Diamond Island - 4 Common Mistakes When Buying Apartment

(news.c10mt.com) We ourselves who must make the mistake of doing something, including the purchase of a house, apartment or even a piece of land are also the same. But after the mistake was that we learn and draw a lot of experience from it. Diamond Island - 4 Common Mistakes When Buying Apartment.

Diamond Island - 4 Common Mistakes When Buying Apartment

The shares below are the most common survey that a person in a real estate transaction, or suffer the most. Hopefully after reading this sharing, you will summarize the valuable experience that those who pre paid a hefty price for it.

Not to ascertain the costs incurred

In the process of buying luxury apartments, while making the payment of expenses, in addition to the amount paid at the time and pay the monthly interest to the bank (if incurred), the land ownership and will bring you many other costs incurred such as electricity, water, land tax ... Also, every lie you have to spend money on estimates ranged from 1% to 3% of the value of the house to repair . So you do not hesitate to talk carefully to the investor or advisor or refer directly to households renting or buying luxury apartments in it. to know the total cost of the purchase or lease. Note added expenses daily activities. This will be a real account is not small for you.

Insurance issues when buying apartment

Many people are very subjective matter insured his apartment; the cost for this problem is the cost of repairing the apartment after being damaged, floods, fires ... towering threshold. Whether that is the case this happens very rarely, but "Be anxious almighty". Insure your apartment before as a way to prevent the case must pay the cost of repair is too high or avoid falling into a situation not have to stay. Besides, should also keep some money in a safe place, or send to the bank in case of uncertainty.

Ease of "discouraged" before the problem corrected easily.

According to a survey by a leading real estate company in the United States - Coldwell Banker is 9 out of 10 for the first time apartment buyers often find apartments near places such as supermarkets, schools or agencies working ... This issue is absolutely right. Location is very important when deciding to buy Apartment for themselves. Three important factors that contribute to an apartment that's perfect: Location, location and location - In the words of one share of real estate professionals. All other elements are easy to change position, it does not matter.

Do not be too critical of other problems such as clogged water shower, wall cracks with a balcony, air conditioning damaged ... This error is often easily overcome; so do not be too focused on minor issues but missed this one apartment in a convenient location for you. Take advantage: take advantage of this vulnerability to negotiate prices with them; when a purchase is still paying the price, it is naturally subject to purchase apartments in the well is normal.

Do not spend money to decorate apartments

This sounds a little mistake silly but certainly you're self-questioning, bought the house, the course must have money to decorate his apartment and then. But let's save some money for the particular spending plan costs are decorating your house. Especially for your first time home ownership. Hope to share the above, Diamond Island Vietnam wants customers to avoid the mistakes that their predecessors faced.

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