Pacific Travel - Jeju Island Love The Most Mysterious Path Korea

( Pacific Travel Anyone who is a fan of Korean dramas feelings are undeniable once passionately beautiful natural scenery, gentle island of Jeju in South Korea, and probably you as well as I ever wish once set foot in this romantic island. Korea Tourism Annual always quite welcome tourists come to this paradise and the blue sea, white sand known Jeju them with something interesting, which is the road mysterious island.

Pacific Travel - Jeju Island Love The Most Mysterious Path Korea

You can not imagine what I'm about to introduce the following, if the heart was much skepticism, Korean tour of weapons and people and explore a mysterious thing is the best option to solve your questions.

Pacific Travel - Jeju Island Love The Most Mysterious Path Korea

Located in Jeju International Airport is about 7 km, with a path length of about 100m named Dokkebi road, the road is considered to be the most exotic on this beautiful island. The reason the path to fame and attract the curiosity of tourists is because this is the only way if you stop cars at the foot of the slope and the ... car will shutdown automatically climb, without to engine and propulsion! Do you believe it ?! It is true jog!

The strange this is an exciting discovery taxi driver in 1980 when he was given a newly married couple traveling around the island. And the phenomenon is especially unique is the scientist explained as follows: in the 100m distance that often occurs refract light. On days with no sun or rain, those who come to this place often hallucinations, they may look, the feel that this path is steep up but in fact it is downhill. Therefore your car at the foot of the slope that is on top and steep drop slowly ... so you do not need the engine and propulsion!

And even with the full scientific explanation and evidence very eloquent as you can check the ramp up or ramp down with a simple test, as you put something down the road and round see it rolling in any direction. So you will have the answer for yourself soon enough. However, the undeniable appeal of this road, it is the destination of many tourists and those who are curious to witness the natural phenomenon is interesting.

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