Osteoarthritis Pain Relief By Homegrown | Traditional Medicine

(news.c10mt.com) When the weather changes, the public availability of bone and joint disease will be very miserable by the pain of abuse. If you know how to use herbs along with adjusting diet and lifestyle, we can prevent disease or reduce arthritis pain without great expense.


Prevention is by eating. According to traditional medicine, joint pain called evidence too. Depending on the causes and symptoms due to wind too, too welding, heat too low or too that appropriate medication. Usually the disease is acute, and sometimes by themselves, but if not treated promptly, the disease can lead to chronic switched degenerative osteoarthritis. Readmore : Medications And Effective Arthritis Treatment Best.

Osteoarthritis Pain Relief By Homegrown | Traditional Medicine

Traditional medicine recommends eating before taking preventive medication. According to experts, the match should not eat red meat, reduced fat, sugar, flour, eat plenty of fish contain omega-3 fat, more vegetables and fruit with dark color. If you use drugs, you should use the right kind of natural herbs and easiest way is excellent drink or tea preparation, because the groups are extracts from this herb has anti-inflammatory analgesic effect is very good, but not adverse effects.

If you take medicine, herbal priority. In the herb, there are four groups of plants containing active ingredients good for joints: Aromatic Group analgesic and relaxing muscles: guise leaves, millennium event, Jiang activity, toxic activity, stylish rooms, business world, cinnamon expenditures, economic front, angelica, cross-frame, whole household packaging ...

Saponosid group contains potent anti-inflammatory effects: grass scratch, ox latest, breaking for parts, remains dark additional evidences parasitic ... Many studies have shown that the active ingredients have anti-inflammatory effects of corticosteroids equivalent without side effects.

Group contains flavonoids help reduce inflammation, swelling, increasing the glue in the joints and cellular antioxidant: lean ground, honeysuckle, dark-colored vegetables such as cherry, plum, grape, Vietnam blueberries, mulberries ...

Group of vitamin A or beta carotene and vitamin C, such as papaya, strawberry, tangerine citrus, tomatoes, sweet potatoes, carrots, anti-inflammatory effect and increase the body resistance, and calcium supplements.

The above herbs can be purchased at pharmacies in traditional medicine. Also note, in joint pain relievers may also use the cobra meat, high tiger bone, root ... but this is the first cell of toxic drugs should be very careful and directed by the physician.

Drugs or around the house

The folk plants used to treat joint pain usually easy to find, inexpensive and easy to use: climbing spikes Ca (Solanum procumbens): user root, washed, sliced, dried and used every day 10 - 20g decoction form . The therapeutic effect of rheumatism, pain in the head tendon. Also Ca climbing spikes also can treat viral hepatitis, cirrhosis, elevated liver enzymes also very effective.

Grass scratch (Achyranthes aspera): also known as Achyranthes aspera, use the tree and roots, tree contains many very good anti-inflammatory saponins. Everyday use 10 - 16g cure decoction form the knee joint swelling, aching muscles, back pain.

Guise leaves (Piper lolot): Using leaves as vegetables and cure of arthritis, back pain, limb numbness, Day 8 - 12g, identity or identity with rope bone pain, gas core roots, grass roots scratch Council volume. Maybe cooking water to soak your hands or feet are sweaty hands and feet.

Breaking for parts (Smilax glabra): user friendly, dried roots, tendons beneficial effects, Pi conditions, detoxification, standards compliance. Everyday use 10 - 12g excellent drink or combination of remedies including breaking for parts 20g, Millennium events, parties shall have 8g, 6g angelica, additional reinforcement 10g dark, drink or soak alcohol excellent cure arthritis, tendon pain, frostbitten limbs.

Wire bone pain (Tinospora tomentosa): Using the body wire, 8 - 12g a day, drinking excellent cure rheumatism and sore muscles, a health tonic. Can pounding fresh leaves mixed with wine up to the sore spot.

Xanthium strumarium (Xanthium strumarium): Using dried ripe fruit, except for the effects of low canopy style, 6-days - 12g decoction form cure rheumatism, limb contractures, joint pain and swelling.

Millennium Events (Homalomena aromatica): scented rhizomes, day use 10 - 12g, together with the other colors in the form of immersion or alcohol, tonic effect muscles, limb numbness treat fatigue, pain of osteoarthritis, old bones aching, soreness torso.

Five Family packaging (Acanthopanax spinosum): use bark or root bark, shape or color of wine soaked, cure rheumatism, strengthen muscles, increase capacity.

Do folk medicine cure rheumatism including guise leaves 800g, 300g tomato climbing spikes, grass scratch 300g, breaking for parts 300g, 100g cinnamon detail, Millennium 300g event, all dried, crushed, soaked in 5 liter delicious white wine from 7-10 days, take 2 times per day, per 30ml.

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