Malaysia Pacific Travel Eco-tourism in Sarawak

( Pacific Travel Have you ever heard of the "Land of the hornbills" - Sarawak, Malaysia's largest state and is located in the east of Borneo. If you are intending tourist Singapore - Malaysia, it will be a tourist destination very unique ecosystem that you should look at. Not only biological diversity and rich natural landscape, the state also has many ethnic groups living in the area used the river to bring you the pleasant experience.

Pacific Travel Eco-tourism in Sarawak Malaysia

Sarawak has many tourist attractions and famous would not be able to make you sad when you arrive. First is the "City of Cats" - the state capital Kuching, Sarawak is situated along the river. Guests can participate in the trading activities in the busy riverside area and Central Market. It focuses the old store that sells pepper, artifacts, antiques, bird nest and forest products. At the other end of the central market Tua Pek Kong temple was built in 1876 as a place of worship of the States.

Pacific Travel | Eco-tourism in Sarawak Malaysia

Kuching also has to 9 attractive museum, where you can learn about the history and culture of this region, where almost adjacent lot so visitors can walk to visit. In that mind do not miss the Sarawak Museum, a collection of the best ethnographic region. Fort Margherita and attract more tourists to visit.

This was about 45p car, customers often seek to shore Damai, exciting destination with beach golf courses, resorts and specialty travel culturally Malaysia. Sarawak Cultural Village near the lifestyle it represents the diversity of ethnic groups in the state and is the venue for the World Music Festival annual Rainforest.

Sarawak community here is quite hospitable, they live in houses along the river Lemanak, Rejang, and Batang Ai Skrang. And you can learn and observe the life of local people in a variety of forms, go home to visit their motorboat is a fascinating experience.

Sarawak Land immense, humans and nature are integrated chang air live together, there are many things about the article Sarawak can not yet out. But if you are passionate about travel, explore new lands, warrant, Sarawak can not disappoint, from natural to human services and tourism in the state has always been cordial toward and hospitality!

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