Portrait Of The "Superwoman" Who Are They ?

(news.c10mt.com) Modern life giving women more important role of the family to social, requires them to stay healthy and flexible. They have much less effort "superhuman". 24 hours of the "superwoman" although busy but well balanced and inspiring. Whether to resolve work full pressure, sublimation with particular passion, meet new partners ... but back home, they still fulfilled the role of a wife, a mother, a wonderful woman.

Anlenevn - Portrait Of The "Superwoman" Who Are They ?

"Female Superheroes" can be any woman around you. Let's join together to form chains Anlene nominated as little action to honor the women around us.

Portrait Of The "Superwoman" Who Are They ?

Dear Tuyet Tran. Self-nominations decent, but not outstanding its not good to stand out and attract. But his heart was filled with pride when the woman Viet Nam, every day I still try to fulfill the state and the company in a reasonable manner and the most important thing is to be healthy every day feel happiness. Listening to music, watching TV, watching cartoons is entertainment at its most expensive choice, while I do not know how to make more money by saving it still maintains. His lifetime wish more people knew this would be divided, each more interested in helping to relieve the pain, if any.

Dear Mother, the woman I love and respect always. Mother ah, how many mothers in early and hard, day care for the lives of his family, expect a day of two grown daughters, mother's family will not have to struggle anymore. Yet, now we have grown and have families, the mother is still the same, do not worry for the large family, but also take care of all of our little family. Mother worried every meal, every pair of pants, shirts for children, for children. Mother said "she could hungry, can even bad, but do not let the same be". She sacrificed so much for us, so that we never say "thank you mom, we love you" .qua here I want to tell her that "two sisters I love you very much" child mother Thu Thuy

Dear Thu Ha. Thank you for being gentle was a child I really contempt, intelligent and wise sage. 2 In the past he has concerned himself as a beauty salon, just take care of children. Husband working away from him again. Alone he overcame hardship and sadness. but you still fulfill the responsibilities of a mother, a daughter-in with her husband's family. Having a best friend like you, it was a joy.

Dear sister: Le Thi Huong Mai. She loves! So one again on Christmas. Christmas Monday, his sisters apart. From remote rural areas of the country, I always remember my sister. Sister as the mother of 2 children. Due to family circumstances, the drunken father all day, she had to export labor to earn money to support his two sisters to school. With no mother side, she is the fulcrum, more motivation to trust me to school and become a teacher today. Away from Her, I always remember the food cooked by her, rustic dishes, frugal but warm my heart. When Anlene contest about "superwoman", I think of her. For me, she is superwoman of her heart. Thank brands Anlene milk did move the bridge to the center line of the children to her. Gifts for sister: The kitchen.

Dear Mother love. Her life has too many hard, bitter. Life is tough mother made no real rest day now though mothers were gathering outside the interior. Mother had sacrificed their youth, a lifetime to care for grandparents, father, and for us. Now, when she was older, we've grown, but also can not be with her mother to take care of every day. Life is difficult and girls under section sisters husband that we do not have the conditions to repay thanks birth or upbringing. However, she remained silent sacrifice, uncomplainingly resentment. Still wear skinny figure was still deeply sunken eyes because of the lack of sleep that night ... makes my heart aches whenever I think about her. Con convention every day just to be with her, as she was caring mother had custody, or simply be mixed in the morning for a cup of milk Anlene mother and said to her, saying, "She is superwoman of child "!

Dear Nguyen Thi Hop. You truly are a superwoman in my heart, everything you do in life that I have admired, because I think only new superheroes do. Hard, very hard, how you made it through. Hope this meaningful gift that will help you keep active in your life !!!

Dear dear mother. Mother ah: She is our most respected and beloved. Our life without her mother, then perhaps we would not be sufficient and prosperous. Mother of older bone and joint disease more uncomfortable abuse. The pains me to see her mother only knew whether she okay or not Mom have severe pain that can not do for her. But pain is steady but still go to work every day mother day without rest. His mother to care for family members, grandson and brother again. We always great but the kids always have to worry Mom, from meals to daily living expenses, but the mother never complained whining. She is super nh saying it was the right person. We can pray that someday I will rest and we will replace the mother as a foot. We love you Mom.

