Prevention Of Osteoarthritis Pain At The Intraseasonal

( Morning greeting his wife and children are happy to go to work, afternoon, Hoang, 35 in Hanoi lay a place for the whole body aching bones and joints. Battle of the first monsoon overflow of weeks ago that he saw fit was Royal worry though not old premature aging.

Hoang Anh feel pain problems osteoarthritis 2 years ago, when the sky suddenly turn cold. Then his left knee suddenly felt pain, difficulty moving, especially in the morning after waking up. Advocating a bit, then the pain, even disappeared after a few days, see only transient symptoms, he always forgot. Readmore : The Post Cure Osteoarthritis Pain Effectively

Prevention Of Osteoarthritis Pain At The Intraseasonal.

Deliveries few seasons later, this phenomenon happens again, think ill weather, Hoang only painkillers and massage oil or plaster. At first, the pain has gradually decreased but the longer the pain spread to other joints, the frequency becomes thicker. Many times, his knees buckled down when they are carrying items such as buckets weight bath, moving furniture ...

"Go to the hospital for imaging, the results showed that I had severe osteoarthritis and need high-dose therapy. It is true that subjective, I never thought I was 35 years old suffering from arthritis as the elderly," he Hoang lamented.

She was 58 years old in Dong Da, Hanoi, aching bones and joints also think that elderly patients, not dangerous to life so silently suffer when left wind or sun. She laments, "The diseases such as pretending, this morning I was at a gym, buy food for both lunch reach the sky but the wind is moving even know each other. The joint numbness, pain, stiff, can not do What, more movement, more pain."

See her hurt every time a serious, Phuong Lan insisted her daughter brought her mother to the hospital. "The doctor said my finger joint cartilage degeneration and was seriously hurt finger deformity," Lan said.

Patients wait to visit seriously ill as he Hoang Lan, according to the internal specialist osteoarthritis, not less. 100 matched patients come to the doctor, there are more than half at the end of the transitional period pain and endurance.

At the hospital every day hundreds of patients receiving treatment to match. Many people in the state was too serious, not even the possibility of treatment. Doctor, doctor Le Anh Thu - Head of Internal musculoskeletal, said Arthritis is the leading cause maimed man, followed by back problems and spine.

And at the hospital, the doctor Master Ho Pham Ngoc Lan - Dean musculoskeletal said: Each day, the hospital has about 200 patients to examination and re-examination of bone and joint diseases. Over 50% of which is osteoarthritis. Approximately 2/3 of patients diagnosed osteoarthritis treatment hospitalized.

Degenerative arthritis (osteoarthritis), is the most common disease among arthritis, occurs when cartilage wrapped in two early bone degeneration and damage. The structure of the cartilage which is very strong thanks shaped by Collagen Type 2 fibers, but the fibers Collgen this aging time, the cartilage is also susceptible to deformation and damage.

The joint damage is usually in the lumbar spine, cervical spine, knees, hands, feet, elbows, ankles ... the most visible symptom is pain in the joints. When new equipment, the pain is often unknown reasons and transient, but as the later is repeated many times. The patient can see the joints swollen or deformed, even emit noise "shook Iraq" when movement or see the muscles around the joint inflammation, pain and weakness (due to inactivity).

Osteoarthritis Pain is not just for the elderly

Status degenerative changes silently, stretching and tends to increase gradually. Do not aware of the disease, when achy bones and joints, many people consider it just a phenomenon common joint aches due to weather, heavy labor ... should not visit. This makes the chance of recovery of motor function of joints overlooked, leading to the condition worsening. If the match was severely damaged, adhesive joints is whether aggressive treatment, the patient is unlikely to recover motor function.

The anti-inflammatory drugs have only a temporary effect that can not be recovered cartilage degeneration, the drug is difficult to work if the cartilage was damaged more. Moreover, long-term drug use will likely cause stomach ulcers, affect kidney function. Therefore, medicine focuses on providing nutrients to regenerate, nourish cartilage.

To protect and care for cartilage, collagen network to maintain Type 2 - the most important factors in cartilage structure - by providing nutrients orally. However, high temperatures and chemicals often causes Type 2 denatured collagen in the extracts. Thus, the invention process uses low-temperature, extracts success Collagen Type 2 is not denatured (UC-II) is considered a dramatic leap of American Scientists.


Clinical studies conducted by a team of US and Canadian scientists have confirmed UC-II for outstanding work, even twice a number of other nutrients in the treatment of osteoarthritis. Not only provided for cartilage collagen Type 2, UC-II also regulates the immune response, preventing the self-destruction of collagen in cartilage. UC-II has received several patents, is FDA-approved and granted GRAS safety certificate. In Vietnam, JEX supply is the only UC-II, to help support the prevention and treatment of osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis effectively.

A healthy spine is not usually start by bad habits such as poor posture - ie standing, sitting, lying or not moving properly increases the pressure on the spine, on disc and back pain. You should learn to take care of the spine through the article: Care spine so properly?

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