The Calcium Supplementation For Infants Properly

( How to add calcium to the infant science, safety and efficiency is one of the issues raised by parents with children of primary concern. Because bone height and future of the child should be focused care right from the first year of life. Parents need to have knowledge about children with signs of calcium deficiency to be a logical addition to their children.

The Calcium Supplementation For Infants Properly

Content article: Signs infant calcium deficiency. Difficulty sleeping, insomnia, stirring cry. Night sweats. Abnormal personality. Delayed teeth, uneven teeth. Hair loss donuts. Fontanelle instant later. Children walking slowly,, deformed bones and joints. Tendon irritation overboard. Calcium supplementation for infants. From the calcium supplements daily. From the functional food supplement calcium.

Signs Infant Calcium Deficiency

If your baby is suffering from more than 3 of 9 signs below, the mother should have a calcium supplement for babies immediately.

Difficulty sleeping, insomnia, stirring cry. One of the most obvious expression of calcium-deficient children is not restful sleep. Having children awake until the next morning that many mothers fall into a state of fatigue, depression. If your baby has trouble sleeping expression, suddenly awake the night, crying constantly, then you should think about the possibility of calcium-deficient children.

Night sweats. Children often lack calcium sweating and sweating theft. The most obvious manifestation is after waking up, hair sweat drenched young.

Abnormal personality. Calcium-deficient children often crying, irritability and restlessness in person. Accordingly, young anorexia, expressed as a bad mood does not care about the environment, mental retardation.

Delayed teeth, uneven teeth. Acupuncture teeth or uneven teeth (staggered arrangement uneven spacing between teeth) as well as the expression of calcium metabolism is not good, the body lacks calcium. In addition, children with loose teeth, deciduous as well as signs of calcium deficiency.

Hair loss donuts. Calcium deficiency cause them sweating and hair loss, especially in the back part of the head (where it touches the pillow). Hair loss can be a donut in the expression of reactive calcium deficiency.

Fontanelle instant later. Typically, children will immediately fontanelle 12-18 months. However, the lack of calcium can also be made alive instant later, forming square skull.
Children walking slowly, deformed bones and joints

Most calcium deficiency in children under 1 year of age are expressed in the leg area. Children missing leg bent-shaped calcium O, X, muscles loose, soft. Because so little episode gorgeous soft bones, cow, standing, or walking very late.

Tendon irritation overboard. Children often have calcium deficiency symptoms increased neuromuscular stimulation. Laryngeal muscle contractions many will have trouble breathing, diaphragmatic contractions cause hiccups, stomach muscle spasms caused ọc milk, the intestinal wall and causes the bladder muscle contractions and urine leak urine several times.

Calcium Supplementation For Infants.

If a child has more than 3 out of 9 signs on, she should note added calcium for children. There are two ways of calcium supplementation for infants namely: daily from eating fresh foods and orally from the functional food supplement calcium.

From the calcium supplements daily. Seafood (shrimp, crab, oysters, fish ...), vegetables (lettuce, cabbage, kale, celery ...). Especially parents should use a calcium supplement for infants from breast milk, milk powder and other dairy products (yogurt, cheese, soy milk ...).

However, little actual load only about 20% of calcium through food, the rest will be excreted. Moreover, parents can hardly knew exactly loaded calcium from the diet, as well as the balance of the group substances in the diet of children.

If a calcium supplement for infants through troubled meals, parents should consider oral calcium supplementation for children. Especially with premature babies, children at risk of calcium deficiency, rickets, growth retardation, malnutrition ...

From The Functional Food Supplement Calcium

When using drugs, or dietary calcium supplementation for infants to note correct dose preparation and children should be breastfed for at least the first 6 months. Calcium and vitamim D (vitamin D3) are two components to support, work together to build, protect and maintain strong bones always. Parents should choose calcium supplements vitamin D3 incorporates both the body to help children enhance calcium absorption. Especially products containing nano calcium and comes as a syrup for babies body can absorb the optimal amount of calcium was used.

