Pacific Travel - What's in a traditional Japanese Ryokan inn

( Pacific Travel - Ryokan is the traditional name of a type of inn entrenched Japanese ancient times. If you want a travel experience of Japan in accordance with the type of the old feudal lords, you should be certain to take a night stay at the Ryokan. Convinced that this place will bring you something new and interesting.

Pacific Travel - What's in a traditional Japanese Ryokan inn

Type traditional Ryokan inn has a large single room, no partition, = tatami mats on the floor and the only furniture in the room was a low table. The sliding door panels - shoji paper made from the leaves and helps soften the light, bring cool air to the room. Tenants will be resting on the plate - the waitress futon rooms spread out at the end of the day. And every day activities take place at the reference desk and around the simplicity only.

Pacific Travel - What's in a traditional Japanese Ryokan inn

The extraordinary thing Ryokan is the public baths, which are designed in particular women. The hot spring resort that we often introduced when traveling in Japan is actually a form of Ryokan built into the hot spring source. A day at the Ryokan visitors will enjoy two meals including hearty dinner with typical dishes of local and a simple breakfast.

Each meal will be served at Ryokan in the living room by the Nakai - san - waitress room. After dinner, served will be back to clear the table and then cover futon for guests. Ryokan also prepared the set of Yukata, traditional costumes of the Ryokan is cotton robe with blue-white, sizes fit the wearer. This is one of the interesting things that tourists feel excited at the Ryokan.

The sleep inn Ryokan you should pay attention comply with the principles of the Japanese, unlike Western hotels. Shoes must be removed before entering the shop and slippers to wear when entering in. Then sandals must be placed outside the door and you'll go barefoot or wear socks when entering the kitchen.

In the public baths, tourists bathe in the full spirit before a sink faucet. Bath is not the place to soak and scrub is a great place to warm conversation, intimacy between friends. These tours are traditional favorite Ryokan in Japan. Guests not only be felt exquisite culture of the Japanese but also have new experiences, exciting around it.

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