These Medicines Treat Osteoarthritis Pain Of The Season When

( Joint and bone pain sciatica back pain always extremely annoying especially when communicating season. According to Western medicine osteoarthritis pain is a combination of factors including: aging process, injury or stress, heredity, birth defects, muscle weakness, obesity, hot and humid weather, work to carry heavy or often have to stand, sit too long a posture.

According to Oriental medicine, bone and joint pain is caused by blood circulation in skeletal muscle tendon, put the evil gas (welding style, low heat) out. If you frequent bone and joint pain, the blood will nourish the courage needed to prevent recurrence of kidney and prevent the degenerative, deformity, muscle atrophy and adhesive joints to recover normal function of the joints.

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Osteoarthritis Pain aches usually most common in some parts of the following:

- Sore shoulder neck strain: Pain spreading to the arm side, touching the cold skin, muscle spasms in the neck, turning very difficult, body fatigue, poor exercise. This condition is caused by a cold or too long sitting posture 1, affect the function of the meridians, blood becomes stagnant ...

- Lumbar pain: acute lower back aches, numbness widespread fatigue, as cold as the pain increased, apparently did not see the swelling, difficulty walking, body fatigue, poor sleep and eat, afraid to exercise.

- Aching joints caused by osteoarthritis: back pain, tinnitus, sleep less, urine, fatigue knee back pain, urinary frequency, bass international circuit. Due to interference nephrotic style combined with solder, causing low.

According to Western medicine and Western medicine commonly used to treat arthritis include pain relievers, anti-inflammatory: Korulac, Paracetamol, Diclofenac, Arcoxia, Bonlutin, Artrodar, Fenalgic, Ibuprofen, Profenid, Voltaren, or Mobic ... be used mixed Hydrocortisol, Novacain, Vitamin B12 (used orally or injected directly into the joint pain) and must adhere doctor's prescription. These drugs are contraindicated for patients with stomach, duodenum, kidney failure. Because of this prescription in the treatment of arthritis, often accompanied by gastrointestinal drug groups, including the stomach, such as Medoprazole, Salazopyrine, Borini-K.

Prevention of bone and joint pain according Medicine:

Use a little papaya, who lived mễ 30g: Two things cleaned for small saucepan, pour in a cup of water, simmer cook until tender, then that Mother's added a little white sugar. Use a long time will see much less back pain.

Using the guise leaves cure osteoarthritis pain in cold weather: 5-10g guise of dried leaves (fresh leaves 15-30g), ½ cup water 2 color bowls, drinking during the day. Drink warm as drugs, drink after dinner. Each 10-day course of therapy. Or guise leaves and roots of trees sprung grapefruit, heliotrope, grass scratch, each of 30g, all using fresh sliced, gold stars, excellent with 600ml water, 200ml 3 divided doses during the day. Drink continuously for 7 days.

Use grass virgin cure rheumatism, back pain, osteoarthritis pain, paralyzed limbs: Roots virgin sliced, soaked in alcohol, so fragrant (20-30g) was excellent with 400ml 100ml water, drink 2 times during the day. If pharmaceuticals can cook a lot of high liquid phase and alcohol for personal use.

Use honey and cinnamon powder chronic arthritis: You can drink a cup of hot water with two spoons of honey and one teaspoon of cinnamon powder twice a day. If taken regularly even chronic arthritis can be cured.

The natural remedies you need to know to choose the right position and lose their implementation and take a long time to take effect.

For the prevention and treatment of bone and joint pain effectively we encourage people to use products derived from nature will bring the best results without causing side effects and easy to use convenient when away.

Coping With Osteoarthritis Pain

Pain bones, joints met mostly adult, especially in the elderly. The disease most often is not dangerous but persistent impede the daily life and adversely affect the health of the elderly. The main culprit causing pain What is osteoarthritis? Consequences of osteoarthritis induced pain. What to do when the pain is osteoarthritis ? Pain bones, joints met mostly adult, especially in the elderly.

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The main culprit causing pain What is osteoarthritis ?

Elderly people are aching bones, joints due to bone, joint inflammation, osteoporosis, trauma or ischemia due to nourish temporary or chronic. In particular, arthritis pain is horrible phenomenon, in addition to be swelling, bruising at the joints to make travel and movement difficulties. The cause of this can lead to osteoarthritis. Osteoarthritis can be caused by aging of cartilage, the cartilage destruction than cartilage repair the cartilage thinning and painful especially when movement, postural changes, when the weather changes is cold. Because cold will make the blood vessels in the skin contraction, blood to the joints is limited or very little to do for lack of nourishing the joints, the synovial membrane and cartilage irritating to painful. Another cause is osteoporosis, lack of calcium, vitamin D, or by taking some drugs.

Osteoporosis causes pain in the bones, strain along the long bones such as needles and pain throughout the body, usually increases at night. Osteoporosis can also cause spinal pain, intercostal neuralgia. The patient always feels cold or chills, or cramps (cramps), often sweating. Aching bones, joints may also be due to Paget's disease of bone (bone deformation arthritis), encountered mainly in men with advanced age. Paget's disease of bone or cause pain in the joints. Bone pain may also be caused by being overweight, obese by the gravity of the body have a strong impact on the bones, joints pain. Also due to sleeping posture anemia to feed the synovium, tendon, muscle, blood vessels, bones and joints by pinched. Osteoarthritis Pain in the elderly are often very persistent (days, months, even years), especially as it causes fatigue patient advocacy concerns, just want to lie, sleeping or resting, so will appear together with other diseases.

Consequences of osteoarthritis pain caused.

The sick feeling limbs frostbitten, back pain, knee, hand, finger makes the elderly difficulties in life and always feel sad. Some cases of chest pain due to intercostal neuralgia by degenerative lumbar spine disease makes people mistook for cardiovascular disease (coronary insufficiency) or lung disease should be as confused, anxious. Significantly more bone pain, joint disease scare, the resulting motion of the joints become stiff, difficult to move and increasingly more severe disease.

What to do when the pain is osteoarthritis ?

When joint pain, elderly people to seek medical attention, it is best to see a specialist to determine the cause of joints and early treatment is indicated. When signs of osteoarthritis pain, numbness, fatigue occurs (especially when getting up) in any position, please heated area around that position by applying oil (oil and wind, high gold stars ...) . With this action can make the blood supply, osteoarthritis, synovium, tendon stretch, easy access to animal blood joint pain relief. When the weather changes need to wear warm to avoid cold joints and bones. Need to eat sensibly to avoid obesity, overweight. Needs full complement essential micronutrients. Eat foods rich in omega-3 fatty acids (commonly found in grains); fruits such as oranges, red peppers, tomatoes ... contains more vitamin C can also help reduce, prevent cartilage loss and pain in the elderly. The experts agreed osteoarthritis, muscle activity is a key method to prevent the disease in organs of the body movement. Therefore, training and mobilizing adequate, consistent with the health, avoiding bad posture in work, life and avoid damage to the joint movements (movements too strong, sudden and wrong posture when carrying heavy loads). Walking daily is most easily implemented method. During walking, by foot contact with the ground creating stimulating effect increases the viability of bone cells, mobility in the joints, causing the muscles strong, helping the body maintain better balance. Also, can participate in sports activities such as swimming, cycling helps maintain the function of the bone - is a good match. For people with osteoporosis, need calcium and vitamin D supplements on prescription from a doctor.

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