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( TOEIC (Test of English for International Communication) is used to assess the general English skills of students studying in an international environment. There are two types of assessment: check Speaking and Writing. Both skills are very important, so I'll try to select resources to support you best read for both parts of the test.

If you are not enrolled in the TOEIC exam center TOEIC exam preparation, you can see our post from last month, the post classification of TOEIC calendar, share experiences TOEIC exam performance effective, efficient TOEIC exam tips. If you have not read through these posts, it can refer to a number of curriculum follows:

The TOEIC teacher effectiveness

1. TOEIC Official Test-Preparation Guide: Test of English for International Communication Center of testing.

Similar to the first book in the list of documents TOEFL, this is the formal document by ETS (testing center) write. The assessment for this book are very similar. Most students say that it provides examples of questions similar to these questions in the real TOEIC exam. This book provides you with a wide range of practice tests, and the answer may explain for those who need help to find out the answer of the question difficult. The only downside of this book is lacking a description of the test format. However, this is not a big problem, because this information can be easily searched on the internet.

2. Days to the TOEIC Test 30 Bo Arbogast, Elizabeth Ashmore, Trina Duke, and a number of other authors.

Really this book for the serious student. Written for students with advanced level, this book is considered include ALL the elements of the TOEIC test. Students seemed very interested in the way the book is divided into 30-day schedule, ensure that you are appropriately distributed learning time each day for the contest. There is a problem do not like students, is the price. This book is very expensive, but the documentation for the 30-day exam, along with two accompanying CD answer explanation and practice tests, most people say that it deserves value for money.

3. Barron's TOEIC Test Lin Lougheed

Originally intended for beginner students TOEIC, Barron's TOEIC Test - Barron's TOEIC test gives students a large volume of learning materials with very low price. The book includes four complete practice tests length, and a CD is purchased separately if students need more practice requirements. Some students said that this book has four errors in the answer, obviously this can cause discomfort and confusion for the reader. Some say that part in the book too understandable Listen and good practice, but it will be very different from what you experienced in the real TOEIC test.

The site of the curriculum TOEIC exam online

1. Learning English - BBC

Although this site does not focus specifically on the TOEIC, many students say it helps them in preparing for the exam. This site focuses on teaching English daily communication, by the readers of the newsletter. It also has spoken texts to help students hear the pronunciation of the words, as well as definitions of difficult words.

2. TOEIC Test Online

This website contains a large number of tests TOEIC test, which is for students with choices such as "fill the gaps", "complete the sentence" and "short conversations." The site also has a small section provides basic advice exam, help you ensure that you use your time wisely in the examination room. Lastly, this site is also in Spanish, Japanese, Korean, and Chinese.

3. Good Luck TOEIC

Similar to Good Luck TOEFL website I mentioned in previous articles, this site offers a large amount of analysis format of the TOEFL test, including the Listening and Reading and Writing and Speaking. It also provides a link to a video of teaching materials TOEIC, which is great if you're bored reading section and to listen to her.

TOEIC courses. Let me emphasize again that you can not compare any of the above learning, with a classroom full of students who are learning the same skills with you. Classrooms help you have friends who will work with you to practice vocabulary, and teachers are always willing to help you whenever you have questions. ESL Explorer (Visit the English as a Second Language) always have a list of English curriculum from class TOEIC TOEIC Test - Watch!

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