Thoughts on Stephen Amell being cast as Casey Jones in Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2

Well, it looks like Stephen Amell, a.k.a. the brooding vigilante in Arrow, has been cast as Casey Jones in the upcoming Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles sequel. When I saw Variety's headline, the first thing that crossed my mind actually had nothing to do with whether Amell will be a good incarnation of the dude who loves to scream "goongala!" Instead, my first thought was, "good for him." I may have a ton of criticisms about Arrow and to be totally honest there are plenty of moments when his acting isn't the strongest around, but based on the way I've seen Amell interact with fans, I can't help but root for the actor. So, while I'm sure many knee-jerk reactions were either excited, disappointed, or all kinds of neutral, I simply thought, "way to go, man." Now, do I think Amell's the right person for the part? Let's talk about it.

It's obviously worth noting articles like these are 99.9% speculation. We can think someone is horrible for a part and then they'll make us eat our words. Or we can think someone's a perfect fit and they can disappoint. Basically, unless the person has an atrocious resume or if you just don't like them, I think it's important to apply a "wait and see" mentality. But hey, if you don't want to, that's cool as well. You do you, right? Now, this non-casting director is going to react to the casting news.
"The class is Pain 101. Your instructor is Oliver Queen."
When I think of Casey Jones, I think of someone who has an in your face personality and a blunt sense of humor. So yeah, Stephen Amell's work on Arrow doesn't make me immediately think of him having either of those qualities. But just because he hasn't done them doesn't mean he can't do them. Arrow's an overly dramatic show, attempting to constantly establish a dark and serious atmosphere. Obviously, that hasn't given Amell the freedom to goof around very much. I mean, how many times have you even seen the guy smile or crack a joke in the show? It's not very often. 

I'm not saying you need an Oscar winning performance for this movie, but if you're bringing a fan favorite to life, you have to bring the personality. Arrow doesn't give me the most faith around in his ability to pull that off, but it's worth noting he's made significant improvements since the first episode and this role will give him the chance to play a way more entertaining and easy going character. Seeing as he landed the gig, it's safe to say he's capable of embracing the personality -- how well though has yet to be seen. Now it's just a matter of seeing whether he makes the character likable and funny or abrasive and annoying. I'm really curious to see whether he'll have a bit of a New York accent, too. It's not required, but if he can pull it off, I'd love to see that happen.

"Okay, let's give this a try, funkoid!"
The good news is Amell's certainly got the look and physical skill to play as Casey Jones. The man sure can appear imposing, and if someone is going to be crazy enough to fight with these big Ninja Turtles -- well, probably just Raphael -- then yeah, I can picture Amell dressed in some sports attire and doing what he can to land some cheap shots on a sai-wielding Ninja Turtle. Seeing him with long hair or using a New York accent may be odd at first to us Arrow fans, but assuming he gives it his all and does a fine job, I can picture him being an amusing part of the movie.

If you asked me to think of 20 actors who could be Casey Jones in the movie, Amell honestly wouldn't have made the list. But I have to admit, the dude certainly has what it takes to look the part and hold his own in some brawls. That said, one small criticism I have is the guy just doesn't sell pain very well. If Raph is going to slug him across the face or if he's going to battle some Foot Clan ninjas, I really need him to sell that moment when he's the one getting struck. You just know Casey is going to take some hits, so when he does, I don't want it to remind me that he's playing make-believe with some guys in costumes or motion capture outfits. I know it sounds silly (we're talking about mutated turtles who fight crime, after all) and it kind of is, but an unbelievable reaction from an actor can really take you out of the moment and that causes the whole illusion comes crashing down. This happened to me when Flash was landing a gazillion punches on him in the awesome crossover episode and once again when he struggled against Ra's al Ghul. I think Amell is capable of pull off Jones' personality and he probably won't have his emotional range pushed with this role, but it's pretty much guaranteed he's going to be in plenty of action. When he is, I hope he makes getting hit look every bit as good as the ones he's dishing out.

