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( Age 30 was coming, not even the spirited, proud of the twenties, there are no dreams, suddenly sad suddenly happy as before. Entering this age itself every woman receives a difference, more mature in life. The period from age 30 onwards is considered the most beautiful stamp, full experience of a woman, like a flower to the tension round, brilliant, loving and full of knowledge.

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The consummation of the age 30+. The life of women in this age become deeper. This is most obvious when they feel the fullness of life: there is satisfaction in their work, have a happy little family, is assured of full of health and youthful looks. Because everything around quite stable, so women 30+ began to feel the pleasure to enjoy a little. That is the way to gather friends to enjoy afternoon tea, is the travel distance, enjoy delicious dishes and the center of the story family, children, work, get together for a spa, shopping wandering looking to buy favorite items ...

Health To Enjoy Life | Beautiful Outside And Inside Health

In the chaos of life today, the majority of women in the age "children aged less than less than" are less concerned about a very important thing, which is the bone. They often worry about eating, exercise to slim body, forgetting at the moment this is the most important to protect bones are mainstays of the body. The thought of a medical examination, medical examination of bone strength is almost beyond their thinking. So, osteoporosis quietly, quietly gnawing one or nobody.

As a modern woman, not only beautiful outside but also inside the well. Healthy body, especially bones muscles will create flexibility, more exciting life in sublimation. Therefore, do not wait until your body no sign of osteoporosis beginners replenishes. Make yourself a comprehensive plan of care, especially bones with calcium-rich diet, coupled with regular exercise, to healthier from the inside as well as outside.

The secret of strong bones Hong Hanh

I have also neglected, did not care to talk bones. But after you see the light falls fractures have also been cast, and then remembered my grandmother's picture with the bent with age, remember the anxiety of the mother holding the measurement results osteoporosis, then I was concerned about this serious issue. Since it makes me remember the father often mixed glass of milk for my sister to drink each before school. Whereby I have been drinking regular milk until now.

Recognizing the prevention of osteoporosis, in the daily diet, I always choose the natural calcium-rich foods such as sea fish, eggs, cheese, broccoli, tofu ... with the power forged refining the body. Free weekend, I invite you to go swimming, walking. Each year at least once, my general health examinations and always check bone density to detect early to timely prevent osteoporosis.

Decoding Bone Health Through 4 Sleeping Positions

Supine. This is the ideal sleeping position and least healthy. You just need a pillow to help support the head and neck pain from being tired. Note the thickness of the pillow, the pillow is too high will cause your neck bent forward and can cause pain. You do not necessarily have to lie very straight, just loosen the legs in the most comfortable position. Try not to hang up each leg to leg pain and to prevent arms relaxed at sides naturally.

Lie. To lie on your side is a good posture similar to bone supine position. You can clamp a thin pillow between your knees to hips and lower back calibration, make sense of balance while sleeping, avoid hip pain, back pain. Like posture on, you need a soft pillow to support your neck and head. In particular, you should be located in the center section between the pillow to ensure the neck and shoulders are also supported. Drop arm comfortably in front, avoiding pillow under the head or hand is on top of the arm.

Curled. If you have a habit of sleeping curled up means you're forced diaphragm and hinder his deep breathing. In addition, bending the neck and bent posture can cause back vertebrae in the neck and upper back biased away. However, you can still fix this position lie back position by limiting curve back to improve sleep and help the spine to relax more.

Procumbent. This position is obviously easier for the body to hurt the most. Located in this position, you must rotate the neck to one side would make a side neck compression excessive, while the remaining overextend. Spine and your arm will hurt, causing back pain. So to avoid sleeping in this position. 

Having a good night's sleep will help you wake up the next day with a mental and physical comfort, increase work efficiency and life of your day, avoid back pain, neck pain due to sleeping posture . Invest in a good sleep is also invested in health, especially for a healthy bones as desired.

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