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( Finding all medicines most effective osteoarthritis. According to industry statistics of Vietnam joint of the current incidence of diseases of bone and joint accounted for 35% of the population, while those aged 50 to 70 accounted for 70%. From the condition that the company produced and imported medicines osteoarthritis mushroomed after rain. Many businesses and helped launch the new brand for the choice of the patient on the treatment much more diverse.

However, his choice for a product, a method for treating an effective way to not be a simple task. The drug makers, the private clinics advertise widely on the mass media to commit: complete cure of the disease osteoarthritis, no relapse once treatment radical, effective results thoroughly ... But the reality is not so. Readmore : Prevention Of Osteoarthritis Pain At The Intraseasonal.

Believe in the advertisement were sky that many patients have to pay the hefty price due to excessive use of strong adjuvants, unclear origin significant impact on the health of the patient, but in the meantime illness no less, confused patients do not know how to use the method effectively. To help people have more basic knowledge and experience in the treatment of osteoarthritis us permission to reprint articles of Nguyen Van Long, MA - Chairman of the joint of studying medicine in the cure osteoarthritis. Article helped you understand more about the current status of treatment, as well as a piece of information to help readers find the most effective treatments:

Best Arthritis Treatment And Effective medications.

A terrible waste. I would like to introduce my self as Nguyen Van Long - chairman of the joint of studying medicine, in this article I will share with you the knowledge base in the treatment of bone and joint diseases and provide a Some treatments safe with reasonable cost in terms of expertise.

The reason I titled "A waste of infernal" is due to the fact I see too many people put effort, money and time to treat the disease while we can fully use herbal remedies are safe and effective, but great for a reasonable cost due to his father again.

The disease Osteoarthritis occurs when the cartilage cushions the bones in joints increasingly eroded over time due to fluid depletion, the cartilage to rub it directly on the motor together causing pain. When the smooth surface of the cartilage becomes rough, causing irritation. Finally, if the articular cartilage can completely deflated bone on bone - become damaged bones and joints become more painful. Later stages of the disease osteoarthritis will form the bone spikes, causing pinched nerves, headaches, aching limbs numb.

How to treat osteoarthritis pain according Medicine.

The diseases associated with osteoarthritis despite swelling, warmth, redness, numbness, or just tired, heavy, the joints are all evidence of the Rat, which means no communication deadlock, folk called rheumatism.

Causes of bone and joint disease is caused by the body's resistance is not sufficient to cause disease factors jointly violate meridians in the body, the joints. Consequently, the operation of blood is blocked, causing swelling pain or numbness fatigue, severe osteoarthritis in one area or the whole body. Some are due to the discharge failure because prolonged illness or older, the body function impairment should decrease blood, not nourish the balanced circuit, causing degenerative osteoarthritis and pain.

* The common bone and joint diseases such as:

  •      Patients dry joints (synovial fluid dry)
  •      Osteoarthritis (knee, spine, spine ...)
  •      Patients calcified joints (knee, spine ...)
  •      Herniated disc disease
  •      Rheumatoid arthritis
  •      Degenerative spine disease
  •      Neck pain shoulder neck
  •      Knee pain, carpal joints

In Vietnam, the current status of patients suffering from osteoarthritis quite popular with both men and women. Treatment with methods to achieve efficiency and safety are still issues that medical researchers both eastern and western medicine is concerned. Through my research and some colleagues about the current situation commonly applied methods of treatment are as follows:

Method 01: Relieve arthritis by means of transmission of natural.

When patients incipient appearance of disease symptoms of osteoarthritis, patients often have psychological neglect patients show is simple pain, patients initially seek to preserve the current methods such as using honey bears, pomelo leaves, hot packs, cold packs ... massage to reduce the pain and hopefully cure.

Method 01: Relieve arthritis by means of transmission of natural.

Arthritis using natural methods handed down. Pros: are natural products so as to bring the patient to use high security and low cost. Cons: Difficult to implement, treatment time is too long, not everyone has the time to maintain the long term, these symptoms are not significantly reduced, the long-term use without results, thus causing condition develop increasingly more severe and chronic easy.

Method 2: Treatment of arthritis with functional foods

After a series of treatments that patients experience from the patient still not keen on further treatment on the move to use functional foods advertised abound in the media is safe and efficient as: Jex, Tam Binh arthritis, arthritis PV, Bonistas ...

Arthritis in functional foods. Pros: affordable easy to use, the product is used for drinking capsules daily. Cons: The condition almost no relief or no significant decrease (due to the fact this is only the support of treatment rather than the treatment), high cost of treatment, treatment time lasts from 3 to 9 months.

Method 3: Relieve Osteoarthritis defense specialist at the State

Too long without treatment is effective, it can be said to think there are few words the disease the patient has undergone treatment tell anyone what to do that lead to illness was not out of the increasingly complex more complex. In the mood that patients are often advised to the public hospital or specialist of the hospital for examination and treatment. In Vietnam, the doctor after the official conclusion of the screenings of the machinery, the patient often doctors prescription, depending on the type and extent of disease that doctors will prescribe: Korulac, Paracetamol , Diclofenac, Arcoxia, Bonlutin, Artrodar, Fenalgic, Ibuprofen, Profenid, Voltaren, Mobic .... for home treatment.

