Pacific Travel go to tourist paradise Pattaya, Thailand to participate in water sports

( Pacific Travel - Go to tourist paradise Pattaya, Thailand to participate in water sports. Pattaya is Thailand's tourist paradise known throughout the world. Tourists come here not only impressed by the natural beauty but also fascinated at the water sports such as scuba diving attraction, sailing, windsurfing, swimming ... if you are an enthusiast conquer the sea off, do not miss the opportunity to travel to Pattaya Thailand.

Pacific Travel go to tourist paradise Pattaya, Thailand to participate in water sports

However, to ensure safety and comfort while participating in this sport, there are small note for visitors as follows. First, surely any visitor will want to dive into the blue water, cool the Pattaya beach, always follow these basic rules, such as not swimming in seas, secluded and best always swimming in areas rescuers coast.

Pacific Travel go to tourist paradise Pattaya.

Surfing the water is suitable for young men like thrills, go skiing area near Sukhumvit highway, this is the place for the novice subjects hể this sport. Before you really matured this sport to maneuver under immense sea. Parasailing is also sports underwater adventure exciting, but do not play it when it is floating wind, pull your boat can capsize at sea. If the player first, so you should hire yourself an experienced guide and follow the instructions to ensure their safety.

The rainy day is not safe for water sports, such as sailing. Because of this relatively small vehicles can not afford to avoid sea waves when the sea winds. Diving should not dive in the whirlpool, and you can participate in several courses in Pattaya dive lasts from 1 to 4 days, depending on your requirements and the type of diving you want. The islands off the coast of the quiet often than not also be surfing on the speed boat near the coast of Pattaya.

Fishing is a form of simple, safe, many tourists choose to Pattaya. Come fish the local park to delight your passion. Some fishing park will charge based on the number of kilos of fish you are, if you want to carry on. To get the big fish, you must go to the Mekong River. The fishing program organized by many travel companies. And many new sports and attractions in Pattaya awaits visitors at tourist paradise of Thailand!

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