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( Joint pain, aching bones and joints are common in people, limited participation in community activities, accompanied by other disorders physically and psychologically. If you can leave lasting consequences such as deformity, muscle atrophy, disability ...

Oriental medicine that due to the resistance and the ability to protect the body is not sufficient, the causative factors such as style, welding, low-impact collaboration violate meridians - muscles - joints, making the operation of the blockage of blood is not common, causing painful osteoarthritis. Osteoarthritis Pain can often have two large that there is no swelling and red hot. This article introduces how to use the simplest possible medicinal treatment in community cases of bone and joint pain without swelling hot red (the red hot swollen case should go to health facilities for inspection and specify appropriate treatment). ReadmoreThese Medicines Treat Osteoarthritis Pain Of The Season When

The non-pharmacological measures:

- Eat a balanced diet, lose weight, keep your weight at a reasonable level to keep the joints are not subject to an excessive weight, there will be more effective in reducing pain. Eat more soy products also help prevent osteoporosis and good for the cardiovascular system. Eat less protein, fiber and vegetables for gout.

- Exercise light, medium strength helps blood circulation to alleviate joint pain; but avoid overdo because it can damage the tendons.

- If severe pain, the combination of acupuncture, only transplants, massage ... on the basis of traditional medicine.

Some simple remedies to treat joint pain, aching bones and joints:

- Gold Star Line bone pain, lower territory, excellent drink every day 15 - 20g.

- Italy's course (grain sorghum) long-term eating porridge.

- Meat cat 250g, 30g garlic, oil, salt. Clean the cat meat, sliced, peeled garlic. Let the pot, pour water, oil, salt cellar ripe eat meals.

- Five household packaging 50g, 500g glutinous rice, yeast enough. Rinse packaging contingent part, then soak excellent packaging trio took home five times decoction 2, pour the cooked glutinous rice into the rice dry, then spread out to wait longer to warm sprinkle yeast mix, compost rice wine, using preferences.

- Goat Meat 500g, 250g carrots, spices enough. Carrots, washed goat meat slice, fresh ginger stir fry for 5 minutes in hot oil, add little wine, salt, soy sauce and um little cold water for 15 minutes, then put into the pot; the tangerine peel 3 large bowl, floating high heat, boil down smolder cook for 2 hours when ripe goat is eating the meal.

- Vinegar perennial good a bowl, 3g pound onions, and cook to boiling and then pack into the fabric, hot packs pain.

- Wormwood leaves, onion roots, peeled ginger. All 3 things equal amount, smashed, soaked in hot fried up sore alcohol, castor leaves tied up outside that day instead of 5-6, the only time to heal.

- Approved the horse 2g, pound, each use 8 - 12g excellent drink as little hungry. Cavalry eat pork.

- Honeysuckle flower leaves, mixed with alcohol, hot fried, covered in sores.

- Get the guise of fresh leaves and fresh mugwort leaf, every 30th - 50g, really clean, pound, add vinegar processing, and then bring them hot packs, covered in sores.

- Improved seeds powdered, mixed with egg whites that apply, in addition to taking silk wrapped, instead of once a day.

5 items osteoarthritis pain medication.

Cold weather caused your osteoarthritis pain, would like to introduce some herbal remedies to help blood circulation, foster care, effective pain in osteoarthritis of the cold season. 5 Posts containing drugs aching bones and joints 5 post cure osteoarthritis pain.

Lesson 1: Patients have expressed discomfort, aching bones and joints, or recurrent cold weather: Leaves 30g fresh guise, was excellent with half cup water 2 bowls, drinking in the days when drug warm water, so drink after a meal dark. 10 days is a course. Or guise leaves, roots sprung grapefruit, heliotrope, grass scratch, each of 30g, all using fresh, sliced, gold stars, excellent with 600ml water, 200ml, 3 divided doses during the day. Drink continuously for 1 week.

Lesson 2: fatigue joint pain, fear of the wind, the pain increased during the cold: Turkey for parts 16g, 16g sick horse, died thiêm 16g, 12g first majesty, licorice 12g, 8g cinnamon expenditures, angelica 8g, spleen the 12g, 12g mind, of course. Sac drink on one scale. 7 days as a course.

Lesson 3: neck shoulder pain, pain spreading to arms, neck stiffness, body fatigue: daisy roots frequency 16g, 16g south to section, integrated crane 12g, 10g style rooms, marjoram 12g, 10g weight park, frequency assigned 10g, 12g equivalent regulations, roots guise leaves 12g, 10g cinnamon, licorice 12g, 3 slices fresh ginger. For you to warm, pour 1 liter, 350ml size also, divided 3 drinks per day. 7 days as a course.

Lesson 4: Severe pain in the joints, pain increases when cold, fear of cold, hot packs are supported: Cinnamon chi 8g, 8g roots guise leaves, sick horses 12g, 12g millennium event, the course 12g, 8g ngưu all, 8g cross frame. Sac drink on one scale. Drink immediately 1 week.

Lesson 5: Knee Pain, pain much of the night, cold limbs, cold skin: South to paragraph 16g, 20g shame roots, breaking for parts 20g, 16g marjoram, Calamus root 12g, black beans (so fragrant ) 24g, 16g knotweed, current regulations 12g, 16g blood behind, spending cinnamon 10g, 10g millennium events, seminars 12g injection. For you to warm, pour 1 liter of water, 350ml size also divided two drinks per day. 7 days as a course.

Outside can be used: 1 Ai ye hold, Calamus root 20g retired stamping, mixed herbs and two hot stars, using the cloth sachet packs on the affected part. Drugs cool so why continue to compress. Day 2-3 times have analgesic effect.

Note: When using the medicine on the need to consult a doctor of Oriental medicine.

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