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(news.c10mt.com) There are a lot of you are intending to study and IELTS and view contents wondering how implementation, test time is how many minutes, structured IELTS exam What ??? or what to prepare before going IELTS ... This article I will introduce to you the most detailed answer for the IELTS exam.

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IELTS comprehensive review 4 Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing. All contestants will compete in the same Listening and Speaking Skills 2. Then, students academic performance, form (Academic) or secondary (General Training) will take part in various Literacy Exam candidates according to which registration.

The test applied in the IELTS Listening section.

Working time is 30 minutes listening test with 40 questions. Candidates will listen to all the questions and the difficulty of each question will gradually increase. The test consists of various types of information from a profile, conversations (Conversation) of two or more people at the same time.

Candidates will hear more and accent different countries such as the native British accent. Candidates not only hear one repeat visits. However, you will have time to read the questions and prepare answers.

The test has four sections hear (some questions are not equally), heard one time and paragraphs break is shown together with the tape or disk. At the end of the test the contestants will have 10 minutes to record the results on Form answer questions.

. Part 1: is the real life situations (registration activities, rent, admission, asking for directions, charge ..) usually one conversation but questions and answers, and the answer is often said more people ask.

. Part 2: the situations guide and introduction to one familiar topics (school, resorts, music shows, exhibitions, trade, entertainment ..) often spoken by only one person.

. Part 3: the situation is a dialogue between at least two people, this is the debate over academic nature (eg choosing thesis topics, scientific research).

. Part 4: 1 lecture on 1 academic topics, usually because one person says and use many words scholarly nature.

The test applied to the IELTS SPEAKING.

Time from 11-14 minutes for talk.
• Candidates will respond directly to the jury in the form of 1-1.
• Candidates should demonstrate the ability to: Answer the questions fluent, proficient in the subject and the ability to communicate with the jury. Since then, the jury will evaluate the English proficiency of candidates based on four factors: vocabulary, grammar, and pronunciation Fluent. It can be roughly divided into 3 parts test says:

. Part 1: Answer the questions on general topics such as homeland, family, hobbies, ...

. Part 2: The questions will give you 1 requirements described one of the phenomena related to you, the request would have suggested to 4 contestants can easily develop a sense. Candidates have one minute to think and up to 2 minutes to answer. End of answer, the question may be asked to add 1 to 2 questions.

. Part 3: The questions will ask you questions about topics related to the phenomenon and the things you mentioned above. The questions in this section are usually the following categories: Compare (comparison), Speculate (prediction), Analyse (analysis), Explain (interpretation), Evaluate (comments) .Discuss (discuss).

The test applied to READ in IELTS.

Reading tests for academic format (Academic): reading exam time is 60 minutes

• The exam usually consists of three readings with answers questions
• The subject is often quoted from books, newspapers, magazines or journals, and these topics are not professional in nature. In addition, the test also includes 1 table discussion

Reading tests for Common forms (General Training): Duration is 60 minutes reading tests

• The topic of reading tests usually related to everyday situations in the English-speaking world.
• The subject is often quoted from books, newspapers, advertisements, the manual aim to assess the ability to understand and process information of each candidate.
• The subject of the test generally includes descriptive text rather than the essay.

The test applied to WRITE.

Written exam with time is 60 minutes.

- For academic format (Academic). Exam time is 60 minutes (candidates must allocate time). Is divided into two parts:

.Part 1: Candidates often asked to write a report about 150 words to describe and interpret the data, the data on the chart, a process, a phenomenon that is expressed as a figure.

.Part 2: Candidates often asked to write an essay of about 250-300 words to make political debate or comment on one idea or problem in everyday life. Candidates should be given the circumstances and specific examples to support your assessment test.

- For formats General (General Training). Exam time is 60 minutes, divided into two parts:

.Part 1: Candidates often asked to write a letter of 150 words for the purpose of asking for information or explanation on 1 situations in life.

.Part 2: Candidates often asked to write an essay of about 250 words to express the opinions of one incident or problem. Contestants must provide their views or opinions cited. Candidates should be given the circumstances and specific examples to support your statements.

These are interesting to share about the structure of the IELTS exam, hope you will understand yourself and outlines a detailed plan to conquer the ladder IELTS 6.0. If you want to enhance their knowledge and learn more about this exam please come to the center for IELTS expert advice and guide you further.

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