Choose Milk For The Elderly How Is The Standard ?

( When it comes to milk, most people only care for children to choose milk. The questions related to drinking milk to infants often or rarely large new attention to the elderly. In fact, milk is not only good for small children. 

Anlene - Choose Milk For The Elderly How Is The Standard

Dairy products are rich in calcium, protein quarter (full of essential amino acids with respect to weight ratio) and vitamins necessary for the body, such as vitamin A, vitamin D, vitamin B group ... is a nutritious food necessary for all people, especially the elderly.

Choose Milk For The Elderly How Is The Standard ?

Milk for the elderly have a role like ? The risk of osteoporosis in older people is very high because of old age need more calcium supplements, while the less digestive system. Although calcium in many different food (small fish eat the bones, eat shrimp shrimp shells, vegetables, tofu ...), however, the elderly often when children should eat less calcium into the body from the daily diet will not be enough. Provide adequate calcium to keep bones healthy is something extremely important, especially as we age. Milk contains calcium and vitamins necessary, the best food sources (both good for the digestive system) to supplement calcium and other essential nutrients for the body. Calcium absorption from milk is easy to elderly people should drink regular milk per day (about 1-2 cups) to complete additional calcium to the body, helping to prevent osteoporosis. So, choice of milk for the elderly how new is the right way ?

Choose Milk For The Elderly According To Body Condition.

Usually milk to children and ordinary people is a form of whole milk, milk fat saturated fats of animal origin contain cholesterol should be not suitable for the elderly if taken regularly every day. The selection of milk for the elderly should also depend on the health status of each person. For people with chronic illnesses such as heart disease, diabetes, choose low-fat milk, no sugar. Drink milk every day will be balanced with other foods to ensure stable blood sugar. Who have arthritis, you can still drink a little milk fat, slightly sweet if you like. However, it should be noted for the overweight, obese if fat milk, fresh weight will increase rapidly and will endure for the weight of the body joints such as the hip, knee, joint legs should be hard to cure inflammation and joint pain.

Therefore, it should be based on age, disease and health of each person choose to buy milk for the elderly reasonable as little milk (or not) fat, little (or no) sugar, little (or no) cholesterol to avoid digestive problems, blood sugar and cholesterol in the blood. In addition to choosing the type of milk should also pay attention to the manufacturer, the shelf and label of the milk to the best quality milk.

Drinking Milk For The Elderly Properly.

As mentioned above, the elderly should drink regular milk per day (about 1-2 cups) to add calcium to the body, helping to prevent osteoporosis. Although milk for the elderly is highly nutritious food but can not substitute for the other nutrients that the body needs, such as iron, zinc, fiber, some vitamins ... So, just do not use dairy snacks and not a substitute for daily meals. If only drink milk without eating meals will not be able to meet the energy needs for the body. In the case of a weak or sick, to split meals (eat less and many times), using more high-energy foods, combined increase of snacks (milk or other nutritious food additives and other digestive).

Some people when drinking milk or nausea, diarrhea ... usually by the body to absorb lactase deficiency sugar lactose in milk. In this case, the body should be familiar with by adapting the milk slowly, so reducing the amount of milk in each drink (probably less than 100 ml / time) and gradually increased to adapt. If you still can not digest it can switch to alternative products such as whey of milk, yogurt, cheese or soy milk can drink.

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