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( To learn effective IELTS exam first thing that you must have is the "MOTIVATION - MOTIVATIONAL - MOTIVATIONAL" Motivation is seen as the hope and strength to help start an action with an attempt to create a link specific results. For example you want to get a scholarship, to study, to find a better job on the career path, blood passion english ... and with full reasons that determine a level floor to his point chalk fight for a clear goal.

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Academic IELTS is really not difficult. The band opened the level of 7.5, 8, 8.5 is entirely possible to achieve. With the band 9 minimum 4 skills is 9-9 - 8.5 - 8.5 - ie a total score of 35/36, then, in addition to ability, effort, you need to add a bit of luck (listening easy, friendly Examiner, theme cabinets ... sort of like winning phỏm: v).

1. Skills for Reading section:

- You must take the time to read English very much and always find the crux of the English books you read, the reading will help you remember the pattern, remember vocabulary, grammar naturally, like rain repellent long!

- Do not use dictionaries which makes you lose focus and cause the brain to always keep in mind when the words in the learning process, where his only recommend a dictionary with the word continuous loop Back in the book (from the critical, common). Also, try to read, grasped the meaning, understanding and self-understanding all the semantics of words through pictures.

- IELTS Preparation read carefully, taking the number of offset quality. After each question wrong trying to understand why he sent for the next time never get back. The quality of IELTS you can refer to as: 3 sets of IELTS best quality that is Cambridge IELTS PRACTICE FOR Tests.

- In the IELTS exam is often used synonyms, or position of the islands in question, generally change a little, trying to get up and become sensitive to this. This is called the reflection of your training to meet the evolving situation in the IELTS exam.

On the test:
- Read each question in turn, read the how to make sure that sentence, and writers are always on the answer sheet by recording if you write on the booklet and then recorded on the answer sheet will not have enough time (let's practice the habit You will see progress on the lot).

- Do not dance, dance clip doing so you will be confused and accidentally create problems for yourself. Try to follow the order of the article has not to be confused.

- However, if a passage which section headings immediately filled first, or summary section (fill in blanks), I'll skip that part, as the question then. By following completion of the sentence that you understand quite well what that article says, then can answer summary section headings and easily then.

- Always try to do as quickly as possible, be careful as well, but do not be too careful, but do not need to waste time. For example, yesterday I did spend all their time choareading, all a bit difficult one, all 2 extremely easy, all three very hard for 15 minutes post 1, post 2 10 minutes, 30 minutes all 3, 5 minutes left to check for have suffered any silly errors.

2. IELTS Listening Skills:

- You can hear the train onto youtube video, on BBC radio, do not listen to it much, just listening to a maximum of 3 times by listening to the effective carrying bring hear decreases.

- The IELTS listening should be heard again and again. It is best to listen to 3 times, listening to all 1st, 2nd replay to determine his sentence wrong, wrong is. Next three times while listening to the tape script, looking to better understand how to pronounce and express, understand their wrong place, weak place to find ways to improve your listening skills.

On the test:
- Immediately turn right when assigned all considered section 4, by section 4 is the hardest bone and also less time, you only have about 30 seconds to look at the question of this section 10 consecutive 1 time (not as other parts each part is divided into two). So a bit of attention grasp of section 4 is essential. Section 1 is usually pretty easy so do not need much time to preview.

- After looking at section 4, if you have time I would look at section 3 section 1 I started watching the tape starts rewinding to section 1 paragraph for example.

- When looking at, you should mark the question that you need to pay attention. For example, I always mark the sentences with the possibility to use the plural, by listening, I focus not audibly hear from, as this would take time, so do not pay attention to infinity or lose points section this.

- Absolutely not stop at the first sentence is too long, too long to stop at this question probably will not hear the sentence. Or Carpet least 1 strung ignoring the question, so the only way to go retake always paid immediately after the test is completed, all your effort will become "frozen sea sand car whites": v . Their tips with you one tip that is a question that you do not just ignore it, mark? at that moment after listening to both the back post, will remember to fill out a little, do not worry. Do not venture to attempt one question and then take the first section to pay led to retest.

3. Writing Skills for IELTS:

- Learn and read English books and selective learning system structure and vocabulary.

- I recommend two books Academic Writing content and Insight Into IELTS (extra) to learn to write, practice writing in all, then shut the book to try to rewrite that section to make it match the tone. Can you think is a bit like a parrot but this is the best way to learn the structure of it and applies to all of you and also to your training habits to remember English.

- No need to learn skills if you are not part of the process many times, this possibility is very low, just learning how to do, and the way you spend your time studying this section if it accidentally met also available is poorly defined.

- Prior to viewing and writing samples in Cambridge, find the site or in the model of the Examiner. Find bad spot in the poor review of previous contestants to avoid repeat enters footsteps.

On the test:

- Read threads task 2 first, then began work on one task, if while writing task 1 but think of that then tick outline for task 2 so you will have more choices.

- Try to complete the task one time (preferably sooner than 1 minute).

- Note to count the number of words, avoid writing too short (penalized) and the point of the less). Each line often sedai (as long to write as many bugs write 10 words, this task is just one of about 16-> 22 line is DC, task 2 is about 25-32 lines).

- Pay particular attention to the issue of time, time is running out if you still are not finished yet awkwardly body of task 2. Clear the way down there and write even Conclusion. 1 posts essay without a Conclusion will be penalized severely. If written Conclusion then flipped to write a sequel body not.

4. Speaking Skills in English IELTS:

This section alone is not prepared at all, or rather did not know what to prepare, review how. Just how they take the exam so that only by speaking you must train each time. But also draw some experience in this section:

- Do not use slang, language training by doing so you lose speaking standard English and can irritate the listener, if you are using a lot of slang, then try bending the blade several times before said.

- Speak slowly and clearly enough attention as a short article. And their collective habits have said opening, body and conclusion.

Above is the shared experience of his method IELTS. If you find yourself wondering center IELTS Testexpert to go to the consultants and improve your IELTS knowledge.

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