Against Laziness In Learning English TOEIC

( Many people asked about this, so I will write here, the experience against the lazy way to learn English TOEIC my own and my advice. Ok, let's say you've decided to become people who can speak two languages ​​fluently, including English and want to evaluate the English proficiency of themselves through TOEIC.

But you (like me) are very lazy. So, first, you need to remember that there are many ways to get the same results. Some learning is relatively easy and fun, some way, it takes a lot of time and makes you tired. How to challenge your patience is not necessarily the most effective. So make the choice, if a school where toeic good for you to be serious and reasonable ineffective, try the irrational.

This is the way to learn English TOEIC I've done.

Go to an English-speaking countries (eg Canada) where you do not know anyone. After a few years of learning English in secondary schools, proficiency in English to understand spoken language, only about 20% ... Do not be discouraged and leave. Two days after arriving here, think "I thought what the hell ?! ». Stay at any cost.

If your native language is French, avoid those who speak French. Find Accommodation in a house with a pair of eccentric talkative. Fled after a week if they are really eccentric. In transplantation in the inn, where people can speak French would be your ultimate choice.

Look for a job. Just pretend you can speak English. Rejected because you do not know the interviewer is talking about something (and the interviewer did not understand what you are saying). For the teaching of French to a school where you use French in your class. Please use English, all of them and will use it, but no one complained about it anywhere.

Come to the party, meet people, make friends. You will find that your English more fluently after drinking 1 or 2 glasses of wine. If you do not understand what people are saying, do not force them to repeat 3 or 4 times, it's very annoying. Say "Yes" or trying to guess what they are saying. Bad, the conversation will fall into absurd situations that. Everything's alright, who has faced this kind of thing.

Buy a book in English or grammar. Only one alone, you do not need much. I would recommend the book "English grammar in use" by Raymond Murphy. Then study the lesson and do the exercises. Every day is a good enough already. After 5-6 lessons, clean it off. Because it's boring as cockroaches and you do not want to study anymore remaining 139 lessons. Make use of grammar as a reference or if you are in doubt about a particular grammatical structure.

Please register on the English classes in school that you can join as free TOEIC test because you learn in that. After 4-5 lessons, and always clean it, because you want to go to sleep and you feel they do not own anything useful. After all, why the English lessons useful now that you realize you've learned them the school that there is not anything left standing?

Must aims to study your TOEIC.

One thing you should remember that if learning English TOEIC is your goal, then teaching (in this case English) is just business. Teaching is not a non-profit activities. Some other activities can say is similar to selling pharmaceutical, food and beverage, ... but it's a different story. Once you understand this, you will progress very much.

I mean, the teacher can be very good and dedicated in their work; but the interests of the school will be compromised if students learn quickly and easily. In fact, if there is a TOEIC fast, easy and effective, they will gradually lose their jobs. I am a longtime teacher should understand that. Many times, I was the boss and colleagues reminded that my students are learning so fast and it's not good for business.

Go back to what should be done in the way of your learning English TOEIC.

See odd movies and TV series in English, for example, «Friends». Every once watching an episode without subtitles and try to understand as much as possible. See the second with English subtitles and stopped to find new vocabulary and record it. Third Watch movies without subtitles, and whether you have understood all the drama. After 5-6 episodes, stop writing vocabulary. You never look at it again. After 100 episodes, you will see that see that your listening comprehension has improved a lot while watching each episode twice only. After 300 episodes, now you can understand about 90-95% video content.

Reading a novel by your favorite author. Search for words that you do not know and write them down or marginal notes. After a few pages, constantly searching for the words, quite annoying! After a few more pages, it always stops. When you love books, you do not want to start to hate them because the English.

Whatever though, no one said so at all. And does anyone write like this (except novelist.). When you surf the web, browse in English. Especially when you find something. Because in English, it will produce more results than any language.

Search for people you to practice your English communication.