"Hey, what are you, some sort of punker?"
The TL;DR version: Amell has the physique to make the character seem like a boss in fights, but everything else is pretty much "wait and see" since his character in Arrow is nothing like Casey Jones and, when it comes to his abilities as an actor, that's pretty much all I've seen from him. They're both tough, but their personalities are drastically different and that means I haven't seen Amell deliver a more amusing and animated performance. I'm rooting for Amell and I think he obviously has potential to make the role memorable, but I just can't say that with total confidence right now. However, let's be totally honest with ourselves here: even if his performance is pretty bad, I really doubt it'll be the worst part about the movie. Oh, and if an Oliver Queen and Felicity Smoak relationship is called "Olicity," I guess that makes one between Casey Jones and April O'Neil "Casil," doesn't it? Although, "Caseil" sounds cooler. Sorry, I couldn't resist going there.

Writing Samples

Hey random readers and potential employers,

For the past several years, I've written countless editorials, reviews, interviews, and more for several sites. While I will continue to update this blog with new reviews and editorials, I figured why not share some of my previous articles in one place? Hopefully you'll enjoy reading them!

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Rimlay Restaurant at Rawai Beach

Rawai beach is very different to the main west coast beaches in Phuket such as Patong, Karon, Kata and all the rest. Rawai is located right in the south of Phuket close to Phromthep Cape and the beach faces southeast. Like most beach and coastal areas on the east side of Phuket, Rawai is not a swimming beach, but it is fairly busy, as the beach road is lined with many small restaurants and a few hotels. Plus Rawai is home to many longtail and speed boats which can take people out to nearby islands such as Coral Island or Koh Kaew Yai. The east end of the beach past the pier has a fish market and a small sea gypsy community. I don't come to Rawai as often as I should. I like it and will try more of the restaurants here in the future.

Rimlay Restaurant sign

Rimlay (actually the full name is Baan Rimlay) is close to the pier. If driving in from Chalong, turn right and you can park in front of the restaurant - it's just after the turn. It's next door to the well known Nikita's bar/restaurant. Back in January I stopped here my my aunt and uncle for lunch during a tour of the south of Phuket. It was a good choice! We got a table by the sea and on a hot day it was an ideal place to enjoy a cold beer in the shade.

Rimlay Restaurant

And I was glad to see the prices are reasonable. 60 Baht for a Chang beer when you are sitting by the sea in Phuket is a good deal :) Baan Rimlay has been there for many years. I'm pretty sure it was there back in 1999 when I arrived in Phuket, I know it's neighbour Nikita's was there back then and if I recall, Nikita's did not do food, but you could order and they'd bring it from Rimlay. Is that right? Heck, it was a long time ago! Nikita's does do food now and I should stop by sometime soon. On this occasion, my uncle, aunt and I ordered some small dishes (and another beer). The whole place is in the shade with some big trees growing above the restaurant. A light sea breeze is all you need, so it's not too hot even on a hot Phuket day.

Yam Sam Grob

(above) I ordered Yam Sam Grob, which is a seafood salad. Very good with a beer, very good on a hot day when you don't want a huge plate of food. Phuket (and neighbouring Phang Nga province) specialises in this kind of dish - you can also get a salad with crispy dried shrimp or with lemongrass or with fish eggs, it's very local food and hard to find outside this region.

Garlic Prawns

(above) And some garlic shrimp, another good snack to enjoy with a cold beer. I need to go again and order something else from the menu to complete this blog entry! It's a comfortable place for a seafood lunch or a drink and a nibble, with seating by the sea and good prices - you struggle to find this at the more developed beaches. I was back again last weekend taking some photos and stopped in just for a cold afternoon beer. It's not a huge place, maybe 10 tables, service quick and friendly. Might be a nice place for dinner too.

Rimlay Restaurant

(above) Baan Rimlay Restaurant

There are a whole bunch of small restaurants here in Rawai. If you visit the fish market on the other side of the pier (see photo below) there are restaurants there which will cook what you buy - totally fresh seafood! There are also a couple of fancier looking places further along the beach. I hope Rawai can stay nice and simple - the fact that you can't swim and sunbathe here tends to keep the hordes away. To be honest, it's not changed that much in 15 years, a bit more developed, but still quiet.

