Diamond Island - Market Size For Rent In District 2 High

(news.c10mt.com) Currently, demand for rented the apartment is the inevitable trend of real estate companies in the market. Why they choose form rented apartment rather than invest in buying an apartment in the project. Let us analyze the specific criteria.

Diamond Island - Market Size For Rent In District 2 High

According to preliminary assessments from experts in the field of real estate. Then after the housing market is getting warmer, the real estate needs of today do not want to fall into the footsteps of the freeze in real estate. And choose a direction other than the lease is to invest in buying a certain apartment.

Why form of rental apartment to develop?

When the needs of people increased, and the general level of interest rates is significantly reduced. With the real estate market has escaped the crisis network in the last year, so now is a good sign for the real estate company invested in a new area, it is for rent apartment.

Compared with demand growth beginning in April of this year. Markets where investors are eyeing the two largest cities such as Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City. Hanoi is approximately 4,000 homes in the project are luxury apartments for rent, and in the city very well developed, with nearly 6,000 apartments between early 2014 for this.

The reason why there is a sudden growth so much? This is due to the need to find purchase luxury apartments is growing rapidly in the mid-early 2014, and partly due to the current home buyers easy access to loans from banks than before. In addition, the percentage rate that lenders are now higher than those of the previous year, as well as the installment purchase apartments are longer than the duration of last year.

By studying and evaluating the general situation, the demand in Ho Chi Minh City apartment is the fastest growing area in District 2. In addition, people focused in improving their lives out, then they invested apartment District 2 is becoming a hot every day. They are aimed at the future, because it is a long term investment channels, strategic long-term safety and comes highly effective.

According to the latest research today, with 20% to 30% of customers today, after buying luxury apartments q2 completed, the direction of their business is to change to a rental apartment. And most of the funds invested in this apartment is growing on a daily basis. It's one of the reasons why investors handed each of the methods for rent apartment 2 district today.

Demand for luxury apartments for rent in District 2 is pretty good.

In the past two years, there are many international corporations have come to the real estate market in Vietnam to explore the market, and they did not hesitate to spend a large amount of capital invested in real estate market the District 2. Because they target new investment strategy that is more demand for luxury apartments is now the new trend.

Because of the large international corporations to Vietnam to explore the market and long-term investment, it follows that there are so many of them senior experts through live and work in Vietnam also increased. Thus, the number of foreigners who owns the apartment building in District 2 are becoming more common.

But compared with the common market, there can surely provide for the number of apartments in District 2 for leasing is still modest, not enough supply in the market to a large extent. According to a research company specializing in the real estate market statistics District 2, the amount of demand for luxury apartments for rent in Vietnam is relatively low and small. Irrespective of the people selling apartments in District 2 for the purpose of earnings, and profits from other small projects.

How much income for senior apartments?

Investors today are gradually developing boldly package of senior apartments for rent. And they are committed to the program extremely attractive incentives. And the people to assert themselves, as to aim willing to pay high costs to owning the apartment District 2 whether the apartment that was rented or not? It is another matter.

In general, for the simple reason on the income for the purchase of luxury apartments, and the luxury apartments for rent in District 2 which is an attractive form of the buyer. In fact, with today's market, the investment income to rent an apartment is not as high as 14% a year. But also very stable, and the majority of home buyers to lease is acceptable for long-term investors such.

Refer to the value of investments to find apartment for rent in District 2 and priced to sell apartments in Ho Chi Minh City District 2 now quite a difference of 4% to about 9%. But large parts advisory and real estate transactions today, has done quite successfully in many transactions of real estate for rent in District 2 and clients here are mainly those with high incomes or more, as well as foreign clients such as South Korea, Japan, Vietnam and the successful.

Rents for rent in District 2 is how much?

Compared with the City, then in Da Nang City to the project owner of apartment projects have apartments overlooking the sea, the apartment has a total area of 70m2 if the purchase is approximately 1.8 billion but if foreigners rent or lease the Vietnam success fluctuates with the price of 16 million per month, equivalent to an income of about 10.3% in a year.

Also in the city, so is the District 2 is one of the centers of economic development strategy of the city, the demand for apartments for rent in District 2 is quite high. But according to experts general assessment, the apartment rent in District 2 is in the range of 20 to 30 million per month, with an average income estimated at about 5% in a year.

Assess the overall situation, you can see the need to rent the apartment is still growing strongly. And instead give their profits to invest in the common channel, then investing in real estate is still the best investment channels present a number, especially compared to the savings deposit interest rate of 1% is equivalent USD equal than 4 to 5 times.

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