Osteoarthritis pain should check where and what to eat ?

( TamGa news.c10mt.com ) If your family members are people with osteoarthritis pain, then now you'll have to do? To seek information as to how to be able to answer the questions that you make for yourself during this time. Available bye, TamGa is also looking for information and to prevent the risk of osteoarthritis pain for themselves and others.

Osteoarthritis pain should check where and what to eat ?

When life development, in addition to the reasons that we age, the body is aging or go part because of pressure because of the current work, as well as the diet is not reasonable, and habits sedentary flexible in your own life, it is also one of the ingredients promote your patients develop osteoarthritis.

Osteoarthritis pain is increasing in 2012 to 2020

There is an event that TamGa heard from Dr. Pham Quang Thuan doctor, the position of chief of internal medicine at the Hospital musculoskeletal Sports Vietnam has mentioned the following: "From 2012 to 2020 when the old of the population increases, it will be a decade of bones and joints ".

Mentioned here is the only way that osteoarthritis pain growing up, as well as in the individual normal life. When the daily activities, as well as current work is gradually dominated his own life, made you quit forget about everyday practice, as well as the health care issue myself go, that gave you the obstacles later in life.

According to Tam Ga known, there is a Market Research Company IPOs has published the results in April of 2010 in the country and people of Vietnam. As every 100 adults aged 25 to 45 years, there will be 27 people with back pain, and 20 who are at risk of shoulder pain, joint pain, and 8, and the remaining third is arthritis. Situation in the figure indicates what? It is in our thoughts so far, thought the disease Osteoarthritis is derived only in the elderly, the elderly, but not? Today, bone and joint diseases are slowly developing in young age. Perhaps you do not believe it can happen?

Bone and joint pain were classified into 2 groups.

First, musculoskeletal pain due to inflammation. This is one of those diseases that you may not be able to feel or have felt but little more than usual, and musculoskeletal pain due to inflammation occurs at rest, and can manifest as swelling - hot - red, or because you sit around in a long time, and musculoskeletal pain due to inflammation lasts for hours if you do not have time to detect and prevent. This problem, found itself the center of Chicken is the easiest time to sleep at night and wake up at dawn, when it's time to just put back down to sleep that the body found in the immediate area drowsiness and body back then.

Second, musculoskeletal pain due to mechanical. In this regard, the muscle pain lasts for a short time and without sustained. According to our research, the pain due to musculoskeletal mechanics due to the degenerative joint disease, injury to the musculoskeletal, severe osteoporosis and osteonecrosis. Also in diseases of musculoskeletal pain is caused by inflammation due to the pathology of rheumatoid arthritis muscle, inflammatory musculoskeletal more like rheumatism, gout, ankylosing spondylitis.

Pain control as osteoarthritis pain like ?

If there someday, you have the basic expression of joint pain, remember on his site to find a Chicken Heart of certain articles, and meditation track way to control bone pain Your joints offline. Only a little joke, but this is one experience that I learned and monitoring, as well as apply for your self in the past period.

To be able to control and put out the extent of musculoskeletal pain at home, you can use one of the following ways:
- Take pain medication.
- Call your family.
- Rub and massage the joints to relieve muscle pain.
- Paste high indirect analgesic, or pain relief gel is available in the market.
- Apply Physiotherapists million simplest form, should not take too can be counterproductive.

In the above manner, either way it has different advantages and disadvantages, but depending on the way that we should apply from time to time is the most reasonable. Sometimes we overdo pit on drugs, stimulants or other pain relievers that will make the disease from mild osteoarthritis pain becomes higher and heavier than ever.

The medical precautions for your osteoarthritis pain.

There are many people who have a disease preventing osteoarthritis pain, but you need to synthesize and study, as well as the advice of the doctor appointed, before applying for yourself or for your loved ones Osteoarthritis pain when you offline.

- 01: you need a reasonable labor regime is distributed regularly.
- 02: divide your time learning and working properly over time.
- 03: mode of living and rest your right, do not do overtime hours and left.
- 04: Food supplements should you balance just right and not too indicated.
- 05: avoid sharp and movements as well as sitting posture.
- 06: limited work hard, if too heavy can hire private.
- 07: prevent abuse of painkillers and tape gel and pain.
- 08: should quit and alcohol as this is the cause harmful to the body.
- 09: Always maintain optimism, joy, tension filled life for themselves.
- 10: always make exercise a regular schedule and participate in community with others laugh.


Generally, there are many methods and treatments of different osteoarthritis pain that you can refer to. But the general advice is to go to a doctor or specialist about osteoarthritis, to get expert advice before you. And track your body condition should consider how to apply effective, if used all 10 ways osteoarthritis pain on just general would, but if you want more effective, there must be a doctor to give The most accurate solutions.

The health care destination for your osteoarthritis pain.

Depending on the specific location will be the specialist and expert fitting, below is one where people or find, and refer to many different problems from the doctors in here. Everybody grab a pen and paper to save the bye, but as of this moment, the only sheets that information alone somebody else.

Osteoarthritis pain what to eat during this time. After you store the location of the hospital on the list. This part is then synthesized the list of dishes that if someone suffered from osteoarthritis should eat what food? But this can also be synthesized from many sources. You should consult ahead.

- 01: The villa type fruit products have more Vitamin C.
- 02: Add vegetables in the daily diet.
- 03: Eat salmon and tuna, sardines, fish and white meats, ...
- 04: Cereals and brown rice, wheat, barley, ...
- 05: The magnesium-rich nutrients such as bananas, apricots, beans.
- 06: The rich quality of seafood such as crab Glosamin, shrimp, ..
- 07: mineral water or boiled water daily.
- 08: The dish basil, mint, clove.
- 09: Using seed oil to treat joint pain.
- 10: You can use root pepper soup, porridge bobo, papaya cooked pork, ...

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