Six Ways Calcium Supplements Safe And Effective For Body

(news.c10mt,com) Eat dark green vegetables. Broccoli, cabbage, bok choy, spinach are the vegetables that you should add to the daily diet. Our bodies can absorb up to 60% calcium from plants easily. This is also a way to ensure those who are vegetarian calcium supplements are full, do not worry about your body calcium deficiency. If you do not like to eat vegetables directly, you can grind a green smoothie (green smoothie) by a handful of spinach, a banana, yogurt and honey to sweetness preference for quick breakfast , and compact enough. However, patients with kidney stones note about eating raw vegetables is dark green because they contain oxalic acid, has a direct negative impact to the condition.

Six Ways Calcium Supplements Safe And Effective For Body

Seaweed. Algae are plants rich in calcium than whole milk and cheese. Like vegetables, calcium supplement from algae are easily absorbed into the body. An interesting question arises as to why Asians, particularly the Japanese, there is no routine consumption of fresh dairy products such as European American population but still not caught on bone disorders. The reason is because the Japanese seaweed used in daily diet, and in fact provides Hijiki Seaweed 100g to 1400mg of calcium. Add calcium to the body by eating a small amount of seaweed can easily meet the nutritional indicators of calcium for adults is 1,000 mg per day. You can turn seaweed eating enjoyable, such as a sprinkle on rice, fried foods or hot soup, just increase the bold again just delicious.

Six Ways Calcium Supplements Safe And Effective For Body.

Broth. Maybe saying "eat this cow" has become quite silly in this era, but a bone soup water is still a "delicious" calcium supplements to help you there. Broth medium is familiar dishes from Vietnam, delicious, and healthy again not expensive. Make use of water to soup bones daily, you have plenty of additional nutrients such as protein, collagen and calcium. Collagen protein and lubricates joints and reduce the possibility of dry joints, rheumatism. However, this valuable nutrients back behind the hard tissue of the bone. To absorb more nutrients from the water most bones, you need stewed until soft bones Ruc or degrade the water as possible. Another way that you can grind smooth soft bone, the tunnel next to the bag to.

Shrimp shells. Seafood is the head of the food groups in the choice of calcium supplement. When eating shrimp, peeled do not rush! You can take advantage of the water used to cook the shrimp shells, both fresh water, the nutrient-rich medium. Top of grilled shrimp and sip a delicious dish for the dinner gathering.

Milk. Children of US and European countries often taller than Asia because they have the habit of consuming dairy products from small daily. Milk in the US and European countries seem to be cheaper and alternative drinking water. In 100ml milk contains calcium to 125 mg. Drinking milk is a calcium supplement quick and convenient for those busy. Volume for children to drink milk from small to supplement calcium to the bone baby baby solid and have ideal height later.

Use of calcium supplements. If you do not eat the food on or too busy to supplement calcium through diet, you can choose to top up by taking calcium supplements. Research shows that the busiest years of life is when you need the most calcium supplements, from 1000 to 1300mg per day for ages 9 to 50. It is difficult, if busy to think about today now what to eat calcium, while one member has 1200 mg calcium supplement calcium. Note do not abuse too many supplements, calcium supplements by ingestion are more readily absorbed and "benign" than from drugs.

Six Things Not know About Osteoporosis And Potential.

  • Not only women who have osteoporosis.
  • Calcium absorption is only possible when there is more vitamin D
  • Osteoporosis grow faster after menopause
  • There are no obvious symptoms for osteoporosis
  • The weight lifting exercises can prevent osteoporosis
  • Falls much can increase the risk of osteoporotic fractures

1 - Not Just Women Who Have Osteoporosis

The truth is that women at risk of osteoporosis than men, but that does not mean you can ignore him before the disease. About 80% of people with osteoporosis are women, ie 20% of men with this disease can after age 50. One study showed that 90% of women with spinal osteoporosis in men and about ⅓ often with osteoporosis at the hip area. Even osteoporosis also occurs frequently with men than prostate cancer. The habit of smoking and drinking alcohol regularly, but men as well as promoting risk factors for osteoporosis more.

2 - Calcium Absorption Is Only Possible When There Is More Vitamin D

Just focus on calcium supplementation alone is not enough to prevent osteoporosis, vitamin D by the substrate to the calcium metabolism takes place more efficiently. If you do not provide sufficient vitamin D, your body calcitriol deficiency, also known as "vitamin D active". Many people are so afraid of black leather or skin cancer, but not to the body exposed to the sun, in conjunction with diet deficient in vitamin D, which is also one of the reasons leading to osteoporosis faster. If you are observant, most calcium supplements pills usually contain vitamin D3 together to increase the absorption of calcium.

3 - Osteoporosis Grow Faster After Menopause

The reason most women with osteoporosis later in life due to menopause. The lack of the hormone estrogen has a direct impact to the structure of new bone tissue. Due to instability or no menstruation at this time was promoted deterioration of bone tissue formation rate than new bone tissue of the body. Women lose about 10% of bone tissue just 5 years after the start of menopause.

4 - There Are No Obvious Symptoms For Osteoporosis.

Osteoporosis is considered a "silent killer". There are no obvious symptoms tell you they have the disease until you accidentally falls resulting in fracture, fracture due to bone softening. Osteoporosis not to deluge, the bone tissue degeneration and destruction gradually. The process of bone degeneration in the elderly faster than new bone regeneration process. Upon entering the age of menopause, women should conduct tests to measure bone mineral density (DXA) to know the level of early degeneration of bones and the timely preventive measures.

5 - The Lifting Exercises Can Prevent Osteoporosis.

Prevention is better than cure. The young face but not osteoporosis right now, get more exercise into lifting weights workout regimen every day, increasing the toughness of bone and muscle. Though slightly lifting weights can also help promote the regeneration of new bone tissue. Women would probably frown before the word "lifting", but here brought think weightlifting weight. Body weight you are there! The sports activities such as hiking, tennis, and dancing is the perfect exercise for muscle and bone movement, keep them passive and slow deterioration of bone tissue.

6 - Falling Much Can Increase The Risk Of Osteoporotic Fractures.

It sounds silly, but try to think, osteoporosis is due to the gradual loss of bone tissue and shattered that out, so if you fall or shock fracture to the bone, can affect whether you get the disease there. After an accident involving bone, you should especially take care of eating calcium supplements compensate the injured bone tissue. It should be noted in the travel safety and athletic, avoid fracture, fracture several times, especially in areas where bone tissue as important as the spine and hip bones.

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