Children Eat Calcium Supplements To Help Young Tall ?

( Headache not know what to eat for the calcium supplement? Learn how to cook three dishes immediately calcium supplementation great for baby to stop your headaches. Do parents we all know, calcium deficiency severely affect the skeletal structure, nerves and height in children. Calcium on earth so much, but to add to the body only by way of eating. What to eat calcium supplements to children's questions when the majority of mothers raising children.

Anlenevn - Children Eat Calcium Supplements To Help Young Tall

In fact calcium deficiency is a common phenomenon of children in Vietnam. Many children are calcium deficient because families can not afford care or parents have no knowledge should not detect disease in their children. Lack of calcium leads to rickets, children often have the following expression:

Signs young calcium deficiency.

Children under 6 months of age: Children jumpy, crying, sleep is not restful; Often sweating (the head, neck); Children with alopecia donuts, cook catfish lying down; Children with tumors or tumor apex prominent forehead.

Children over 6 months of age: Children theft was sweating, crying at night, or startle; Fontanelle instant long, slow teething infants, delayed motor development (crawling, sitting, walking, standing). If so extended state can lead to bone deformities such as scoliosis hunchback, forechest, bandy legs ...

If your child has the expression on the need for children to visit and vitamin D, calcium reasonable and timely.

Note: For babies 2-3 months old, only the expression of sweating is not confirmed by the lack of calcium. Because infants under 1 year of age as easy sweating by the nervous system is not perfect, prone to disorders. Here are the foods rich in nutrients, answer questions what to eat calcium supplements for children:

1. Bone + Egg Tofu Stew

Bones, eggs, tofu is calcium-rich foods. Moreover, very tasty and easy to eat, especially for infants is very good.

  •      1 egg
  •      1 grill tofu
  •      150g pork ribs
  •      Chopped onions.

  •    Break the eggs into a bowl, beat them.
  •    Tofu crushed to separate.
  •   Bone tunnel for water, and the tofu to cook. Continue for spices and eggs on. Finally the finished dish out into the bone tunnel egg tofu.

2. Cake Flour Dried Shrimp Vegetables.

Everyone knows dried shrimp are rich in calcium, along with cooked vegetables will remove some oxalic acid, acid phutic more beneficial for calcium absorption. Eggs are nutritious foods and delicious. Your children 10 months and older will definitely enjoyed this cake.


  •      5g dried shrimp
  •      50g white cabbage
  •      1 egg
  •      Flour
  •      Spices.


How's the cake: Soak the dried shrimp in warm water washed, crushed; Fried egg and beat to place; Cabbage white-washed, blanched boiling water, then cut into sections, crushed. Mix the dried shrimp, eggs and cauliflower as a human wheel.
Make the crust: 1 quantity of flour obtained (50/50 with the bread) mixed with water so as to make the crust toughness.
Finally, for the crust folded into a small cake, steamed shrimp cakes are finished mon dried vegetables.

3. Rice Flour Fish

Fish is a food that contains high levels of calcium, which helps strengthen bones, brain development of children. At the same time, individuals also provide a full range of nutrients necessary for the body. It is possible for children over 6 months of age to eat this dish calcium supplements.


  •      100 g rice flour (or flour nutrition)
  •      1 fish meat extract
  •      15-20g fresh vegetables
  •      1 teaspoon salt


  •      For powder in water and stir into the lake.
  •      Then boil for about 8 minutes, then vegetables and fish were cleaned on.
  •      Cooking techniques, seasoning salt to taste the finished dish a delicious fish flour.

4. Calcium And Vitamin D3 Siro

Parents raising children over 6 months of age are often interested in what to eat calcium supplements for children with no known functional foods containing calcium and vitamin D3. The fact is difficult to measure accurately weigh loaded calcium from the diet as well as the balance of the group substances in the diet of children. Normally, he only loaded about 20% of calcium through food, the rest will be excreted.

As recommended by medical experts, vitamin D (D3) is the transmitter to the body absorb calcium, calcium can only achieve the full potential bone if the body has enough vitamin D.Chinh so parents so for the use of calcium supplements vitamin D3 incorporates both. Especially products containing calcium nano (micro) and comes as a syrup such as nano calcium Siro.

Thus, wondering what to eat calcium supplements for children of mothers who have been answered fully. When children are aged raw foods and adults, parents noted refer to the article of food for children calcium supplements to the diet suitable for children enough. Happy baby of your family stay healthy and tall.

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