Dear mother's love child. My dear mother, mother's day and work from dawn until dusk. The mother shaggy finger imprint of years of struggle for an.Me always worried, bring good things to the children. Mother of the lot up "to live honest, upright. Be grateful not remember resentment. Be forgiving love others ... And I want to tell her that," Mommy, I love you so more "

Dear Anlene. I would like to nominate my mother. Both her life because her husband for me, from cities to rural areas married women are always hard, my dad did not have a spleen home mom raising two children successfully, alone she did not know how much work, just as agents of water, grapefruit tea beverages sold for each of the water feature for restaurants around midday summer sun scorching her wet sweat shirt, just cook for two sisters went to school for lunch wake bookkeeper, my house was packed to the breeding season, the buffer gas, beverage, confectionary mother not to sell the New Year decorations spike train propeller Tet, the queuing up early morning, late evening as calves row on, her life was very hard but I always try to get our lives filled, she is both mother and father as well as my two sisters.

Dear Mother love. I do not have to be a successful businessman, not a doctor or a teacher, she was just a farmer. But the child, the mother is always the mother, wife, grandmother best. Mother always be "superwoman" in my heart. More than 1 year, children living away from her mother, but remember you are always thinking about her. Children always remember the food cooked by her mother. The family meal warm and warmed my heart. She is a woman, suffered misfortune in life. Mom and Dad dropped us off forever in a time of labor in a foreign country. Leave Mom 2 young children, she had to paddle, strive in life to feed us grow and mature. Please stay healthy mother to live with her son and mother offline. Anlene milk will turn her hand to the center line from the bottom of my heart. I love you more. Gift for mom: The kitchenware.

Dear Mother. Mother is a solid shoulder whenever you need. Since we are human, right, his foster mother, 3 sisters taught me. I know there are times when very tired but happy mother tongue which obscures tired, so we do not worry, I understand that my mother. I love you.

Words Of Love From The Portrait Superwoman.

Dear Anlene. Surely anyone childhood idol a character "Superman" and then fade in mind. I'm also not the exception, the only other thing is that I have a "superwoman" always and forever in my heart next to me- it's two sisters. Remember childhood, my country road in the rainy season flooded knee. Church day I bring flowers home, I wear nice to go but suddenly heavy rain, flooded knee. Mum and Dad do not let go, so I rolled out a cry. Two injured I ask my Mum and Dad for Two piggyback bring flowers to the Church of view. Oh shoulders Two true then tell me how harmony. The result is two patients some weeks. Two Oh! - "Superwoman" My, Shanghai too !. I wish the two are happy, healthy for "superwoman" always helping people. Thank Two.

Dear MOTHER. Mother always busy with the agency, but still fulfilling the home care, parenting. Although three business trip, a mother hands to handle things but I still never complained a word ... The fruits of the child's mother is all grown up, so the study, three always glad have a solid rear it's mother. She has written about the countless things to say, but because so filled with emotion so I do not know what to write more. Through this New Year 2015 I will retire, I would like to wish them health mom happy. I love them immensely mother.

Dear Vinh Nguyen Thi Kim. I'm always busy with the agency, but still fulfilling the home care, parenting. Even in distant husband, one hand I have to handle things, but I have never wanted anything to complain ... You are the fruits of the Son are docile, study hard, obedient,. write about it .. I have plenty to say, but because so filled with emotion should not write anything more. Wishing you health and happiness. I love immensely.

Dear mother's love chips and Dog. One day, after hours of lectures on the podium, the worries chaos of life, mother to spend the remaining time to prepare delicious meals, caring for three, you and me, vun for organizations warm your family. In the third eye, the mother and child is the wife, the mother best, make the country a better job, a loving mother both very much! By the time the children have grown more and more, take less worried mother and spend a lot of time to myself, always happy, fun, work smoothly and all the good mother offline! The whole family love you much more ...