Rawai Beach Fish Market

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Baan Rimlay Restaurant - Location Map

What the Heck is Going on With Old Country Buffet?!?

There have been some big changes at Old Country Buffet over the past six months - perhaps longer in other areas of the country - and not for the better. I am not talking about any particular Old Country Buffet location but with the chain as a whole. I am talking about the change in menu and how some foods are not being served.

Where to see Monkeys in Phuket

I get the impression that a lot of visitors to Phuket want to see a monkey .. and preferably not in the zoo (the zoo will not appear on this list). Now, I am a bit blasé when it comes to monkeys. I have seen plenty. I have traveled in Africa, been face to face with a baboon outside my tent, seen hundreds of vervet monkeys in the Masai Mara, and I have seen gorillas in the Ruwenzori mountains (gorillas are not monkeys of course - they are apes). Nevertheless, I am still happy to see wild monkeys. There are not many wild animals left in Phuket - the island was jungle covered 200 years ago, and Phuket used to have wild elephants, tigers, rhino and a lot more. Industry in the form of tin mining and especially rubber led to clearance of much of the jungle during the 19th and early 20th century, long before any tourists came here. There are some untouched jungly areas, but much of the land is cultivated, and there are no tigers here anymore! Monkeys however are adaptable, and can live in just about any kind of environment. There are quite a number of places where you can see monkeys in the Phuket area....

Monkey Hill

I guess the best place to start is Monkey Hill (real name is Khao To Sae) on the north side of Phuket Town - it's the hill with all the aerials / radio masts etc. on top, and easy to spot from much of the south of the island, being around 270m above sea level. There are a lot of monkeys here, mostly they are found near the top of the hill. Local people come up to feed them, but it's not a "tourist attraction". You can drive up in a car. People also exercise here, but I am not sure I'd want to walk up to the top where the monkeys are. Not sure if they can get aggressive, but I'd rather be in a car! (update) I saw a news story last year - a tourist was bitten by a monkey here.

Monkey Hill - More Information

Monkeys at Monkey Hill, Phuket

Rang Hill

Also on the north side of Phuket Town, Rang Hill (I am sure) never used to have monkeys some years ago, I do not recall seeing any until the last few years. Rang Hill is quite popular as a viewpoint, a place to eat or get some fresh air and exercise. Our last few visits, there have been monkeys a-plenty taking handouts or sifting through garbage. They just tend to hang around the carpark area and not the restaurants.

Rang Hill - More Information
New Viewpoint at Rang Hill
Tunk Ka Cafe on Rang Hill

Feeding the Monkeys

Sirey Island (east of Phuket Town)

As you drive to Koh Sirey, passing the fishing port and shipyards, you enter an area of mangroves and here be monkeys. They live in the mangroves and the local authorities even built a little monkey viewing area by the side of the road. We like the Sirey island area, nice and quiet and there's a very nice temple on the hill here too.

Sirey Island - More Information
Sirey Temple

Monkey on Road!

Wat Suwan Kuha Temple

Also called "Buddha Cave Temple" and "that cave with a Buddha in it", Wat Suwan Kuha is a temple built into a cave close to Phang Nga Town, off Phuket Island, and about a 90 minute drive from Phuket Town. Certainly worth a visit, and outside the cave there are lots of monkeys. We have been a few times and I have not seen any monkeys inside the cave. I guess they know the rules.

Wat Suwan Kuha - More Information

Monkey at Wat Suwan Kuha

Bang Rong (northeast coast of Phuket)

I remember driving down the small road to Bang Rong pier to eat at the floating restaurant in the mangroves. We'd been before but never seen monkeys. This time - monkeys! We got quite excited - unexpected monkeys are the best. They hang around in the mangroves but also jump around on the roofs of buildings and chew car aerials. We know where *not* to park now. Bang Rong is where you can get a ferry over to Koh Yao Noi and Koh Yao Yai Islands too. (Update) On our most recent visit monkeys were rather over friendly and even stole fruit from our table and tried to grab a bag of take away food from my wife's hand. Take care!

