Milk Is The Best For The Elderly

( When it comes to milk, most people only care for children to choose milk. Questions concerning how refreshing drink milk only for infants to age or are eaten, big but rarely pay attention to the elderly. With the influence of illness in old age, older people also need to drink milk to nourish and if no reasonable use to meet the dangerous consequences for health.

Dairy products are rich in calcium, protein quarter (full of essential amino acids with respect to weight ratio) and vitamins necessary for the body, such as vitamin A, vitamin D, vitamin B group ... so here is the food nutrition necessary for everyone, including the elderly. Read more : How Best To Drink Milk For The Elderly

Do not drink milk instead of meals.

Elderly people should receive adequate daily calcium to prevent osteoporosis. Although calcium in many different food (small fish eat the bones, eat shrimp shrimp shells, vegetables, tofu ...), but the elderly are often at children should eat less calcium into the body from processing daily intake is not sufficient, while their risk of osteoporosis is high. Calcium absorption from milk is easy to elderly people should drink regular milk per day (about 1-2 cups) to add calcium to the body, helping to prevent osteoporosis.

Although milk is highly nutritious food, but can only supplement as snacks, not a substitute for daily meals will be unbalanced because there is not enough milk because the other nutrients that the body needs such as physical iron, zinc, fiber, some vitamins ... If only drink milk without eating meals will not be able to meet the energy needs for the body. In the case of a weak or sick, to split meals (eat less and many times), using more high-energy foods, combined increase of snacks (milk or other nutritious food additives and other digestive).

Depending on age, depending on the selected diseases milk.

Usually milk to children and ordinary people is a form of whole milk, milk fat saturated fats of animal origin contain cholesterol should be not suitable for the elderly if taken regularly every day. However, for the skinny, no chronic non-communicable diseases such as dyslipidemia, hypertension, diabetes ... and very little diet foods of animal origin contain cholesterol (pork, beef, fat ...), it is still drinking milk.

Choosing what kind of milk should also depend on the health status of each person. For people with chronic diseases such as heart disease, diabetes, choose low-fat milk, no sugar. Drink milk every day will be balanced with other foods to ensure stable blood sugar. Who have arthritis, you can still drink a little milk fat, slightly sweet if you like. However, it should be noted for the overweight, obese if fat milk, fresh weight will increase rapidly and will endure for the weight of the body joints such as the hip, knee, joint legs should be hard to cure inflammation and joint pain.

Drinking milk properly to avoid disaster.

Dairy foods are rich in absorbable form of calcium. Only when the amount of calcium into the body, the new excess is excreted by the kidney causing kidney stones. This case is rare in normal diet that by taking high doses of calcium and prolonged. Therefore, the use of calcium-rich foods or taking calcium for osteoporosis prevention, it should be noted drink plenty of water to prevent kidney stones.

Some people when drinking milk or abdominal pain, diarrhea ... usually due to lack of lactase body to absorb sugar lactose in milk. In that case, should reduce the amount of milk in each drink (probably less than 100 mL / time) and gradually increased to adapt. If you still can not digest it can be switched to other products such as yogurt, milk, yogurt, cheese ... or you can use soy milk.

Choose milk for the elderly like ?

Looking elderly parents poor diet, one of us that can not see yet and want to please their parents choose the best food, the best milk. But before the "forest milk" colorful, all seem to know how to choose the best milk for the elderly? Choose milk must be consistent with age.

The demand for energy of the elderly: There is reduced compared to when you were young, but the demand for nutrients such as protein, calcium, vitamins were still the same. So, food for the elderly is low fat foods rich in nutrients but others such as protein, calcium ... fat milk is a food that can meet the requirements provided less energy but a lot of protein, with a high biological value and calcium.

Milk is a highly nutritious food, but only as snacks should supplement, not replace daily meals.

