Diamond Island - Criteria For Classification Apartment

(news.c10mt.com) Any other business sectors also have the criteria and standards, the real estate sector is no exception, professionals, experts in the field of real estate - real estate will also give criteria for buyers and sellers rely on their choice for a luxury apartment, or a suitable house.

Diamond Island - Criteria For Classification Apartment

For sellers: They may be the investor, is the owner of the apartment there. The mission of the seller must be based on these criteria to give birth to the condominium, apartment to meet the needs of customers. For buyers: Based on these criteria, the buyer apartment, condominium may decide to buy or not.

Lists the ranking criteria of real estate projects.

According to the standards of Europe and America, buildings, apartment must meet the following criteria 22 were classified as high, reaching grade A.
- Architecture, design right angle luxurious and built completely new, not approved repair patch.
- Convenient location, located in the inner city, close to the city center.
- Apartments easy to find and convenient to move.
- Must be the star attraction, celebrities, customers who have high social status.
- Price when selling luxury apartments have higher than normal rates of other projects.
- The team of consultants and professional, knowledgeable.
- Must have adequate parking for tenants.
- Building Materials apartments have high quality standards.
- Height from floor to ceiling apartments have a minimum of 2m7.
- Decorating, interior layout must be flexible, eye-catching: open space format.
- The system of underground wires and cables hanging form layout.
- Ensure security and access control area apartment 24 hours a day.
- The system has high speed lifts, maximum waiting time is 30 seconds; must have a minimum of 2 lifts, each lift the weight 6 people.
- Must have central air-conditioning system to check the temperature and humidity of the apartment according to European standards.
- Backup generator system and automatically switches to a power outage.
- The depth of each room must be 18 m to 20 m.
- Area General ie public sector does not exceed 12% of the total area of ​​the apartment.
- Must have building management systems professionals.
- The apartments have luxury and impressive.
- Buy luxury apartments have regional supermarket, dining and entertainment, sports center ...
- Glass flat glass must be of high quality and to prevent ultraviolet rays.
- The apartments are designed to save energy class A; based on standardized highest energy savings of Europe.
These criteria represent the most common criteria when customers intend to buy luxury apartments. If customers intend to buy a house, apartment rent, the criteria can be narrowed more. Currently in Vietnam and assess the distribution of quality apartments, real estate is still emotional nature, should not be based solely on all the criteria.
Diamond Island wish to choose for themselves a luxury apartment as desired.

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