Bang Rong - More Information

Monkey eating car aerial

Gibbon Rehabilitation Project

Close to Bang Pae Waterfall and not far from the aforementioned Bang Rong, the Gibbon Rehab Project looks after gibbons that have been illegally caught, or kept as pets. Some are released back into the wild. It's illegal to own a gibbon, and if you see gibbons being hawked round the streets for photos, please contact the GRP. Gibbons are apes, not monkeys, I know that .. but want to include the project here, it's worth a visit combined with the waterfall, a jungle hike ....

Phuket Gibbon Rehab Center - More Information

Gibbon at Phuket Gibbon Rehabilitation Center

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It has been a while since we have listed our "Rules of the Buffet". These are the rules that everyone who dines at a buffet - from old to young - need to know and follow. From what we have seen lately at a few buffets, these are sorely needed to be seen again.

Krua Suan Cha Restaurant in Phuket Town

It's been a while since I added any new restaurant recommendations on the blog. I think that's mostly because we (my wife and I) are getting old and boring! We used to try new restaurants quite often, but these days we have a few favourites that suit us, and we've been a bit lazy, plus it's been high season and I'm working a lot and often tired, so if we eat out I want to eat somewhere familiar, somewhere I know the menu. Not very good for the blog! I will try to put this to rights in the coming few months. When I say "eat out" please note - we are not into fancy restaurants or dressing up for a night out. We often "eat out" at small roadside places where the family can eat for a few hundred Baht. These tend to be restaurants within 10 - 15 minutes drive of our house, a place we can grab a quick dinner on a school night. Krua Suan Cha (ครัวสวนชา) is one of these places. It's located on the edge of Phuket Town on the road from the Central Festival Mall, just past the Darasamut School and before the Queen Sirikit stadium (home of Phuket FC). And I'm not saying you should go out of your way to eat here, but if you are in the area, it's a favourite of ours so I hope you like it!

Krua Suan Cha Entrance

OK it's not super easy to find and the sign outside (above) is only in Thai .. yes this is not a tourist restaurant, but many people say they want "real" Thai food and this is the kind of restaurant where you get it! There is a map at the bottom of this blog post, but it may also help to note that opposite Krua Suan Cha is a landmark of sorts .. a shop making signs that has a kind of Yoda-Gremlin on the roof. Check the photo below! If you see this, then the food is over the road!

Yoda or Gremlin?

Krua Suan Cha is actually a little more fancy than it used to be, as last year the owner added a very nicely built wooden indoor seating area at the front of the restaurant. And outside is the garden area with many stone tables. It can get pretty busy at lunchtime, not so busy in the evening and it's closed by 8pm. They close on Sundays.

Krua Suan Cha Indoors

(above) Indoor seating

Krua Suan Cha Outdoor Garden Seating

(above) Garden seating. Many restaurants are called Krua-something. Krua means Kitchen. And 'Suan Cha' means Tea Garden. And you can get iced tea with your food!

Now, the food. Important. When it comes to Thai food, I don't like it watered down for a tourist's tongue. And I am sure many visitors want real Thai food. So you have to eat where the locals eat. My wife really likes her southern Thai food and tells me that the Gaeng Som here is great - a very spicy, sour curry. They also do dishes made with sataw (สะตอ) - something which in English get called 'stink beans'. Not that the beans stink, although they do have a unique flavour, but it gives a noticeable odour to your pee for at least a day after eating! I am not a fan, my wife loves it!

Gaem Som Pla

(above) Gaeng Som curry with fish

I find that whatever I order, it tastes good. Could a simple plate of fried noodles or a green curry, or fried fish with garlic and even the iced tea is good :) A couple of favourite dishes of mine below.

