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(news.c10mt.com) Bone loss due to misconceptions. A slight fall due to slipping on the slick tile floor that you Jinhua hospitalized and diagnosed her hip fracture, the consequences of osteoporosis. Where osteoporosis soon as she was not rare States - osteoporosis silently attack patients in 30s being recorded at clinics throughout osteoarthritis. 

Anlenevn - Osteoporosis Is Increasingly Rejuvenation

Osteoporosis occurs due to decreased bone density; when the body loses 30% or more bones will cause more serious complications such as chronic back pain or fractures, loss of employment, activity or even increased risk of death. Osteoporosis International Association recorded every 22 seconds, 1 people with spinal fractures due to osteoporosis worldwide.

Osteoporosis Is Increasingly Rejuvenation.

Osteoporosis has long been considered a disease of the featured autumnal, many young people are very subjective and psychological Osteoporosis is a disease only of age, from the fight does not matter, when the pain, anti-still up! This misconception that many people hold the paper when bone mass measurements did not believe, insist measuring machine ... wrong! In osteoarthritis clinics across the country, cases of osteoporotic fractures (fractures due to a minor injury) in the 30s no longer rare, indicating osteoporosis is actually "rejuvenation". Even recently, experts have warned: mature women at any age when having problems joint discomfort, cramps, do not subjective self "began prescribing disease" which should immediately go to meet the doctor for a bone density test.

After achieving peak bone mass (ages 20 to 30 or 25 to 35), the body enters a period decreased bone mass. This process is faster in women (to consume calcium reserves for pregnancy and lactation) particularly menopause, bone loss rate will increase (3-4% mean reduction of bone mass per years). In addition, with the goal of keeping the shape, many young women often perform strict diet makes long day calcium intake is not sufficient to maintain bone mass, speed up the process of bone loss.

Sedentary lifestyle, sedentary, overweight and obesity increase the risk of osteopenia, osteoporosis in young people. Especially habits of white skin and many women have accidentally prevents the absorption of calcium from the body through the skin.

Stay Active To Prevent Osteoporosis

With the mortality rate to 20% and higher risk level than breast cancer, osteoporosis can not be neglected! Fortunately, this disease can be prevented simply by maintaining small from an active lifestyle and healthy diet and sufficient minerals to build bone peak sure foundation. If increasing peak bone mass is 10%, 50% would reduce the risk of osteoporotic fractures in a lifetime. On World Guide to prevention of osteoporosis 20/10 this year, experts have called on the community to be aware of osteoporosis prevention as soon as possible.

The first essential in the fight osteoporosis is a healthy diet. Women, especially at the age of 30 need 1,000 - 1,200 mg of calcium per day, while the meal usually 45-50% just to meet this demand. This means the group of calcium-rich foods (fish, shrimp, crabs, snails, dark green vegetables, fruits, fruit ...), especially milk and dairy products should be added to the daily menu of you. Drink 2 glasses of Anlene or 2 boxes per day Anlene Concentrate is a secure investment for the "bone bank" your future. Note limit alcohol and caffeine to enhance the absorption of calcium.

Women 30 to 30 minutes of physical exercise / day as walking, cycling, yoga to keep bones healthy and strong. Tip is if there is not much time to do housework or walking regularly can also help to strengthen the movement. Besides keeping the skin, women should be exposed to sunlight for 15 minutes / day to absorb more calcium to the body. A healthy lifestyle, active not only as a way to prevent osteoporosis effectively, but also help you to have an active life and happiness.

Recipes For Healthy Bones Yellow From Age 30.

The risk of the subjective. Fullness, fresh and healthy women over the age of 30 that are indifferent to the bone health. Every effort, women over 30 are devoted to career, family care and preservation of beauty; if the health care, whether it is going to have cancer screening, prevention fibroids or cysts only. They said that this disease is only "exclusive" for autumnal so that's what the 10, 20 years. Countless women believe that at age 30 or older, they have plenty of experience, knowledge and sensitivity to understand the state of their own.

But few know that according to the research specialists, from age 30 onwards, the bone tissue in the body will silently falling faster pace. This process even faster in women, especially pregnant women, because during pregnancy and breastfeeding is more essential nutrients produce more for the fetus and ducts, leading to the lack of quality in the mother's body. Each one will never know what the situation is gone except bone densitometry. From 30-50 years of age, annual average women lose 0.3 to 0.5% of bone mass. After 20 years, if not in time to fortify bones, that number will be 6-10%. Not to mention the 5-10 years after menopause, women lose an average every 25-30% more bone mass. This means that if women wait until age 40-50 when the onset of osteoporosis manifestations new thinking about calcium supplements, it was late, because of the fact that time, the body has lost 30% of bone mass.

In particular, women who do sedentary work, vulnerability to bone loss or suffering from the disease can cause osteoporosis as stomach, kidney, menstrual sir, amenorrhea lasting ... there is a risk very high early osteoporosis.

Recipes From The Golden Age of 30.

Osteoporosis as a petty thief, every day "steal" a few bones from the "bone bank" of us silently, it may be necessary to prevent the disease is established for each person its a diet and reasonable movement from the '30s onwards.

Recognizing the alarming rise of osteoporosis, the world was founded on prevention of osteoporosis in order to raise awareness of people in general and women in particular about the serious dangers of the disease to prevent timely. For this reason, the World Day of osteoporosis prevention 20/10 upcoming Vietnam Women also need to participate in response to increased awareness, while repelling disease.


Women 30 years and older start interested in bone health by maintaining at least a 30 minute walk, do yoga ... every day to "stretch" the bones, the brain has disengaged. If you do not have much time to practice, women do housework, walking ... every day, because these are useful tips to help enhance movement.

And of course, women over age 30 can not ignore a diet rich in calcium. These foods provide calcium as effective as salmon, catfish, carp, cheese, yogurt, eggs, broccoli, tofu, kale, basil ... should alternate present in family meals. Add about 2 cups or 2 boxes Anlene Anlene Concentrate 110ml per day 4X is that every woman has the right amount of calcium needed to maintain healthy bones, ready for an active life.

To help bones "break".

If you work in the office regularly, not just sit there too long. Every 45 minutes, get up and walk around or perform some action later to help your joints more supple:
• Relax your hands and feet joints: Sitting in a chair, knitting hands together, repeatedly rotate the wrist joint. Anti-toes to the ground, taking into consideration by the thumb, then rotate the joints.
• Relax muscles of the lower extremities: Sit up straight in a chair, legs shrink belly, belly as close as possible.
• Relax spine: Knitting hands together, raised high, palms facing upwards. Leaned to the left, then tilted to the right. Perform 4 times, moving leaned forward and leaning back.
• Relax shoulder muscles: Flawless hands on his shoulders, spinning clockwise direction, then reverse, within 2 minutes.

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