exercise on the spot with simple operation. Here are some common gestures that you can try:

How To Solve The Problems Of The Bones Of The People Office

- Reflexology hand muscles: Sit upright, hold hands across the back with his fist, put the waist under attack stance. Then, straighten your arms forward, hold the arms straight and parallel to each other. Perform this movement 5-10 times when idle.
- Inhalation of soil in the table: Table Stand next to a moderate range, elbows on the table to create a wrapping 45 degrees off the vertical, slowly lower your body down until the chest touches the edge of the table. Then push your body back to its original position. Collection within 3-4 minutes to increase bone toughness chest, shoulder ...
- Rotate shoulders: Sit up straight, put his right hand on his left knee, left hand placed behind, trying to be as good to the waist. Turn the light on the left side, served in this position for 5-10 seconds. Switch sides and do the same.
- Spinal Exercise: Sit up straight, hands folded in his lap, eyes straight, loose neck. While scrolling the hands and hips, leaning on the left to feel cornered gravity on the left, if spine stretch the stop light. Switch sides and perform 20 times.
- Scale muscles: Sit on a chair, put his hands behind his head, keeping the spine straight. Slowly lower torso down as much as possible. Then, lift the upper body back slowly to the back muscles and bones to relax. Episode 3 -4 minutes for this exercise.

In addition to exercise, you should take advantage of the holidays to get up early for a chance to sun exposure early. A daily diet with adequate calcium and Vitamin D also helps you have a more healthy bones.

How To Preserve Bone

In Vietnam modern society today, the woman reached out to hold important positions in society. However, when they arrived home always try to do good roles as wife and mother. Especially the role of women in Vietnamese families are associated with the image of a happy family, the outside as well as social work, women in Vietnam have also true "keep house ". It is this inadvertently become invisible social pressure mounted for a woman, to ensure happy family, Vietnamese women often sacrifice so very much for your husband, but sometimes forget the take care of yourself mentally and physically.

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