Cure osteoarthritis specialist in the state. Pros: The treatment of the specialist or public hospitals to help patients safely mentally reason in Vietnam often have psychological trust doctors in public hospitals. Cons: With strong pharmacological concentrations of these drugs have immediate effects, pain decreased significantly in the early days and reduced in 10 to 15 days associated with exercise regime. The process of discontinuation of patients back to life and daily work. This process usually does not last long because doctors often prescribe medications and anti-inflammatory and analgesic when its pharmacological levels were all within the body gradually dull pain began to reappear, the patient panic anxiety not know how solve for hospital treatment in the state without closing off ?

Method 4: Osteoarthritis Treatment in private polyclinic.

The treatment in a specialist without making the patient completely lost faith in the state's specialty now through the mass media, television stations reported the disease known of private polyclinics as: Kim Giang Clinic, Clinic Bach Mai, Golden Horse clinics, clinics continents ... The lack of information and advertisement control of the authority making the mistake disease is the cure osteoarthritis address Vietnam's best and most world: fighting in a couple of days off completely, once fighting off the crossbar no recurrence ...

Cure osteoarthritis in private polyclinic. Pros: Attitude enthusiastic, friendly relations between doctors and patients is quite good in the treatment process. Cons: The treatment at the clinic in addition to the above pharmaceutical some clinics also use the powerful adjuvant unknown origin and have many side effects to the liver, kidneys and bile, stomach ... The cost of treatment for an illness is usually from 20 to 25 million. The cost is too high compared to the standard of living of the majority of people today. Results from the patient does not require money back as it was committed to making it difficult (clinics often offer hundreds of reasons to pay a certain part: wages, medical bills, counseling ... etc)

Method 5: Healing the healers in osteoarthritis.

Trust in the advertisement but not cured or rapid relapse of patients do not know who to believe anymore. Now anyone tell what this temple is ill habit few words to heal the sick person at home or away fighting in the traditional medicine, the healers in the region ... Depending on the level of each of the drugs and that Mr. Lang patients may terminate or temporarily out but usually not for long.

Above I mentioned some recognition and evaluation of the treatment of bone disease in terms of expertise. The assessment may not all be portrayed but also helped you a basic understanding of the status of the treatment of this disease in our country.

With a desire to help 25 million people suffering from arthritis (according to incomplete statistics of the Ministry of Health) escaped the disease with the highest efficiency, most reasonable cost and treatments safest, this article would like to send you the work of Dr. Phung Lighthouse on the subject Application of Pharmaceutical quarter in the treatment of bone joint disease in Vietnam.

Name of medicine: "Medicinal treatment of osteoarthritis".

Medicinal herbs cure osteoarthritis - Central Vietnam joint of Medicine. Remedies include: Pharmaceutical complete canopy (Oral crude). Medicinal Materials full high (Oral higher form). Medicinal herbs massage (massage aqueous drug).

Full canopy Medicinal Materials: Ingredients: United religion behind, religion atrial death, sacrifice listing, funeral expenses, medical department, every ox and some other herbs. Usage: to create nutrients nourish cartilage, creating mucus (fluid) to protect the joints, increase strength and endurance to match, hematopoietic and help blood circulation until the limbs, prevent degeneration of articular cartilage, meniscus, synovial membrane, the patient easy access.

Medicinal herbs, highly: Ingredients: Ginseng, Angelica, stylish rooms, new health, frequency allocation, for parts, and excipients. Usage: property, except for the low, through the meridians, additional liver, and kidney.

Medicinal Materials massage: Ingredients: bile, blood sense, anise, cinnamon expenditure associated address, inter-event disaster, long aging .... Use: pain, numbness reduce joint pain muscle, increase strength of cartilage , blood circulation, reduce swelling.

Based on the best scientific analysis can be found on this folk remedy "cure osteoarthritis Medicine" by Dr. Phung Lighthouse Center for the joint of Medicine Vietnam works effectively in the treatment of diseases of osteoarthritis as:

  • Patients dry joints (synovial fluid dry).
  • Osteoarthritis (knee, spine, spine ...).
  • Patients calcified joints (knee, spine ...).
  • Herniated disc disease.
  • Rheumatoid arthritis.
  • Degenerative spine disease.
  • Nape neck shoulder pain.
  • Knee pain, carpal joints.

The study has been applied in 2008 to 200 cases of bone and joint disease results as follows:

There are 176 people (88%) out completely with treatment time in less than 90 days. There are 21 people (10.5%) from patients with duration of 120 days due to too heavy and too much abuse of Western medicine, but not from causing oily drug. There are 3 people (1.5%) maintained condition, caused by work in heavy environmental movement, diet is not abstinence, low body resistance.

From the results as positive on all drugs have been widely used for nearly 5000 people and help cure diseases of bones and joints throughout the North Central South and foreigners. Here are comments from the perspective of professional help for all drugs known to treat, reduce costs, treatment time and absolute safety.

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