Osteoporosis "Bone Thief" Silent Women Over 30

(news.c10mt.com) Beware the silent process of bone loss. Sally Field's story shows that anyone can be attacked silently by osteoporosis - serious disease with mortality rates up to 20%, severely depressed quality of life. Not only Sally, that 50% of American women over 50 have problems related to osteoporosis, although this is the most developed country and people are drinking milk as well as intolerance of calcium-rich foods since born.

Anlenevn - Osteoporosis "Bone Thief" Silent Women Over 30

However, Asians even higher risk of osteoporosis than America or Europe. Vietnam is among the countries with the incidence of osteoporosis alarming in Asia with about 2.8 million people living with the disease; and expected to reach 4.5 million by 2020. In particular, the present, the cases of osteoporotic fractures in the 30s no longer rare, indicating osteoporosis is actually "rejuvenation".

Osteoporosis "Bone Thief" Silent Women Over 30

You should know that after achieving peak bone mass (ages 20-30 or 25-35), the body will enter a period of reduced bone mass. "Bone bank" that you accumulated abundant this time when children are being siphoned yourself slowly but unknown. Women are vulnerable to osteoporosis due to consume calcium reserves for pregnancy and lactation. In addition, with the goal of keeping the shape, many young women often perform strict diet makes long day calcium intake is not sufficient to maintain bone mass. Quietly, keep your bones gradually thin, porous gradually if not taken care of properly.

Take a "listen" bone from age 30

Osteoporosis is a bone aging process gradually, can last for 15-20 years, no outbreak of any symptoms. One day, you accidentally discovered her osteoporosis only when testing or when symptomatic fractures. Meanwhile, the body's bone mass was approximately 35%, hardly offset as before.

Osteoporosis as a sneaky thief, silently steal your bone after age 30. Thus, towards the World Day 20/10 osteoporosis prevention, each of us needs to "listen" to the bone from the age of 30 instead of from age 40-50 to prevent the disease, ready for an active life. You can apply some of the secrets of nutrition and movement below to have strong bones:

- "Load" 1.000-1.200mg calcium / day: take the calcium from food sources such as lean meat, vegetables, nuts, cereals ... However, according to the National Institute of Nutrition, diet new Vietnam only meet about 500mg of calcium per day. Therefore, you should have a plan Calcium reasonable, such drink 2 glasses of Anlene / 2 Anlene Concentrate box with 2 options and Chocolate Vanilla flavor delicious.

- Mobilization, exercise 30 minutes / day: can select the yoga, jogging, fitness, cycling or simply routine chores and take the stairs.

- "Stretching stretch core" every 45 minutes: If you work in the office regularly, not just sit there too long. Every 45 minutes, get up and walk around or perform some stretching exercises osteoarthritis.

- Sun exposure for 15 minutes / day: the secret to increase the formation of vitamin D under the skin, promote the absorption of calcium by the body.

- Bone density tests every year: to perform routine because this is the way to help make sure you know the health status of their bones.

- Minimize alcohol and caffeine: the drinks are always impede the absorption of calcium by the body.


30 onwards can be considered as excellent spring time, the most mature of women by women 30+ owns perfect beauty from a plump body, strong and a steady job. Tran Ngoc Thuy Anh, Director of HR Riverbank, representing generations of women 30+ modern, sister Thuy Anh confidently assert that women are not only beautiful outside, but good health especially musculoskeletal make new health is the beauty that women over 30 should be pursued.

Should protect bones from 30+ years.

As Director of Human Resources, who is also the mother of 2-year-old child is eating big, I need a health tough to keep pace in career advancement and care for small families. I used to think other than cancer or diseases of the century style "Evening Sun calls everyone", then all the other diseases can be cured if his body training and periodic health examination.

Until you see a friend of the same age his often painful as doing housework or childcare, I began to worry about his health. Am I healthy enough to continue to care for the child as it is now. Over find out more on the book, I know 30 is the ideal time to prevent osteoporosis, preparing healthy, strong to be able to complete tasks and family care career. Experts have told me that to bone health from age 30 onwards.

Regular exercise + diet rich in calcium = a perfect recipe

I have formed themselves a workout regimen to help train the joints become more supple thanks to a 30-minute jog combination join the club badminton 2 sessions / week, more importantly, a diet adequate supplementation of calcium from foods such as eggs, seafood, vegetables and especially Anlene milk 2 cups or 2 boxes per day Anlene Concentrate is the simplest way to add the full amount of interference Portland necessary for the body in a day.

By practicing and reasonable diet, I feel the healthy and supple than. Inspection results better bone health and help me peace of mind because I am well apply the knowledge they learned from sources around. I breathed a sigh of relief knowing that osteoporosis is not difficult to prevent. Also thanks to regular calcium supplements that I can be assured not only the daily activities such as swimming with children, willing to participate in badminton when colleagues invite re.Mot good health that my 30 year old life back should mean more, richer.

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