Still Can Get Rich Without Capital

( After 5 years of open management company and supplying foreign lecturers, he TamGa grossed nearly 10 million per year. He said if there is no capital, you can start a business in youth services sectors. Skip salary of 80 million per month to start a second career. Here is the article about the story he Nguyen Thanh Tam entrepreneurship Google Search Box to share with readers.

Still Can Get Rich Without Capital

Encounter established my business not a surprise that preparation. When I was a student, I worked to get the real experience. In addition, since the time was in eighth grade, I was trying to create their own background knowledge by learning English, reading, meeting friends, organizing networking events ....

Still Can Get Rich Without Capital

I was lucky to have time to work in a company's US-Canada, where I met the international friends and learn a lot of exchanges ... That's my fate to incorporation resource management and supply of foreign teachers. There are good ideas and began work on the services sector which can help you not still be rich. The establishment of this business outside profit was hidden in it is desirable to develop the country. Because I want the foreigners working for him will introduce international friends in the country of Vietnam.

The first step in operation, the company experienced difficulties because I had almost no capital. Fortunately, my company was born at the right time that our country is open to integration of international exchange. Thus, I have conducted connected with the educational institutions in the world, the association of foreign teachers and abroad, and introduced to schools, businesses and individuals ...

And for the first time, I was the main website design, as communication, intermediaries ... Gradually, from a center in Ho Chi Minh City, my model expanded offices in Hanoi and number employees increased. Currently, the company I am managing the number of foreign lecturers hundreds of people. After 5 years of operation, the company's sales are now nearly 20 billion a year with two offices in Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi.

Through the story of myself, I want to share with young people to start a business that, if you do not have the funds, you absolutely can begin work on the service sector, of course, is to see the orientation of branches stability in the future or not, and do not follow trends. To do these things, you need a long time to learn, with perseverance, passion and enthusiasm. You also need to remember that the process of success is to learn the lessons from the successes and learned 10 times.

In addition, you must always create, develop ideas, of course, your idea is worth only a few cents if not put into practical and applicable. So let's done right and if your ideas are fully ripe. I also recommend that you be open minded and share ideas for family, friends, and even became friends with the new guys that are passionate about the field. You do not have to worry about them stealing the idea for my conception of the soul is not anyone get the idea, they will support you to make the idea more successful.

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