Dear mother Do Thi Ngoan. Been watching a lot of movies about superheroes, but I've never seen anyone "super" as his mother. Superman's heart good to me has just lovely, gentle. No burly but the mother bear weighs 12kg nephew roaring climbing stairs, though I was a new coal joint pain. No such powers but she has enough capacity and knowledge to teach our women and girls were naughty children. Not spectacular, but mother always noisy family behind and walked quietly to the other members. Superman's mother but filled with tears when I read somewhere sad story, when she hurts and pains mother mother still very much coal. Mother told much coal it is pain that help us human, too. Mother is a solid spiritual fulcrum for children, but when we need to take a frail mother mother then, so we covered the arms that hug the mother in the heart ...

Dear mother love. Send beloved mother does not know the words to describe her how, on the day the frequency mother raising six children to school you are the mother's day sunshine to the rain bands on the vast tea gardens of the land of fog , the bitter cold winter day mother often cook cleans up early and go to work when the sun is not smeared his mother! sometimes you do not obey forgive mother daughter mother then, hast thou ever pray mom, healthy baby inside them.

Nominated Portrait Superwoman.

Dear Uncle's son. In my eyes, my uncle is superwoman real life. I can partly understand the difficulties that were experienced physician as a mother of two brothers growing up when no shadow beside her husband. Physicians also replaced the doctor in the house, get up early, stay up late caring for grandparents caring, not managing fatigue, struggled early today. Now grandparents passed away, he had to repay the full text filial love so I just wanted to doctors always healthy, happy with the children. Uncle let down thoughts, worries and enjoy life peacefully doctor offline. I love you very much.

Dear beloved mother. You know what? I always thought of her mother at the beginning tien.Da may want to buy gifts but perhaps by his mother at home mom, right? At home mothers head off the dark side, my husband does not organized Mother's Day, in which one child said que..khi from: I thanked her, I love you is unthinkable ... the kids young mother just cry when ill, only know how to help her mother when she hurts. I have grown up, grown children, but the first night huddled in the armpits mother sleeps, to straddle am still in bed sleeping well hand ... and his mother was cooking breakfast. Con suddenly feel like a little princess, found that the happiest people of the world, because all parents and sisters for me, is what I did not expect anything more than that nua.Con mother wishes to stay healthy DC to see their grown children.

Dear Ngo Thi Kim Phuong. Their self-nominated dentist. Life with chaos and worries, I just have to take care of children, the family, the work has to be completed by the delivery company. Every day we continue to race against time as such, am washing clothes, food for children in the care of the grandparents, the company completed work. Afternoon return home for children bathing and playing with children. I always try for me, be with me and do all the work for your child is not tired at all.

Dear Mother Nguyen Thi Xuyen. With you, I was Superman. 27 years is not too far away when the mother's arms. Since the family was too poor, the mother still vun, labor hard for the family. At the meeting in the turbulent lives of mothers side. But the words of love expressed little mother but I know you love and care about you very much. Now there are small children, 1 single mom worries all the work safely. This life with the parents is the greatest happiness. Good parents are healthy and peaceful. Loving mother and my family more.

Dear Mother Vuong Thi Nga. I grow up in the arms of their parents, and now the mother and the child as well as understanding of the hardships me.Me 60 plus but now what is to hand, Mama hard on coffee farms although the mother was seriously ill should not work nhoc.Con love her a lot, but does not help much for what is right me.Me our superheroes.

Dear Mother love. Maybe for you, portraits of the female superheroes are mothers. Over the past 30 years mother always beside me. On her mother care for the children sleep each meal. When I grow everyday mom encouraged me to study. When you get married, the mother are still a child, she helped me take care of the baby porcupine, ask the mother of the family, the mother listened to my heart in the life of these difficulties. I just know I care for her daughter, but sometimes to forget about her. I just know that many mothers ask for help when help the mother does not know. I just know .... but forget her. I'm sorry mom.

