Diamond Island - The Reason To Choose To Buy Luxury Apartments Q2

(news.c10mt.com) Compared with the current market, the customers tend to choose a safe place to settle now. As well as to develop the business situation of their families in the future. So the first choice of people today, is to invest in one of the projects being developed in District 2. And the project area q2 apartment is one of the best options available for all clients at the time the real estate prices are good again.

Diamond Island - The Reason To Choose To Buy Luxury Apartments Q2

1. The first reason to choose luxury apartments q2

Owner of Diamond Island is invested and developed by BTA Property Company is one of the members of Kusto Vietnam. This is a company with a lot of experience in the field of real estate. As well as the reputation of the client area of the luxury apartment ever. In addition, the quality of work is always guaranteed technically far as the company BTA Property care and attention the most current.

2. The second reason for choosing luxury apartments q2

Located in a very good position in terms of feng shui, Diamond Island has created a lot of resonance for customers living in the region q2 apartment here. Residents took only 5 minutes to move from Diamond Island to go to Thu Thiem new urban area, and it also takes time to reach to the sports center Rach

In addition, Bach Dang Wharf area is the place for people to admire the night, and to enjoy the wind in the middle of green floral heart of Saigon. From luxury apartments in District 2 Diamond Island took only 7 minutes to Bach Dang Wharf, and just minutes to mat10 financial center in the heart of Saigon.

For those who pursue fun playing Golf, a new trend today is to only take 10 minutes to go to the golf course to entertain Nam Rach is ideal, especially for entrepreneurs. Besides, with the father, the mother has for her child oriented international school, the time comes to go to the international school in District 1 and District 2 ranges range of 5 to 13 minutes without traffic bored while putting the children to school is what everyone expected.

As one senior urban area, Phu My Hung is a high concentration of state agencies. With the departure time from the apartment to get to Diamond Island Phu My Hung urban area is about 15 minutes, this is the ideal time for all administrative work from office.

For successful business, and those who have fun traveling and exploring ecological space, then surely that needs to travel, or visit famous landmarks in the country of Vietnam is indispensable. Therefore, the demand to new areas by means of the aircraft is essential, not only takes 30 minutes to the international airport of Tan Son Nhat, you can enjoy the exciting period Throughout most comfortable on the road.

3. The third reason to choose luxury apartments q2

One of the most modern urban area of Ho Chi Minh City, the government has been investing in District 2 and District 2 will in the future become one of the most modern urban center of the City Ho Chi Minh City.

According to the 2020 scheme, the urban area in District 2 will have approximately 350,000 inhabitants will be increased to reach around 650,000 people. Then all the buildings in District 2 will have 86 floors up. At that time, the real estate market will be one of the center's strategic HCM City real estate world.

4. The fourth reason to choose luxury apartments q2

Possessing one of the most advanced facilities leading. District 2 apartment investors are always interested in leading. At the apartment q2 you will enjoy the warmth of home with swimming pool, children's center, outdoor grill international trends, international ambience of Vietnam.

About the health of residents on Diamond Island has always been interested and focused. The gym and yoga are always updating the latest equipment, as well as the center of an international beauty SPA, dental center, SOS center is always open to provide maximum comfort for the residents people living in Diamond Island.

Also, to mention a few new entertainment field is created fever in Vietnam, as a marina or yacht club for the clubs, the successful entrepreneur. Especially not to mention one of the special pleasures is enjoying a private dinner on the restaurant located next to the pool, with fantastic views towards the city center.

5. The fifth reason to choose luxury apartments q2

With the property of the customer is always guaranteed, with one of the most security system of the city. It can not be strangers to the apartments District 2 on Diamond Island is. With security cameras installed around the island was created for the trust, and comfort for residents living on the island. Virtually, the only luxury urban district 2 is equipped with CCTV systems 24/24.

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