Osteoarthritis Pain In Young People Increased

(news.c10mt.com) In modern life, the more sedentary young. The inactivity not only makes bones and joints that degree of aging of many other parts of the body will take place sooner. Normally, bone and joint pain often occurs in people 45-50 years of age due to osteoarthritis in aging over time.

Osteoarthritis Pain In Young People Increased

But now, aching bones and joints no longer a problem of older people more, a lot of people age 19 and older have this phenomenon occurs, the number of young people suffering from osteoarthritis patients is increasing.

The Cause Of Osteoarthritis Pain.

The main cause of osteoarthritis is pain to cartilage degeneration in the joints and corrosion, lack of fluids in the joints, which make up the pain when moving or movement. This situation is due to the older one, the cells are degraded, affecting especially the first cells to form cartilage joints and head joints mucus (cartilage in the joint is formed as a layer buffer between the first two joints to avoid collisions while moving, and mucus in the joints helps to slip easily when we move).

Obesity. The weight of the body have a strong impact on the bones, joints pain.

Trauma. People with sports injuries, work-related tasks, or accidents may increase the risk of osteoarthritis pain. For example, the athlete injuries involving the knee may have higher risk of osteoarthritis knee pain. In addition, those who have had serious back injury also easily lead to the risk of spinal osteoarthritis pain.

Heredity. Some people have a genetic defect in one of the genes responsible for making cartilage. This can cause the cartilage defect, leading to rapid deterioration of the joints. People born with joint abnormalities are more likely to be painful osteoarthritis, and those born with abnormalities of the spine (such as scoliosis) are more likely to develop osteoarthritis pain of the spine.

Use of excessive trading. The abuse of a certain number of joints and increases the likelihood of disease osteoarthritis pain. For example, those who do the work required to bend the knee constantly at risk of developing the disease osteoarthritis knee pain.

Age. Although age is a risk factor, studies have shown that pain in osteoarthritis is not an inevitable part of the aging process.

Symptoms Of Osteoarthritis Pain.

Osteoarthritis Pain is usually most common in some parts, such as:

- Sore shoulder neck pain spread down a side arm, touching the cold skin, muscle spasms in the neck, turning very difficult, whole body fatigue, poor exercise.

- Pain in the heel: sharp pain in the heel, as cold as the pain increased, apparently did not see the swelling, cold feet and legs. Feet feel numbness, difficulty walking. Whole body fatigue, poor sleep and eat, afraid to exercise.

- Aching joints caused by osteoarthritis: back pain, tinnitus, sleep less, urine, fatigue knee back pain, urinary frequency ...

In particular, patients with pain increases when the weather changes. Many people also known as "ill weather". After a period of pain, the patient may feel tired limbs tired, do not want, do not want to mobilize and a major influence on the quality of life.

Be Prepared For A Strong Bones.

- Advocacy enough: Exercise is not only good for the cardiovascular system, but also good for bones, muscles and joints.

- Stretch stretch: stretch the muscles will help strengthen and reinforce the joints. Note that the joints have to start carefully before performing stretching exercises would otherwise may lead to the opposite result.

- Eat right: Your bones need a large amount of nutrients to stay healthy. So the foods rich in vitamin C and E, calcium will support the joints in the body system is not premature degradation.

- Drink enough water: Water accounts for 70% of the components of cartilage and maintain the smooth between two bones.

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