13 TOEIC Results From High School

(news.c10mt.com) Start learning today TOEIC. You need a long time, to the English language becomes a natural part of the human brain, so you should start learning how to divide their TOEIC as soon as possible. 13 TOEIC Results From High School.


If there are two options: start learning more toeic now and then review how to learn a little bit before the TOEIC TOEIC TOEIC and learn slowly. Then, to reflect on a lot before the test date, you will learn about three to four times if you use the TOEIC first study, and will also remember more after the exam ends.

13 TOEIC Results From High School

Action Plan for effective learning TOEIC. Please create your own specific goals in your TOEIC learning, and trying to plan for TOEIC score to be achieved in 3 months, 6 months, 1 year, ... and decide what should be priority executed first, what can wait for urgent implementation of the review.

Focus on the important parts of your TOEIC learning. What you need to pass the TOEIC test is the vocabulary (including general English vocabulary and vocabulary in English commerce) and practice listening and reading skills. Grammar practice can be helpful, but the majority of students that learning is toeic least important part of the TOEIC test.

Language Exchange in your TOEIC learning. If you do not qualify for an English class, and do not like to sit in the center TOEIC exam preparation or desire to have foreign friends. Then you can try to find a language exchange partner in the local magazine - a person who wants to learn your language and in return he will teach you English. A social chats really only useful for Part Two of the test section to listen, if you want to push yourself to learn better TOEIC test, you must make sure you note and remember all new words that you or your friends use, and try to talk about more specialized topics such as economic news. You can also try to select a paper on the economic to the discussion.

Buy a book TOEIC test preparation learning quickly and efficiently. The two most important points you need to remember when buying a TOEIC test preparation books, buy books similar to the real exam and practical for most people with degrees, and the amount of time as you can spare. Be careful when buying books - just because a book has the word "TOEIC" on the cover does not mean it has to be moderated and approved by ETS. Selection of the most intelligent books from major publishers such as Longman, Barrons, and Cambridge- that means buying the original English book would be better to buy a bilingual book. A brochure, a low level that you can read easily, quickly, and give you the motivation to conquer the next book can also be a good choice. Also make sure that the book has the answer, and the best is the explanation of why the answer is correct / wrong as detailed as possible.

Self-timer for themselves in their own way to learn TOEIC. It is difficult to self promote themselves much the TOEIC exam, when your points up and down each time is different and you can not see clear progress in their learning toeic in a short time. A good solution is to focus on the self timer for more scores. Calculate the time you need to finish reading the entire section in TOEIC exam, and try to shorten the time for each assignment - although you can finish faster than the specified time of the test. You can also do the same with the other items in the TOEIC exam.

Train Toiec easiest way to learn is to read and hear. After you have finished listening, reading documents listening to content (measured in words again) carefully and investigate the unknown words in the dictionary. Next, is to hear and read the contents of listening at the same time. You hear the text is considered, and the sound is emitted in a different nature saying how (?) - Such as rapid articulation of "Do You" - You might want to rewrite the change in the pronunciation of content listening. You can also read and listen to it again, and try to say things in the content listening to the same rhythm of the speaker in the CD.

The effectiveness of learning is fast toeic reading the news in English. Although the language used in newspapers, often changed the language in which you will read or hear on the TOEIC test. The truth is that the news was published in English every day, and also identifiable information push, if you did not read it right, it will disappear. The most easily understood type of information is usually on the website such as Yahoo, or Google news alerts. You can even make it more easily understood by reading the stories that you already know. Choose economic reports will provide more useful vocabulary in English if your business is not good, do not worry if you experience problems with reading the news on CNN or BBC, because the English on the paper This is unlike what the English in listening tests.

In your TOEIC learning to do the old TOEIC test. Once you have completed a test TOEIC test, or a small section in the textbook TOEIC exam, please check the answers and see if you can understand why I wrong or not. Rewriting in practice, the vocabulary or grammar in all that you do not know and check out if you do not mind, at least 3 times in the next week or two next week. You can also try the TOEIC test it again, to test your memory, making the language rooted in the beginning, and increase your confidence. In addition, you can view the document in the TOEIC test class that you are learning, and let's solve the problem TOEIC test it ahead.

Set a goal for yourself to learn vocabulary learning your TOEIC. For example, if you learn from a 5 day a year, that is, you will understand more than 1500 words in English, and English reading proficiency of you at a higher level. Once you've set a goal, try to learn English TOEIC doubly so every day, so you always go beyond their goals and of course would feel more motivated.


TOEIC learning includes learning all from the English group. Speed ​​is very important in understanding both the Listening and Reading in the TOEIC test, and the only thing really makes you slower is to try to understand every word in an English sentence. You can use the tips TOEIC more efficient by learning from all the English phrase commonly as "I look forward to Hearing from you soon" and "That's a pity," more, is just learning the words " look forward "and" pity ". One way is to buy a good TOEIC books on the phrase used in tourism with CD, which includes the popular phrases like "Do you want fries with that?", You will be able to practice a reply quickly. A few such books, published especially for the business traveler, so it would be particularly useful. You can also try to learn the English phrase on notice, warning signs in your town, for example, in the subway or bus.

The TOEIC super fast way for you.

In the popular TOEIC learning does not mean stop English translation. One thing that makes you listening comprehension and reading comprehension slowed the most, are you trying to translate all their first language. You can begin to think in English, using English-English dictionary, do not translate the word in the list that you learn, and to learn the entire phrase in English. This is one of those experiences TOEIC English exam efficiency.

Brainstorming to think of the words in your TOEIC learning. There are many common situations in which you need a lot TOEIC vocabulary, as in the office, in restaurants, on the phone, in workshops or laboratories, on the street, in shops or local public transport or while you are studying at the training center TOEIC exam. Take a certain situation, and start brainstorming, such as all the furniture and equipment in the office that you can think of, and use a dictionary to help you as you know, can really useful and gives you more motivation. This is like a spider diagram, connecting from the same or linked together, it will also help you come up with more words and remember better. Make sure you review any new words, but in a week after the brainstorming. Then you put a spin again, and if you have not missed a word, or thought to be from any more. And you also make sure that you always have to learn the pronunciation of the word.

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