Osteoporosis Things To Know | Aging Bones You Do Not Shirk

(news.c10mt.com) "Osteoporosis" heard the familiar, but do you really understand this disease? In essence, the phenomenon of osteoporosis is increasing porosity of the bone part by reducing the number of organizations bones, weight per unit volume. 


Consequences of osteoporosis caused people are very heavy. The limbs mild aches, affecting the quality of work and everyday life. Serious consequences of this disease are fractures, treatment for life by the disease are unlikely to fully recover.

Osteoporosis Things To Know

Osteoporosis usually develops silently, without symptoms should be especially difficult to detect. Only when bone mass is reduced to 30% of new clinical manifestations. However, if a little attention, you can still catch the disease themselves.

There are some basic signs to identify as ever accidentally broken bones, small body frame, eating disorders, menstrual irregularities (in women) ... For young people, the limb pain is not the reasons is also an expression should be noted. Also, if your family who had osteoporosis or fractures, the ability of your osteoporosis is relatively high.

There are two causes of osteoporosis. The first is primary osteoporosis, as a result of the balance between creating disorders and osteoporosis, in which the process of bone destruction prevails. The second is secondary osteoporosis, often appears after some endocrine diseases, gastrointestinal, or by alcohol, tobacco addiction ...

To prevent osteoporosis, you should combine harmoniously daily exercise with a diet full of vitamins and minerals you need. If exercise helps bones than constraining the bone mineral loss, the diet to help supplement calcium for bones, promote bone formation. Older people and children should always avoid sunbathing and fell, injuring.

You should also pay attention to limit the use of alcohol and tobacco. Both quiche of men list this has a direct impact on bone, reducing the amount of mineral in bone, which causes osteoporosis. Besides, it is best to test bone density annually to be proactive and preventative care plan good bones.

Aging Bones You Do Not Shirk.

Young people, especially women, are afraid of aging. Therefore, they are willing to spend more money and effort to repair beauty. And of course, "aging" is something that they are not interested, or know but do not want to think about.

In fact, though ladies have tons of money to retouch beauty slaps without regard to the health of the body, the process of "aging" will take place quietly. This process is most evident in the bones, parts without little girl ready to peel away if it makes you feel less beautiful.


"Aging Bone" no obvious symptoms, but bring serious consequences. If not really care, you will risk facing early symptoms such as aching bones and joints, broken legs, broken arms ... Not to mention, it is also the leading cause of osteoporosis.

Not only is the physical pain, diseases of the bone by bone aging process brings also "dropped the" quality of your life. With a skeleton sick, you will not be able to undertake more social and keeping house. Even putting the walk becomes extremely difficult. The prospect that, probably not what you want.

So, how aging bones, and why aging bones may occur even when they were young? It is possible for the bone as a bank account, where the bone tissue is "send to" and "draw" daily. Before age 20, bone tissue is sent to more than withdrawal. But then, the balance of withdrawal - sending trip turned in the opposite direction. Add implications arising out of the same bad habits, the difference of the growing balance. That is one of the main causes of the "aging bones" in young people.

To slow down this process, you should give up bad habits such as using drugs or too workaholic. Besides, let's hard daily exercise while on a diet rich in calcium and Vitamin D. Also, check out the osteoporosis often to master your body. So, you will have a strong skeleton, a physical endurance and, of course, an active.

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