Pacific Travel - Shopping on Tung Choi Street Lady in Hong Kong

( Pacific Travel - Hong Kong is one of the attractive destinations especially for women who love shopping. Certainly tour of Hong Kong you can not devoid of renowned shopping, do not miss the opportunity to visit a town called elegant "Ladies Street" also known as "Ladies Market". Shopping Spots extremely spectacular and exciting for you!

Pacific Travel - Shopping on Tung Choi Street Lady in Hong Kong

City of Ladies is the name of the area south of the famous Tung Choi downtown Mongkok, Kowloon and the name of this special will help you figure out which way commodity business, as distinguished from the northern area called "Golden Fish Market" or "City of Gold Fish".

Pacific Travel - Shopping on Tung Choi Street Lady in Hong Kong.

Lady Street between Boundary Road and Dundas area and really it is a busy street by the lights up whenever it becomes filthy beats for sale cheap shops and outdoor service, as the market that famous night in the city you travel or caught.

Although their sales are flea markets, but you can find everything here, from luxury to budget. From clothes, bags determined to cosmetic ... even children's toys are also on sale and special things are very cheap price! This is the first criteria that you always pay attention to her, commodity diversity, quality and reasonable price! Therefore Quarter Lady became the destination of many tourists Hong Kong sá city lights up every time.

You will feel very comfortable when shopping at the City of Ladies, because people are quite happy and friendly, you may return your item price like that until the seller accepts or watch them but only. Depending on whether you want to buy or not, if you really like, you simply ingenious, the seller will be losers there. They also take the guidance that is needed for the client to always have smiling lips.

After weaving each booth filled with merchandise, you seem tired and hungry here! In every area of the City of Ladies is a small road, from here you can go to the next area and stop to rest or eat. Suggestions for your shop serves the famous dessert here is the San Hui Lau. Extremely tasty and cheap aquí!

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