Dear Mother Vo Thi Thong. My mother was also very old and has nearly 60 years, but because of the nature of this job family mother always endeavor like a superhero at all, every day from early morning when the mother was up early to lo breakfast and take advantage of all the cleaning around the house, then go to the market and cook lunch for mechanic work. Noon mother back packing and transporting rock go down to the way mother cook, work on day to day there are times when people rush order Mommy forgot diet work from morning till night without feeling tired, mother indeed a child's superman whether it's just for a child only.

Dear Mother Father loves. My mother is the best person I love and feel sorry for many mothers nhat.Tu very mischievous childhood and this makes me not vui.Nam mother was 45 years old mother's health was weak, but I'm still not done what reciprocate the favor of the mother, her work very hard so that I can stand beside that support ho.Bay I am working away from home, not in addition to caring for me.Toi fast forward to early stable job and life to catch live with my mother.

Superman Women Were Honored.

Dear Ms. Tran Hoang Minh Chau. Send sister, the first boss went with me in the first 2 years they started their careers. A woman is "Hue", the accent, the long black hair, to gentle demeanor, feminine. If she met for the first time perhaps people will think she is a woman housewife hard. But if you have been exposed, she will make people around surprised by the woman seemed very tradition that is one of the pillars staff, a core of a company's global service, daily encounter remove clients, resolving internal affairs and ensure timely completion of the work. Out of hours worked, she returned to her home happy, caring husband and integrity to two lovely boys. She is a role model, "the woman superman" that I admire and love you always.

Dear Bao Trang. 18. I'm a mother. age is also dissipated flying fun and above all pursue his dream career. but for a minute superficial trot wild child has changed his fate "single mothers". "Mother" how sacred two hours but man do they have trampled upon the fate of the woman's body or mind. the way they like to love but do not like the discarded like a piece of paper or something. a daughter fragile weak excuse why scoundrel met the man, but this time segment. a small family, but they are not enough to fully protect the face endless love, the love of material things for her child you can imagine that it's too big, do you think that only the rich new be so. but no, the children they have changed the thought of her, I was really for me everything. sure because I feel guilty about the children.

Dear beloved mother. She is the "superwoman" mother of his family Asia. She is the emotional bond of all members, all generation. She is an inspiration, life is probably, as all my soul. She is warm fire that each child in the family in mind, you will find really happy to be born and raised in my home. I love Mother very much. And I know that love for the child's mother is nothing in this world can change. Thanks to this world to life sent me a wonderful angel Mother ....

Dear sister of children Quyen. She Quyen is "superwoman" flashed. Sury's Superman, Superman's always Ut Quyen. Being a great sister, iconic modern woman of the century that children towards do.Chi Quyen is a member of your family dentist are Asian.

Dear Organizers Program. For me, she is the first person of my superwoman. No one can replace my mother's heart. Mother always mentor, caring for the house, ready to sacrifice herself for her husband. Still life more difficult, hard, her mother had threatened many times we would go to find a new family, but her mother never did. Mom I love you so much, she is a superwoman of the children, the mother very proud mom.

My Dear Mother. Mom, people ask, "Reason for nomination superwoman around us," and I think of her. Mom, I very proud to have the mother, not your average which is very very much! Son also said the world would have been a good mother, but why are you still see my mother is the most most most! Mom, on the last 12 years, there was a time in my dream, I dreamed I saw the mother disappeared from this world, I only see her back in a minute, I cry, I call that does not help, you cry is awake, the first time I cried in a dream and woke up in the present. Dreams that leave me so many things, the more I think the mother. That the key to what your feet are ... Take a worry for us every now and live like a good, long time, thought and care for her, because I was very young yet mature enough to have can bear, endure great things where mother offline. There and Wait me, I still want to do things with great mother, mother offline.

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