When choosing a calcium supplement for infants with medication, parents need to choose the products easily absorbed calcium, does not irritate the digestive tract and convenient to use as nano calcium Siro. In addition, parents enlist children absorb natural source of vitamin D by sun in the morning so (before 9 am) and evening (after 17 pm), as well as actively participate in outdoor activities.

Choose A Kind Of Calcium For Children ?

In the calcium supplements for children, what is the best type of question is difficult for parents. According to research, good calcium is calcium absorption maximum, medium provide sufficient calcium for the baby to sleep, bones, teeth that do not irritate the stomach, and causes no side effects.

To select the type calcium human safety, we should note the following points:

Calcium is formulated syrup: Will help increase calcium absorption up many times. Moreover, the delicious, easy to drink very suitable for an audience of children. Application of modern nanotechnology: Nano Calcium is the optimal choice to complement the baby's parents. According to the actual results, use the nano calcium absorption is much higher, 200 times compared with normal calcium.

Calcium with Vitamin D3 nano calcium and vitamin D3 is inseparable duo separated by vitamin D3 is the transmitter to the body absorb calcium. Vitamim group B Siro calcium, zinc, lysine: Stimulates appetite baby, stable immature digestive systems of infants. Siro calcium containing DHA and taurin: Although DHA and taurin not support calcium absorption, but it is an important component to help develop the brain and nervous system for children.

In the early years the child needs additional nutrients to be able to develop comprehensive. The problem is that when additional separation is inevitable times when parents forget or supplement is not enough for her. Therefore, the best solution is selected in a combination product. Siro is nano calcium products that meet the above criteria, not the effect of calcium supplementation, but also help them smart, delicious, healthy sleep absolutely secure.

Status Of Milk Calcium Supplement Today.

To be fully absorb nutrients, in addition to today's children are breastfed longer drink add other formulas. However, the selection of suitable dairy products, especially milk choose how calcium supplements are the best of the many questions remain as parents.

Calcium is one of the important nutrients needed to build bones and decision height in children. Therefore, calcium is always present in the composition of milk for children. Here are some suggestions about the type of milk and calcium supplements reasonable way for young children:

The Milk Calcium Supplements.

The milk calcium supplement for children is very diverse in the Vietnam market. Consumers are not strangers with names such as milk powder Dielac Alpha, the Star Dielac care, Dielac Pedia, Abbott Grow Milk Powder, Milk Biomil Plus, milk Biomil Plus, Meiji, Gallia, Nutriben, Celia Develop milk, Enfagrow, Plus Grow, Grow Singapore, Nuti IQ, MILEX ...

All types of milk contains all the nutrients necessary for the development of infants and young children (supplement or replace breast milk), with the following characteristics: The main nutrients: protein, energy , fat, carbohydrates; Minerals (calcium, zinc, iron, magnesium ...); The vitamin. Main Uses: Absorption of nutrients optimally. To enhance energy metabolism and digestion system. Completion of bone. Overall brain development. Strengthening the immune system.

Misconceptions the use of calcium supplements for baby milk. What kind of milk calcium supplement will be very high levels suitable for children. In fact, the natural ingredients to produce milk powder calcium equivalent. During the manufacturing process, some dairy companies to meet the needs of parents to add calcium to enhance chemical calcium. However, the amount of calcium that your body absorbs very little child, the opposite also makes baby is constipated, affect health.

Children Drink Milk Is Full Of Calcium Necessary ?

Although milk has many nutrients, but parents for children to drink milk, it has yet to be fully adequate supply of calcium necessary for the baby. Even by the time your baby solid foods, the amount of calcium in the diet the body only absorbs 20% of children. Therefore, in addition to drinking milk and eating foods like eggs daily, vegetables, fish, meat ... parents need calcium supplements with medications or dietary supplements exclusively for children.

In addition, calcium supplements for children should be delicious and convenient to use and does not cause excess calcium. Siro nano calcium product is able to meet all the above criteria. So, to help you combat rickets, malnutrition, increased resistance, solid bone development and optimal height in children, in addition to drinking milk calcium supplements should be taken with children through real products and calcium supplements.

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