New Job At KFC Dinh Tien Hoang

( Recently fatigue damage, all sorts of things to come. Almost completely helpless. His joining the Family of the new KFC nearly 3 months and it already. The work is very simple idea but also tired with many things to do. New job at KFC restaurants Dinh Tien Hoang.

new work at kfc restaurant Dinh Tien Hoang

Initially, unfamiliar home always close to 1am. Tired of all the coffee. Rolling slowly climbed into bed that night to take a nap with his light machine stiffness. Tired ... Later, after getting used to the light work than before. From baseline to cook Chicken, Cook in his position do not know Asia. But the work is ahead of friends just for intimate and enthusiastic behold. What is your job to cook Chicken familiar with it already. However, cook your chicken is not very nice. Hizz Hizz Hizz still much to learn burned.

Pictured above is the location of COOK are also in the picture below is KFC Supply

supply position in kfc restaurant Dinh Tien Hoang

Tiger Tiger rùi his move to this location being walking Lobby disease, should not stand in Cook. Management asked for more convenient stand for the Lobby. Since then the place is fun Lobby stand too long. When you meet with cute, I stood forever. And those tiny little being with her forever just turned out to be his fun doing it like kids, just being with her forever. Some days, Jacob, roaring a release, panic the other girls too, he cried, as well Quiu follow her always. But okay, cry less than 1 minute, girls laughing and choking her do all the soul.

It already, have fun and behold today. First time customers receive the new money rather amusing. The reason is a family tradition, leads children to eat fried chicken, but little hip eat, your baby is eating march games. Who shy, funny joke too, eaten a piece of chicken, baby it Vomiting. Evil yet? The family is worried baby belly baby vomit tray properties for the toilet, I ran up, just can not pour into a toilet, which is poured into the trash. Guests find overly enthusiastic and attentive, bo found themselves 20000d. For the first time received such great progress, stunned the sun. Thank their chirping, and her family also thanked her twitter. Hi hi hi, it is true that many things in life can not be unexpected.

Also take delivery day, unconnected many stories to tell. 1 month ago, the delivery, the calculation is 6000d 1 trip, whether near or far, it has only 6000d. So then, I drove like crazy. Running to stand, a road that runs one time calculation, due to run faster than your run 2 times. Ha Ha Ha. With his back to where in Binh Thanh street where I remembered this way and that. There should be more to go astray, just near death. Growing optimism in the way it was said that on the road, located in the alley is insufficient, Vol. Turn the sun turn, asked the way to the main road and the sky. Who shy! So that is lost to the 3 flights in the alley.

cashie position at kfc restaurant Dinh Tien Hoang

Now the price of gasoline increases, so it is of a mission trip 8000d 1, should be trying to go fast early on, but the bad luck to go to communicate. Say rather, must take delivery brothers shared among different traffic again. Alone to deliver end to the other portion of his head, it is not possible, to split evenly the other brothers are. One day more than 20 trips, just close your trip is ok rùi 8. No need to spend too much, if there are also satisfied. Hi hi hi.

kfc position as cook in Dinh Tien Hoang

Lo, then go to work instead, but the school continued steadily, dare not ignore, because several months to learn a few months time and also to perform, should dare to neglect hip. They must retake failed, but that fell more retests is to learn again á, terribly. Which school lately she used to be much fun. Several full sister invited me to sing karaoke and picnic fun but not new. Where is heard, if his Sunday arranged time, he could participate in a trip to the Cu Chi picnic at her .... hi hi hi, playboy playboy must still burned.

Walking time before going to work, your health care is measured 1m71 and weight is 74kg. But yesterday his party went back to the results measured somewhat unexpected. Is 1m73 tall and weigh 69kg's. Hizz Hizz, working too much, eating does not have to be reduced lose 5kg of it already. BIA his belly just hours before it shrinks. Because drinking too little, so they reduced rùi Beer Belly. Do not know if I have reduced DO eh, remember before going to work, I drink too à bared code base.

Burned, go to sleep at all, any more time to work anymore.

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