Phad Gaprow Gung

Pad Graprow a kind of stir-fry with holy basil is a common Thai dish and you can get it with chicken, pork, prawns or I suppose vegetarian. The one above (clearly) is with prawns. Very tasty. And a fried egg on the rice of course. I mean, you can get this just about anywhere, but the thing is, at Krua Suan Cha I know I'll get a good one.

Kana Moo Grob

(above) and maybe my favourite thing to eat .. Kale fried with crispy pork (Kana Moo Grob, คะน้าหมูกรอบ).

There is a partial menu in English, but I am not quite sure how much English the staff speak! The menu in Thai is much bigger. If you have a favourite Thai food, you can almost certainly get it here. Hey, it's not a fancy place, but the food is good, the prices are low and it's clean and friendly. And if you live here, it's the kind of restaurant you need to have as a regular spot. Eating out here can be as cheap as eating at home if you go for simple Thai dishes.

More favourite Thai restaurants in Phuket Town

Tunk Ka Cafe
Dairy Hut

Krua Suan Cha - Location Map

Osteoarthritis Pain Relief By Homegrown | Traditional Medicine

( When the weather changes, the public availability of bone and joint disease will be very miserable by the pain of abuse. If you know how to use herbs along with adjusting diet and lifestyle, we can prevent disease or reduce arthritis pain without great expense.

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Medications And Effective Arthritis Treatment Best

( Finding all medicines most effective osteoarthritis. According to industry statistics of Vietnam joint of the current incidence of diseases of bone and joint accounted for 35% of the population, while those aged 50 to 70 accounted for 70%. From the condition that the company produced and imported medicines osteoarthritis mushroomed after rain. Many businesses and helped launch the new brand for the choice of the patient on the treatment much more diverse.

However, his choice for a product, a method for treating an effective way to not be a simple task. The drug makers, the private clinics advertise widely on the mass media to commit: complete cure of the disease osteoarthritis, no relapse once treatment radical, effective results thoroughly ... But the reality is not so. Readmore : Prevention Of Osteoarthritis Pain At The Intraseasonal.

Prevention Of Osteoarthritis Pain At The Intraseasonal

( Morning greeting his wife and children are happy to go to work, afternoon, Hoang, 35 in Hanoi lay a place for the whole body aching bones and joints. Battle of the first monsoon overflow of weeks ago that he saw fit was Royal worry though not old premature aging.

Hoang Anh feel pain problems osteoarthritis 2 years ago, when the sky suddenly turn cold. Then his left knee suddenly felt pain, difficulty moving, especially in the morning after waking up. Advocating a bit, then the pain, even disappeared after a few days, see only transient symptoms, he always forgot. Readmore : The Post Cure Osteoarthritis Pain Effectively

The Post Cure Osteoarthritis Pain Effectively

( Joint pain, aching bones and joints are common in people, limited participation in community activities, accompanied by other disorders physically and psychologically. If you can leave lasting consequences such as deformity, muscle atrophy, disability ...

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These Medicines Treat Osteoarthritis Pain Of The Season When

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Readmore : Tips For Choosing A Good Milk Elderly

Tips For Choosing A Good Milk Elderly

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Milk Is The Best For The Elderly

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Sharing Experience For IELTS

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The Source Suggested Curriculum TOEIC Exam

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If you are not enrolled in the TOEIC exam center TOEIC exam preparation, you can see our post from last month, the post classification of TOEIC calendar, share experiences TOEIC exam performance effective, efficient TOEIC exam tips. If you have not read through these posts, it can refer to a number of curriculum follows:

Against Laziness In Learning English TOEIC

( Many people asked about this, so I will write here, the experience against the lazy way to learn English TOEIC my own and my advice. Ok, let's say you've decided to become people who can speak two languages ​​fluently, including English and want to evaluate the English proficiency of themselves through TOEIC.

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The Basic Thing To Achieve High TOEIC Scores

( TOEIC is a test of English for International Communication, by ETS (Educational Testing Service), US organizations. TOEIC test questions are based on the work situation in real life in an international environment (meetings, travel, talk on the phone, ...). TOEIC score at the University like?

