Diamond Island - Introduction Senior Apartments Diamond Island

(news.c10mt.com) Diamond Island with the natural environment surrounded by fresh water river just 10 minutes from the city center and adjacent to Thu Thiem new urban area - the new center of the city. Ho Chi Minh City in the future. Diamond Island is a residential community in the heart of the city but harmony between the elements of water, air and natural light.

Diamond Island - Introduction Senior Apartments Diamond Island

Nature in harmony with Diamond Island apartment

Is the junction of the two rivers, Diamond Island is constructed where initiation of lifestyle in harmony with nature. Architecture and location of the building is designed to create a sustainable environment in order to increase the area of green space as well as to facilitate rotation of harmony between wind and light.

See Diamond Island with the most beautiful sunset (Diamond Island)

At Diamond Island, especially at sunset, residents can see where the city skyline reflected on the Saigon River and overflowing pool of the island. pool water stretching out into the river, creating a picture perfect from every angle.

Feng Shui under the eyes of Diamond Island

Search shui harmony and balance between the human element and create natural elements, are important means to understand many issues, including power lines create health, happiness and prosperity.

According to research by the Singapore Feng Shui master David Hum and feng shui experts who Vietnam Baoqing, Diamond Island with vitality position in feng shui cycle from 2004 to 2080. According to feng shui, sticky River winding area creating a dragon shaped head high and Diamond Island is in the mouth of the dragon ovum members. Harmonious flow between two river silt to the island and more importantly the energy deposition living area.

Architect Arata Isozaki very seriously feng shui, so he studied river flow and wind direction during the year to create design ideas upon the direction of the wind and light to maximize vitality to each apartment.

ARATA profile Isozaki works Diamond Island

Arata Isozaki success as an architect, theorist and leading educators. His work is often seen as a bridge between the East and the West, to help explore traditional Japanese architecture and Western architecture brought to Japan. He was awarded the Royal Gold Medal for Architecture in 1986 by the Royal Institute of British Architects. Diamond Island is his only work in the city. Ho Chi Minh.

Project Highlights (Signature Projects) by architect Arata Isozaki

2013: National Library in Doha, Qatar
2006: Diamond Island, Vietnamese
1995: The Concert Kyoto, Japan
1992: Center for Sports and Stadium in Barcelona
1981-1986: Museum of Contemporary Art in America Moca

Landscape architecture Diamond Island (Diamond Island)

To create natural environment for Diamond Island, close to 85% of the island is reserved for public spaces including gardens, lawns and other green areas. Green spaces are located along the river and the hills in the center of the building. This helps create a natural convergence region and create a sense of community for residents.

Architectural works of Diamond Island in District 2

The work consists of 5 Diamond Island area with a height of 14 to 29 floors. Includes a combination of apartments, apartments twin villas and mansions on the hill not - each apartment has a separate traits. buildings were rotate in different directions so that each apartment has many views as possible - which always has two distinct views of the river and green space.

The design concept for the apartment Diamond Island

Arata Isozaki architect was inspired by the design of "metabolic argument" - schools of architecture after the war with Japan style harmony between architecture and nature works. At Diamond Island, this idea was formed from the combination of the overall construction plan and architecture to link the natural elements such as wind, water and light construction.

A Diamond Island community level

Diamond Island was built with the purpose of creating a community that is selectively shared values ​​and shared vision of the future. Successful people often have busy lives so they are forced to prioritize each precious moment to spare key value and meaning. These values ​​focus on family, health, leisure activities and personal relationships.

Family moments with luxury apartments in District 2 Diamond Island

Family plays an important role and is all for the life of each person. we built Diamond Island as a community where you can enjoy precious moments with your family. Includes utilities and service chain ready to serve at home. You can share and enjoy childhood activities like swimming with his family, fishing, kite flying - all available on Diamond Island.

Health eternal living at Diamond Island District 2

The great sages India, Mahatma Ganhi remarked: "Health is a new real valuable asset, rather than gold or silver." When set health priorities first, people began to pay attention to the media and specialized way to maintain a healthy life. Diamond Island gives residents a range of services and facilities such as specialist clinics, dental International, gym and yoga, tennis courts, running track and other services.

Leisure Services with living space at Diamond Island (Diamond Island)

Diamond Island offers a series of recreational activities that people can enjoy after a long day of work or on the weekends free. Sailing out on a sunset cruise or with friends to share moments of fun on the golf course are just two of the many recreational activities at Diamond Island.

Connect hold close friendship with Diamond Island community

Diamond Island was built with a sense of community to become environment promotes the formation of personal relationships and friendships. Residents can with colleagues, friends share a special experience at the center events or moments of private conversation while walking along the path by the river.

Imprints style apartment in the Diamond Island

The Ascott is a service management largest apartments in the region Europe, Middle East and Asia Pacific with over 22,000 apartments services in more than 70 cities in over 20 countries. The Ascott's reputation is built on quality apartments and quality of service that gives residents Ascott - Apartments turn into really small place.

Diamond Island cooperation with The Ascott in the management of serviced apartments, to create a service with the highest standards of harmony between life and high class. This partnership gives buyers a chance at Diamond Island has been the most profitable real estate market by allocating apartments for The Ascott management and leasing.

05 minutes to the center of Thu Thiem New Urban
05 minutes to the center of sports Rach
07 minutes away from Bach Dang Wharf
10 minute walk to Ben Thanh Market
10 minutes to golf Nam Rach
12 minutes to go to the mall
13 minutes away to Australia Saigon International School (AIS)
20 minute walk to the Phu My Hung
30 minutes away from the international airport of Tan Son Nhat

The total area of 79 944 m2
The area of 33 576 m2 covered hills (42%)
The area of 12 631 m2 covered tower block (15%)

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