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( Here, are some experienced IELTS can help you accomplish the best of each section, in the IELTS test with their abilities. Note learn English with IELTS different from when you learn English TOEIC somebody else.

Experience in the IELTS Listening.

1. At the beginning of each part exam, read the questions carefully, before the tapes are turned on. This will help you to get the tape to hear and determine the answer.

2. Listen carefully to the recommendations of each part of the listening you're listening to. For example: the word "firstly", "my next point", "to sum up". These words will help you determine you need to read the next question.

Experience in the IELTS exam Reading.

1. To improve the reading assignments in the competition, you need to practice reading English texts diversity. This will help you develop the ability to read quickly and under pressure in the examination room.

2. Read the text on the test always contains the information you need to answer these questions. You will not need to use the available knowledge in their subjects.

Experience in the IELTS Writing.

1. Remember to be careful to use his own words, because judges will not scoring words are copied from the question of the assignment.

2. Make sure to clarify directions, and his views as clearly as possible in an essay devoted to the question number 2 in the contest 'Academic Writing' (Academic Writing). Your last paragraph should be consistent with the conclusion of his argument in the article.

Experience in the IELTS Speaking.

1. To launch the contest words, you take the time to practice speaking English with friends, at work or on the phone. You should also consider the story of his own recordings, to be confident in speaking throughout the contest.

2. There is no right or wrong answers in the exam words. Judges will evaluate the grading you, based on your ideas presented, and their opinion by qualified English how (?)

IELTS experience of Sridhar, who IELTS 8.0

Sridhar is an IELTS test takers from Bangalore, India. The contest was in June, and scoring a total of 8.0. He wrote an email to us and look forward to sharing the experience of his IELTS success in the exercises for the reader.

Sirdhar said: "I started IELTS with standard textbooks of Cambridge, as well as some other exam preparation materials, such as books Barrons. As I understand format exam, I started focused on honing skills, speed and efficiency of its ....

Total points in my ielts exam is 8.0: 8.5 parts Listening, Reading 8.0, 7.5 Writing and Speaking 7.0.

I have read your advice to look for IELTS General Training reading / Academic Module - How to Maximize Your Score. This is an extremely useful book. Want to reach a level of English learning programs ielts TOEIC good, you need a solid start. You can hone your skills by listening, reading and speaking in real life situations. But apart from the English skills you need to become familiar with the format, the order of the contest, how to solve each part ... in the IELTS test.

Experience my IELTS exam in listening.

Is to focus on a specific question, and draw a straight line after the last question in each group of questions, which is very important. This may sound trivial, but you will realize the importance of it in the exam room. Vision and your brain will accidentally slip, to hear a different part of the dialogue going, and you'll miss some place.

Experience in my IELTS Writing contest

Suggested format for the test is quite simple. However, you have to be creative and add more examples, thoughts, arguments, ... The fact that we are accustomed to using computers, to write articles and bug fixes will be a disadvantage handwriting. You will not have software like correct spelling, grammar correction, and will not be easy for you to go back and change the wording or sentence (as in MS Word or Word Pro can do it). Try to think carefully while writing and editing restrictions.

In my case, bad writing is also a problem, and I have to write slowly and neatly, to do this you also need to practice writing so others easily view. You can write good on the computer, but handwritten can make a challenge for those who left school a long time ago.

Experience my IELTS exam in Reading.

You will find a lot of experience in the TOEIC IELTS effective tips so I will be brief. An experience that is important to learn how to read and skim quickly - it's not wise to read every word and every sentence. However, if you are looking for a specific information - please read the detail. Before you read the entire article read, take a look at what types of questions in all and find the problem raised in the question. Some brief questions clearly can be found by reading leapfrogging. You remember that the goal here is to find answers and not to study the documents in detail.

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