The Basic Thing To Achieve High TOEIC Scores

At most universities in Vietnam, learning English TOEIC is used to evaluate the English proficiency of freshman and check the progress of English during their studies at university school. All students are English language courses sooner or later have to do this test.

13 TOEIC Results From High School

( Start learning today TOEIC. You need a long time, to the English language becomes a natural part of the human brain, so you should start learning how to divide their TOEIC as soon as possible. 13 TOEIC Results From High School.

If there are two options: start learning more toeic now and then review how to learn a little bit before the TOEIC TOEIC TOEIC and learn slowly. Then, to reflect on a lot before the test date, you will learn about three to four times if you use the TOEIC first study, and will also remember more after the exam ends.

You Prepare For The TOEIC Exam Coming

( We get a question like this, "I have to do to prepare for the TOEIC good?". And experts IELTS TOEFL TOEIC Vietnam will share with you. This answer, really based on knowledge of English and the ability to use English in your communication. The TOEIC test is designed to test precisely these factors.

You might achieve TOEIC scores you need a simple way when you were unprepared for the TOEIC test, or you can also improve your English. It will complement your experience more efficient TOEIC Exam true, and will help you become better at reading and listening TOEIC.

Tips For TOEIC Effective In Short Time | How to reach 900 points TOEIC

( Dubbed experts TOEIC - IELTS - TOEFL will share with you the most effective tips TOEIC. Together these tips to help you can review the TOEIC achieve the most effective. Tips for TOEIC effective arrangements to know your goals.

You need to know the setting of goals in their TOEIC learning resources accordingly. Please use one of the effective tips TOEIC first set appropriate goals for your self. But it should be noted, if you aim too high, then you will quickly encounter an obstacle for yourself.

Volunteer Tourism …

I view volunteerism with a healthy dose of skepticism, living as I do in a place where first world religions, NGOs and commercial volunteer organizations prey on the most vulnerable members of society, with many arguably doing more harm than good.  The often stateless people of the hill tribes are also targeted by drug dealer, human traffickers and the sexually perverted but I don’t want to talk about the organizations today or their questionable effects on the local population.  I want to relate a personal experience with a very young volunteer.

In my day people joined the military, the Peace Corp or went on a religious mission to see the world.  In today’s fast paced world people don’t care to invest years into this enterprise or any other pursuits it would seem.  Out of this recognition of short attention spans has grown the industry of volunteer tourism, reportedly more than a billion dollar business with over a million volunteers.

I wasn’t sure what to think when close family friends mentioned their granddaughter, fresh out of high school, was planning a gap-year experience as a volunteer tourist and would be spending a couple of months in Thailand after first going to Argentina, Peru and Sri Lanka.  What started off as little more than being listed as an in-country reference, culminated in our picking her up at the airport and having her spend her first night in Thailand at our house.

My knowledge of American teenagers is limited to what I see in the news and I have never had children of my own, so I really didn’t know what to expect as my wife and I sat in the arrival lounge of Chiang Rai’s airport.  From the moment she walked through those doors we were struck by her poise and manner, finding it hard to believe she was only eighteen years old.  Knowing her grandparents as I do, I am not sure why I was surprised.

After completing the formalities of meeting someone new, one of the first questions from me was where did she come up with this idea and how in the world did she talk her parents into letting her go gallivanting around the world, before applying herself to university studies.  Respecting her privacy, I don’t care to go into the details of her answers but lets just say my wife and I were truly impressed with what she had to say.

It was a long day of interesting conversation, sightseeing, eating and mundane tasks like catching up on her laundry.  I can’t remember the last time I had a conversation with a Chiang Rai expat which lasted as long or was even half as interesting and enlightening.  There was no starry-eyed idealism or naiveté, which one might expect from someone so young.  Her stories of how she started down this path and what she had experience in the countries she had visited before reaching Thailand, helped me understand how this kind of travel can appeal to young people from first world countries.

