Bones For Active Life | 5 Principles To Help Bones

( Bone bank is hosting the important minerals such as calcium, phosphorus ... and always provide them for all daily operations of the body. From age 30, toughness of bone will start to be reduced, this will speed accelerated faster at menopause and increased further in the following years (20-30 years after menopause). 

Anlenevn - 5 Principles To Help Bones

If not care bones properly, you will have osteoporosis, brittle bones, affecting health and your life. "So please help bones with 5 following rules:

5 Principles To Help Bones

1. Nutritional balance: Materials to create new bone calcium is leading. In addition, vitamin D is also important to help the body absorb calcium. Sources of calcium include: green leafy vegetables, fish (eaten with bones), orange juice and seeds. Daily diet usually provides about 500 mg of calcium. Therefore, you should drink two glasses of milk, especially milk calcium supplement to ensure adequate supply of 1.000mg - 1,200 mg of calcium per day.

2. Exercise: Do not exercise and do not move for a long time can increase the risk of osteoporosis. The best exercises for healthy bones as walking, climbing stairs, lifting weights, and dancing. Greek athletes at least 30 minutes each day. Here are four basic movements good for bones, you should do every day:

Relax your arms and legs joints: Sitting in a chair, knitting hands together, repeatedly rotate the wrist joint. Anti-toes to the ground, get focused toe, foot swivel joints.

Relax muscles of the lower extremities: Sit up straight in a chair, legs shrink belly, down. You co legs up as close as possible stomach.

Relax spine: Knitting hands together, raised high, palms facing upwards. Leaned to the left, then tilted to the right. Perform four times, leaned forward and back.

Relax shoulder muscles: Put your hands on his shoulders, spinning clockwise direction, then reverse again, in two minutes.

3. Prevent falls: Falls can cause fractures, while most of the situation falls, you can prevent. Please check your home, eliminating any danger may cause you to fall as slippery places, so do not put carpet in place, the darkness, the lack of light.

4. Healthy lifestyle: Cigarette smoking can prevent the body from absorbing calcium. Also, women who smoke often menopause earlier than non-smokers, should increase the risk of osteoporosis. People who drink alcohol are also more likely to get osteoporosis.

5. Check osteoporosis: If a family history of osteoporosis, you should be examined early bone health. By measuring bone density, doctors will only prescribe the medicine with milk or calcium supplements accordingly. The experts also considered the relevant factors such as weight. The mean weight loss will reduce the load pressure on the bone.

Bones For Active Life

Women after age 30, the body can lose up to 3% bone. Without countermeasures, 10-15 years, women are likely osteoporosis.

6 Interestingly, bone you may not know

• 20% of the body's bones
• Children have 270 bones; Adults have 206 bones (due to some large bones closely together)
• Bone Structure: 49% calcium; 25% water; 23% collagen; the remainder is magnesium, zinc and sicarbonate
• 99% of calcium in the body reserves in the bone
• 5 types most commonly fractured bones: the humerus, elbow bones, radius, tibia, fibula

As a sneaky thief, osteoporosis silently "steal" your bone after age 30. Lifestyle lack of exercise, dietary imbalance of nutrients, young people will be living at risk of early with this disease. So be "listening" bone from age 30 instead of age 40-50. Here are ways to help you have a healthy bones and flexible:

Anlenevn - Bones For Active Life | 5 Principles To Help Bones

3 smart nutrition principles

1.000-1.200mg calcium / day for healthy bones
• Increase the calcium foods: green vegetables (broccoli, lettuce, celery ...), yogurt, shrimp, fish, eggs.
• Drink 2 glasses of Anlene or 2 boxes per day 4X Anlene Concentrate.

600 IU vitamin D / day for better absorption of calcium
• Increase vitamin D-rich foods: salmon, sardines, egg yolks, milk

Limit foods calcium drain
• Salt
• Alcoholic beverages
• Fresh water bottle
• Coffee

Develop an active lifestyle. Sports 30 minutes every day: walking, cycling, aerobics, yoga ...
4 tips to move more: climbing stairs, doing housework, shopping, walking more instead of motorcyclists 100% erect posture while working:

• 5 minutes to the bone "break" after 45 minutes of work: So much sitting increases the risk of discomfort neck, shoulder and back pain, spondylosis, bone thinning
• 10 minutes / day sun exposure early to produce vitamin D skin
• Say no to tobacco

Rest reasonable
• Sleep 8 hours a day
• Avoid staying up late - a risk of bone loss
• Reduce located 20 minutes per day television or surfing smartphone
• Spend 20 minutes each day reading

9 foods rich in calcium

Anlene Concentrate 110ml milk • 4X: 572 mg
• 1 cup of homemade soy milk (172g): 175mg
• 227g low-fat yogurt: 415mg
• 170g cooked cabbage (1 cup): 158mg
• 1 cup cooked broccoli (180g): 72mg
• 1 medium-sized orange: 65mg
• 85g sardines: 325mg
• 85g salmon: 181mg

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