Calcium Supplementation For Children What Is Reasonable

( Nursing mothers always afraid of rickets, affecting height. However, not just eat lots of broth, calcium supplements ... the effect, the opposite may be harmful to the kidneys if excess calcium supplements.

Calcium Supplementation For Children What Is Reasonable

These children lack the calcium signal. Should calcium supplements for children constantly? Many people think that simply just put in as much calcium as children without rickets. This is not necessarily so. This micronutrient absorption mechanism separately.

Calcium Supplementation For Children What Is Reasonable.

Calcium want to be used in the body, they must have the role of vitamin D. Micronutrient is like the central administration, with the calcium in the bones or not they are allowed to calcium. Therefore, prevention of rickets want, absorb enough vitamin D. Calcium must Similarly, want treatment of rickets, the first to take vitamin D, Dr. Thanh said.

According to doctors, there are three sources of this vitamin include: daily food, sun and drink. In particular, the generated source D is sunlight, it has the effect of vitamin D metabolism in inactive form under the skin into its active form. Therefore, to prevent rickets, the children out in the sun so important - early exposure to sunlight for 15-30 minutes every day.

In fact, the sun for children has not been adequately concerned. In many localities, many mothers still keep the habit of abstinence in the top 3 children, children in a dark room, not out in the sun. Children in urban areas is lacking vitamin D ratio higher than rural children.

Besides, the supply of vitamin D in the diet primarily from products of animal origin, including eggs, milk, meat ... With Children, eggs and dairy products are very balanced and good. Mothers can give you eat an egg every day no matter what.

However, vitamin D without calcium to the bones, it is not included in it. The problem is how the supplement is enough to absorb any source. The security bones, eating cereal supply enough calcium idea but that calcium malabsorption. Sources of calcium the body can absorb the effect is as natural as the shrimp, fresh fish, meat, eggs - organic calcium.

"Not every drink calcium, take plenty of calcium in the body as well. What is this, the excess is not good. The body does not absorb, "said Dr. Thanh said.

According to Master Le Thi Hai, director of the Center Nutrition Examination Consultant, National Institute of Nutrition, vitamin D and calcium deficiency rickets children will. If a child falls into risk groups of micronutrient deficiency or suspected daily diet does not provide enough additional work is needed. However, supplementation of how they need to follow the instructions of the doctor, should not drink.

Excess calcium leads to fatigue, anorexia, kidney stones, hypertension ... bones of premature infants may be low height. Meanwhile, excess vitamin D can do for young anorexia, fatigue, vomiting, thick periosteum, the case may be impaired, less intellectual. In some cases, too much vitamin D can cause kidney failure and death very quickly.

Many parents are only interested in taking calcium forget, significant additional resources, children are easily absorbed from milk, food ... In those areas include seafood, in addition to vitamins, protein, it is also very rich in minerals nature, which must include calcium.

According to the Shanghai Masters, from the 6th month baby can eat seafood, fish feeding trout are feeding it back if possible. When you start to eat only eat 1 teaspoon of meat, minced shrimp, then gradually increased. 7 month old baby can eat all kinds of food like adults, only about quantity and processing. Shrimp is rich in protein and calcium foods. From the 7th month onwards mothers can eat crayfish children, brine shrimp. Crab food containing high levels of calcium, so children should eat frequently to provide calcium.

When using calcium drugs, drink in the morning or afternoon (preferably in the morning) after eating an hour.

Should Calcium Supplements For Children Constantly ?

My son is 15 months, 70cm high, weighs 10,5kg. Baby sleep restful night or tossing and turning and sweating. I have to buy bottled drinking canxigenol baby. Hot doctor asked continuously drink calcium and not to a few years old to drink constantly. (Mai Minh City)

Weight and height of your child's normal development. But she could probably rickets due to vitamin D, a fat-soluble vitamins, there is little food, but under the skin with vitamin D precursors if children are sunbathing, it will turn into vitamin D helps young attractive of calcium.

VII winter sun so the baby does not have a lack of calcium or vitamin D deficiency bottle calcium If you buy has both vitamin D, vitamin D do not need to drink more, without the right to take 2 drops of vitamin D3 baby / day. May be taken until 2 years old baby.

As calcium is only episodic drinking when the baby shows signs of rickets. Ideally you should see a doctor outside the lack of calcium nutrition for children are missing other micronutrients such as ice cream, magnesium can cause sleep disorders.

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