Eat less: The physiological changes that make the elderly feel inferior taste, look worse, appetite as before, or dry mouth, chewing, bad teeth become loose, fall out or dentures inconsistent, poor digestion. All this makes the elderly and vulnerable to eating less malnutrition. In this case, the milk will be a food rich in protein, calcium and vitamin supplements liquid form very good nutritional deficiencies caused by not eating a lot of specific meals.

Osteoporosis: Osteoporosis is a condition that often occurs in the elderly, especially for the woman. Bone mineral loss, become porous, brittle, brittle when collisions or falls, especially in the position of the femoral neck, wrist, vertebrae ... Although there is no collision, the vertebrae in the Elderly may collapse makes deformed spine, back, cuffed, height may become reduced. To reduce the risk of osteoporosis and fracture risk reduction, the use of specific calcium-rich foods such as milk, particularly skim milk, yogurt, soy milk, green leafy vegetables such as jute vegetable, vegetables spinach, leaf guise, soy ... In addition, the tool can enhance the movement as walking, or participate in physical training group will also help reduce the risk of osteoporosis.

Water: Water is especially important in the diet of elderly people. However, a problem occurs for the elderly are feeling thirsty reduced, so easy to forget to drink water. Drinking water is not sufficient to lead to constipation, fever, low blood pressure, prone staggered, lost his balance and falls, confusion, decay. The amount of water to drink every day for the elderly at least 1.5 liters. Because liquid milk has the advantage of additional water needed for the equipment. However, to avoid the night to urinate easily cause insomnia, to arrange for the specific milk or water mainly in the morning or during the day.

Some chronic diseases related to nutrition.

Arthritis: Aches is a common condition in the elderly, especially during the rainy season or winter. One of the most common causes of arthritis is joint deformity long day, hindering the grip of the tool. Therefore when choosing milk for specific, we need to remember packaging options for easy opening of handy tools to use when suddenly feel hungry, because in the previous meal, the food was just less specific.

Cardiovascular disease, diabetes mellitus: As the disease often occurs in the elderly. Skim milk will be an additional source of protein and calcium ideal. In addition, a warm family atmosphere, children harmony is also an important factor to contribute to the elderly better nutrition.

Nutritional value of milk

Milk is an important food for the elderly as a source of nutrients "high quality", especially protein and calcium. Protein is found in the milk protein of high biological value, contains all the essential amino acids that our body does not synthesize. Specifically, the value of the protein in milk, 1/2 liter of milk = 100g = 100g meat fish egg = 2 = 18 - 20 grams of protein. (Each day, if the average weight of 50kg, the engine will need about 50g of protein). If every day, drink 2 cups of milk instruments (each cup 250ml), getting close enough to the specific needs of all the essential amino acids, 73% of the calcium and phosphorus.

Whenever milk or abdominal pain should go beyond what use is the best milk?

Many of our Vietnam, when milk is colicky go outside, even if the milk has been prepared very hygienic. Common reasons of this problem is that after we are weaned from childhood poems, eating habits by using less milk or foods made from milk up in our intestines secrete less lactase enzyme to digest lactose in milk inherent nature. So when exposed to massive amounts of lactose with a large, because there is not enough lactase right, adults should drink milk prone to go outside. If this occurs, the tool can be applied several measures: use milk as yogurt (Yogurt), use of dairy foods such as cheese, divided milk should drink a day (half liter) out several times per drink only little by little, the use of lactose-free milk. In yogurt, milk due to lactose of lactic acid has been turned into so little cause abdominal pain, diarrhea and protein, calcium remains as fresh milk.

Elderly people drink more milk afraid of kidney stones?

Because about 95% of kidney stones contain calcium and phosphorus that milk and dairy foods contain calcium and phosphorus should be known milk or falsely cause kidney stones. But until now, there has never been evidence that a diet rich in calcium and phosphorus cause kidney stones. In addition, worldwide, used at many areas such as the Western European dairy ratio kidney stones is not higher than those used at the dairy. When choosing milk for the elderly, we need to respect the general principles of hygiene, food safety, such as dairy brands, clear origin, the term used, packaging intact distorted, torn or broken.

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