The Basic Thing To Achieve High TOEIC Scores

( TOEIC is a test of English for International Communication, by ETS (Educational Testing Service), US organizations. TOEIC test questions are based on the work situation in real life in an international environment (meetings, travel, talk on the phone, ...). TOEIC score at the University like?

The Basic Thing To Achieve High TOEIC Scores

At most universities in Vietnam, learning English TOEIC is used to evaluate the English proficiency of freshman and check the progress of English during their studies at university school. All students are English language courses sooner or later have to do this test.

For freshmen at the University, TOEIC exam preparation experience does not seem to have, while the TOEIC score is extremely important because it determines whether the student has to register courses in English Most or not (Those IELTS or TOEFL offered can use this score to replace).

TOEIC score at the University must have a minimum of 600 points (this may vary depending on the requirements of each case) is required for students who wish to enroll, or self-seeking students for the TOEIC exam preparation program where high quality, or the advanced research programs.

Now that you understand the importance of TOEIC then. So, do not hesitate to read this article for important notes while doing this test. Typically, the training center for the TOEIC will you review and TOEIC exam preparation in many different ways. However, now there are two kinds of different TOEIC tests are tests and TOEIC Listening and Reading test TOEIC Speaking and Writing.

How to achieve TOEIC test score high ? 

Each test is managed in a way TOEIC separately. Initially, TOEIC tests including a test Listening and Reading. Then, from about May 2006, tests have changed at the request of South Korea and Japan, two countries that assessment TOEIC test is very popular. At the University, the following test has not been done, so now we will focus on "tests TOEIC Listening and Reading".

Structure TOEIC Listening tests.

Listening section of the exam TOEIC Listening and Reading skills, often used in the form of written paper, but when the University is using the computer. So you need to have basic computer skills such as using the mouse or .... TOEIC test prep usually lasts about 45 minutes and has 100 questions, although at the University of time doing tests investigation may change. The test consists of four parts:

TOEIC test with questions that image. In this section, you will see a picture and hear four sentences about it. Images may depict people, objects, actions and locations. You must select the best description of what you see in the picture. Overview image, to determine visual information related to TOEIC, and then read four statements about the image. You will hear the question only once, and must make your choice immediately if not, you will miss the information related to the image next to hear.

TOEIC test in the form of questions and answers. The questions posed include a variety of topics related to people, events, places, time, emotion, reason, opinions or activities. You need to select the corresponding answers mean.

TOEIC test in the form of short conversations. In this section, you hear a short dialogue, followed by a brief general question about the conversation. Then you must choose one of four answers questions related to this TOEIC short conversations, or may be related to an activity, location, relationship, or feelings of the speaker in the conversation short.

TOEIC Test with short talk. In this section, you hear a short monologue as weather forecasts, news or short notice. Then you need to select an answer related to the speaker, location, time, reasons, or facts.

Structure TOEIC Reading test.

Part reading skills tests TOEIC Listening and Reading may include the following types as complete sentences, error detection in question, complete a paragraph, read and understand the contents of this TOEIC test how ?

TOEIC test to complete the test. In this test, you need to choose the best answer to complete the sentence. Knowledge of grammar and vocabulary are important in helping you understand the exact context of the question and choose the correct answer. For example, you must be familiar with the types of words such as nouns, adjectives, adverbs, ... to know what to choose the most appropriate sentence.

TOEIC test in detecting errors in the sentence. This section has been eliminated in all TOEIC Listening and Reading test new, but still in the older version, used in many parts of the world. This is the part that tests your knowledge of grammar and its impact on the meaning of the sentence.

TOEIC tests completed paragraph (new TOEIC test). For this part, you will be asked to fill in the blanks, similar tests completed sentence above. The difference is these boxes is a great piece of literature as a letter.

TOEIC test read and understand. Reading is part of the text is taken from many different contexts such as newsletters, advertisements, reports, tables, notifications, ... Many question below. Many reading skills such as skimming, scanning and reading large vocabulary in the context of the passage will create many advantages in this section.

Use these tips TOEIC different effect, will help you quickly to the experience of learning at their own TOEIC. TOEIC Exam Centre TestExpert Vietnam wish you quickly complete the TOEIC skills in the share on the TOEIC test it this basis.

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