Pacific Travel - Hungary Steppe Lake In The Austrian Border

( Pacific Travel - At the border of the two countries Austria and Hungary have an interesting destination and attract tourists come to visit and explore, it is the Neusiedler Lake, the second largest steppe lake in Central Europe.

Pacific Travel - Hungary Steppe Lake In The Austrian Border

Lake Neusiedl has an area of 315km2, which 240km2 of 75km2 of the Austrian and Hungarian. The catchment area of the lake is about 1.120km2. Ho has a length of about 36km north - south, is about 6 km from west to east. Lake is located at an altitude above the mean sea level 115,45m Adriatic and has a depth of no more than 1.8m. Thus you will have a tour of Austria or Hungary combines attractive, because the destination is Neusiedler, we can derive from Austria or Hungary to visit the lake.

Pacific Travel - Hungary Steppe Lake In The Austrian Border

If the last known information about the lake Neusiedler lake you will find the time has gone, the short-term and partial. According to the people here, in the recent history of the lake Neusiedler has pretty much disappeared over the years such as 1740, 1742, 1811, 1813 and most recently in 1866. In 1871 the lake was back in 1876 and the lake have reached the area as before. The reason for the disappearance and such changes are due to natural factors, weather and climate affect water levels in the lake.

Today, the water level is always adjusted by adjusting the water first door on the territory of Hungary near Fertoujlak and bilateral problems were discussed at the committee resolved Austria - Hungary in charge of the country, was founded 1956. 1965, just one month, more 100.000km3 lake water, causing the water level rose 35 cm. The water level has dropped the same rate (30 cm) within one year due to the drought of 2003. It was the efforts of both Austria and Hungary to keep this vast steppe lake is always fresh.

Tourists visiting the lake Neusiedler have two paths to take, comes from Austria and Hungary are. The exciting activities taking place on the lake attracts most tourists travel to Lake Neusiedler probably paddling sightseeing on both sides. The surface of the green quiet and natural surroundings with both sides um green hills and tall trees untouched. Lake Neusiedl is a ecotourism interesting and attractive for those who love to explore the great natural period.

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