Her experiences where in my opinion far richer and more rewarding than the typical jaunt off to a tourist resort in a foreign land.  Meeting like minded travelers, exposer to local cultures, people and experiences, activities to facilitate interaction and a chance to see a very different world than what one is used to, make a very compelling story for partaking in this kind of tourism.  Learning how to find your way in unfamiliar surroundings can also provide a tremendous boost to confidence and self-esteem.  Some may argue that you can do the same thing on your own but I am not convinced that is true.  Just as you can go hiking and camping on your own, in certain environments you will gain more from hiring an outfitter who is familiar with the area.

Returning home from an adventure like this, one will never be the same, and that can be a good thing or a bad thing.  I see this as a good thing, as you might expect, considering my life experience.  Others may not see it in such a positive light, as it can lead to a sense of dissatisfaction with the norms of society and the traditional path one is often expected to follow.

My hope is that this particular young woman will enter university with more direction than I did and come out with the skills needed to follow a life of adventure and discovery.  It can be scary, abandoning the certainty of the well worn path, but the rewards of an uncommon life are worth the effort in my opinion.

Learn Structured IELTS Exam | TOEIC - IELTS - TOEFL

( There are a lot of you are intending to study and IELTS and view contents wondering how implementation, test time is how many minutes, structured IELTS exam What ??? or what to prepare before going IELTS ... This article I will introduce to you the most detailed answer for the IELTS exam.

Testexpert - Learn Structured IELTS Exam TOEIC - IELTS - TOEFL

IELTS comprehensive review 4 Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing. All contestants will compete in the same Listening and Speaking Skills 2. Then, students academic performance, form (Academic) or secondary (General Training) will take part in various Literacy Exam candidates according to which registration.

Share Your Experiences IELTS Most Effective

( To learn effective IELTS exam first thing that you must have is the "MOTIVATION - MOTIVATIONAL - MOTIVATIONAL" Motivation is seen as the hope and strength to help start an action with an attempt to create a link specific results. For example you want to get a scholarship, to study, to find a better job on the career path, blood passion english ... and with full reasons that determine a level floor to his point chalk fight for a clear goal.

Testexpert - Share Your Experiences IELTS Most Effective

Academic IELTS is really not difficult. The band opened the level of 7.5, 8, 8.5 is entirely possible to achieve. With the band 9 minimum 4 skills is 9-9 - 8.5 - 8.5 - ie a total score of 35/36, then, in addition to ability, effort, you need to add a bit of luck (listening easy, friendly Examiner, theme cabinets ... sort of like winning phỏm: v).

Experience IELTS Useful For Electronic Artist

( Achievements in IELTS depends very much on the refresher course, exam preparation. Therefore, experienced IELTS is appropriate guideline for an IELTS result as expected. Experience IELTS Useful For Electronic Artist.

Testexpert - Experience IELTS Useful For Electronic Artist

Recipes Selected Centers For IELTS

( To choose the IELTS center that suits you, then the first thing you should determine your goals, learning English is what (?) You want to study, or just want to get by IELTS, or just want to improve their English communication?

Recipes Selected Centers For IELTS

During the IELTS centers mushrooming today, choosing for themselves a training center IELTS English prestige and quality, always the preoccupations of many students. Expert IELTS TOEFL TOEIC Vietnam would make the criteria for the selection you can let yourself be a center for IELTS reputation.

IELTS Express Where In The Ho Chi Minh City

( At the heart of Vietnam IELTS, always providing strategic solutions to help the students to register IELTS get the best performance, and develop the language skills necessary for future later.

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Currently, the IELTS certificate is given priority when you go to register to study in countries around the world. Therefore, with the students while students are in school, need to determine the specific plan for you, and take the time to IELTS at home or come to the training center Exam IELTS particular.

Academic IELTS Where Is The Best ?

( Currently, demand for IELTS center and find the addresses to enroll ielts where in the city, is the focal point of your students discussed on the website. Therefore, at the training center will take the IELTS experience, as well as to the place you can find IELTS consistent with the ability of yourselves.

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