Pacific Travel - Green oasis in the bustling urban Singapore

( Pacific Travel Botanic Gardens is the name of the botanical gardens in Singapore Green um, tourist attractions not to be missed for visitors to the island this beautiful lion. If Singapore bustling streets filthy beats each, the building skyscrapers of modern buildings in the world, the Botanic Gardens is an urban oasis in the heart. It's peaceful, green and airy different from the hustle bustle of modern city.

Pacific Travel - Green oasis in the bustling urban Singapore

Botanical Gardens - Botanic Gardens is known as the world's largest orchid garden, with more than 60,000 species of plants and orchids. As a lover of natural vegetation, especially species of orchids noble, I also hope that once set foot garden beautiful romantic. To discover to admire once lush orchid, orchid petals and grass and watch the delight of orchids you'll spread worldwide.

Pacific Travel - Green oasis in the bustling urban Singapore

It will be interesting destination for your family, especially for children with additional unique learning environment. Because Botanic Gardens also owns Jacob Ballas Children's Garden - Gardening child's first Asia - the perfect place for all children to play, explore and learn about the complexity of plant life.

Visit Tembusu - one of the most distinctive species of the island makes Singapore's travel itinerary you more attractive. This plant has more than 150 years old and is a national heritage trees rare. Each year the flowers bloom in eight months June 5, June 10 and 11. For the kind of pure creamy white flowers, blooming right at sunset and spread her seductive scent. Photos beautiful flowers and rare honor of the $ 5 bill Sing.

Botanic Gardens not only the flora and fauna diversity, brings experience and new perspectives for Singapore tourists on the natural world around them. Which is also considered the most peaceful place in the heart of the island, where you can breathe fresh air, fresh, green nature sightseeing and enjoy the feeling of tranquility away from the hustle of life .

Also do not forget to enjoy the cuisine at the renowned restaurant's renowned Singapore as Au Jardin and Halia. Or look at the book store and shop Library Tree Shop Garden Shop is also a great place for you to choose souvenirs, books and plants for loved ones. I wish you happy travels Singapore and most comfortable!

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