Having a friend to "exchange" language. Meet him / her about 2-3 times. After that, please understand that, you really do not mean to teach him / her in French but want him / her to teach English for you. But if he / she is not a qualified teacher and experience, he / she can not explain grammar. A native speaker you want to learn language can not make it for you. I have countless teachers "volunteer" and most of them can not give me the perfect explanation. Even for the simplest question: "Is this sentence / expression correct", some people say "Yes", others say "No". So, the only way to learn leave you confused rather than help you. If you just want to talk normally, then OK. But if because of that, then you do not need a language exchange partner or a teacher "volunteers" at all.

Go to the store and talk to the staff. You know, at the store, all the sellers are asking you "How unfortunately I help you? ». Make a conversation, like "Well, I was looking for a TV with this and that ... the difference between this model and the other is what form? ». When you think you've practiced enough, say "OK thank you very much, I'll think about it" and walked away. Do not worry, they get paid to talk to customers, it is their job. If you do not want to go to the store, you can do so by telephone. There are many free phone number as well as on, they get paid to talk to you.

After arriving in Canada, go to Australia. Please note that your comprehension level will drop from 90% to 60%. Of course, the ability to make people understand what you say is similar fall. Do not be discouraged and go rent a motel room as the previous pair. Or as others do: make a car between the road and joined the tour, sleeping in dormitories, do some field work, ... When you are tired of living like a hippie guy, go for a job as a bar serving middle of the desert. If you are a girl, they will hire you regardless of how your resume. But if you're a boy, they (probably) will not hire you regardless of your resume. 80% of customers would be truck drivers, 18% will be shorn sheep (and 2% were scorpions, snakes, lizards ...). At this point, your level of knowledge will drop to about 30% (with the ability to make others understand). Anyway stay, but not many weeks where. Do not have much to do in the desert where.

When you're bored Australia, return to Canada. Come to the training center TOEIC exam and register in a few English classes and do not worry about your English level: the teacher will tell you that you do not need any more English classes. Or just might need to drill class only. Stay Accommodation pair with students of English (can be Korean or Japanese). They can correct pronunciation for you though in their party, everyone speak Korean or Japanese.

Now you have enough confidence in the ability to use your English, get work as a customer service representative bilingual, receive calls in English or French from anywhere in Canada. When you speak English, very frustrating when people say to you: "I'm sorry, I do not speak French, you can move me to the English people? ». When you speak French, even sadder when they say: "I do not speak English, you can move me to not speak French? ». Take back your confidence, and apply effective TOEIC tips you've learned, so when you see that something similar has happened to all your colleagues, indigenous or not.

After a while, you think to program your TOEIC English can be so bad, but it's a good idea to watch the TOEIC test is something different. Go to the library and get a book on the TOEIC. There are dozens of books. Take a quick glance it looks bored watching it and how to take it off. They just want to make you believe that this test is very tough and money behind the message. You can spend your time and energy for other things rather than hundreds of grammar exercises.

Be enrolled and all test centers in certain TOEIC exam preparation.

Make an online TOEIC test. It lasted about 2 hours. 30 minutes before the end, leaving it always goes. (It was really boring and you are hungry). Please register or TOEIC may join TOEIC test class for beginners. Do not received any summons. Please go to the TOEIC test preparation centers that and try to pass the exam and get perfect score.

That's it. Good idea with my mistakes so fluent in English. Frankly, I do not know how I achieved that score. but obviously I can not say that I studied so hard for it. There may be part luck. Even if you can get about 900 TOEIC, it does not mean that your English is perfect or you have a natural level of fluency. I personally do not register TOEIC exam where I'm not sure where it will help me improve the ability of their TOEIC test preparation. Many questions are easy, while many other questions quite meaningless. I can not remember such a fact, but it's like, "get up at 7AM Paul sẽ tomorrow. This is: a. early; b. late; c. normal ". Even in my native language is not sure what the right answer is.

Anyway, I hope that the experience of the TOEIC test preparation I can help you or give you some ideas if you're in a similar situation. I wish everyone luck.

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