Tips For Choosing A Good Milk Elderly

( Milk is good for the elderly to suit each audience and enhance the health of the user. So the choice and use of milk like ? Do not drink milk substitute meals. Using the formula for age according to the disease. Drinking milk properly. Readmore : Milk Is The Best For The Elderly

Do not drink milk substitute meals.

Milk contains calcium and vitamins necessary for the body. The risk of osteoporosis in the elderly is very high because of old age need more calcium supplements, while the less digestive system. Elderly people often eat less and nutrients, calcium supply to the body is not enough. Milk became the best food sources (both good for the digestive system) to compensate for calcium and other essential nutrients for the body.

However, to use the best milk for the elderly, not to abuse the milk to replace meals. Although milk rich in nutrients but can not replace the nutrients and vitamins in fresh foods (protein, sugar, fiber, some other vitamins). So should only be used as snacks milk adds calcium and vitamins for the body only.

Milk with age, according to the disease.

Generally in the form of milk cream contains no cholesterol from animal fats suitable for children and ordinary people, not good for the elderly if taken regularly every day. The selection formula to suit each person's illness is also very important. People with chronic diseases such as diabetes, cardiovascular, choose low-fat milk, no sugar. Drink milk every day to balance the amount of food on blood sugar levels to avoid causing more severe disease. The arthritis can drink low-fat milk and sugar if you like, but note with obesity, overweight, do not drink milk because it will increase the weight quickly put pressure on the joints causes arthritis and bone pain.

Teach older people drink milk properly

Drinking milk is properly using good milk for the elderly. Milk contains easily absorbed calcium, the calcium into the body is too large it will be excreted through the kidneys, causing kidney hotel. So keep in mind when taking calcium supplements or high calcium milk to drink plenty of water to avoid creating kidney hotel.

Some Lactase deficiency in the body makes in digesting milk sugar lactose have been responsible for the nausea, diarrhea. In this case, the body should be familiar with the milk by adapting slowly (taking less then increase), without effective use of alternative products such as whey of milk, yogurt, cheese or you can drink soy milk.

To buy good milk

Based on age, disease and health of each person should buy the milk (or not) fat, little (or no) sugar, little (or no) cholesterol to avoid digestive problems, of blood and increased cholesterol in the blood is milk good for the elderly. In addition to choosing the type of milk should also pay attention to the manufacturer, the shelf and label of the milk to the best quality milk.

From stories for children milk production without any conditions using breast milk, manufacturers have developed into "encourage adults to drink more milk is good for the bones." But this re-emergence of new research shows adults drink milk not benefit much. Milk can help more bones? So far, science has proven that breast milk the best source of nutrition for infants and international health organizations recommend reputation breastfeeding is ideal. But often, not all mothers can breast-feeding mothers should families often turn to dairy or other animal milks.

This process is commonly used milk continues even when the child has grown. And a lot of dairy companies are now looking for ways to develop advertising milk consumption in middle-aged and older people. In the US, adults are advised to drink at least three cups of milk a day to help "increase the consumption of dairy products." The organization that launched the campaign "Got milk?" (You have no milk?). By now the majority of funding for the marketing campaign of Dairy Management from the dairy group.

Recently indicate people are the only mammals continue to use milk - sometimes in large numbers - after maturity. Nngay more evidence that milk after infancy stage fact not much help, can even be harmful to users. The advertising of the dairy industry is still focused message milk has many effects: good for bones, contains calcium, vitamin D and helps us to have a healthy body.

Adults drink milk, more harm than good

In 2011, the scientific journal of bone and mineral has announced the results of analysis of the consumption of raw milk helps prevent hip fracture in how middle-aged and elderly people. Research in 200,000 women showed that drinking milk does not help to reduce the incidence of bone fractures in women. A study published this year, to track 100,000 women and men for over two decades, whether the milk may help reduce the incidence of fracture or not. The result is that the milk does not improve the rate. Announcing this to the fact that milk consumption does not protect anything more for men, while the increased risk of fracture in women.

In the United States, milk is generally considered to help provide additional vitamin D. But the scientific study also questioned this assertion. While it is true that vitamin D is needed to help absorb calcium, but according to scientists, it is not necessary to add extra vitamins. An Exploratory Study on the effect of vitamin D supplementation for middle-aged and older people suggests that drinking more at this age does not help the bones (spine, hip or hand) stronger. Vitamin D supplements at great ages have not helpful to the body bones.

According to the scientists, although this study, but the lack of vitamin D or calcium supplements should remain. The problem is most people do not lack substance, while dairy companies often advertise in this way to attract customers. In addition, a further harms of drinking milk is high calorie. Even people who drink three glasses of skim milk is milk per day is equivalent to 250 calories. The low-fat milk or milk concentrations usual calorie intake even further.

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