The Calcium Supplements For Baby

( Calcium is necessary nutrients to build strong bones in children and adolescents ages. Adults should take calcium supplements on a daily menu to ensure the future growth of your child height.

The Calcium Supplements For Baby

According to the standard of calcium supplementation for children of WHO, children under 1 year of age need 300 -400mg / day; Children 1-3 years old need 500 mg / day, 600 mg / day for children 4-6 years old ... Thus, the greater the amount of calcium supplementation should be increased. However, according to research with children 12 years of age, only 1 in 10 girls and 1 in 3 boys getting enough calcium everyday. Here are six food groups calcium supplements, should take into daily diet of your child:

The Calcium Supplements For Baby.

- Milk and dairy products
- Vegetables
- Fruits
- The type of bone meat, eggs and seafood
- Cereal and starch enhance calcium
- Notes on use of calcium supplements for children

1.Sua and dairy products.

Milk is a food supplement calcium leading, very suitable for daily supplement for children. One cup of milk has about 300 mg of calcium, with a cup of yogurt, 1/9 cup cheese and 1/4 cup pure cheese processing bien.Voi children 2 years of age, you can let your children milk products low-fat or fat. It is best to drink whole milk, but let me choose flavored milk because they like rather than milk that does not drink milk. If he can not or do not like to drink cow's milk are many calcium supplements foods, including milk, cheese, butter, yogurt, soy ...

2. Vegetables

Not only milk and dairy products, vegetables included in the daily diet is also good sources of calcium supplements tre.Rau easy to not only excel calcium than cow's milk but also contains large amounts of trace elements and minerals that help absorb vitamin K canxi.Sup broccoli are rich in iron, zinc, calcium, vitamin E ... can be processed by steaming, stir-fry without loss of anti-cancer compounds contained in this vegetable. In addition, spinach, carrots, tomatoes, and the chips are vegetables contain large amounts of calcium, potassium, vitamins and minerals to support uptake and metabolism of calcium.

3. Fruits

Orange is one of the fruits topped the list of foods easily calcium supplements for children. Each 100 g orange contains 40 mg of calcium minerals. In Orange also contains some good nutrients for the body include vitamin B1, dietary fiber, folate, potassium. In addition, other fruits such as blueberries, strawberries, bananas, kiwi ... also contain vitamins B1, B2, calcium, phosphorus, iron, potassium, zinc, chromium and minerals are good for children.

4. The type of bone meat, eggs and seafood.

Bone and flesh of animals such as pigs, cows, sheep are additional food sources of calcium, protein, help the body build muscle tissue and bone. Eggs are high in protein supply, particularly eggs contain vitamin B12 (riboflavin) helps increase height for children. The seafood such as shrimp, crab, salmon, scallops, oysters ... calcium and aids in calcium such as vitamin D, K, B1, ... are really effective calcium supplements for the baby's development . Especially salmon (with bones). Half a cup of canned salmon contains 402 mg of calcium, softened bones, easy to digest and provide calcium to the body.

5. Cereal and starch enhance calcium

Cereals are good sources of calcium supplements available in the daily diet. Use of processed cereal for breakfast is enhanced calcium 1,000 mg per serving (about 1.3 cups). Should cereal mixed with milk or calcium-fortified soy milk instead of water. Beans: One cup of boiled or fried small white beans provides about 130 mg of calcium, roughly half a cup of milk. A cup of canned white beans has about 190 mg of calcium. A cup of canned green beans contains about 80 mg of calcium.

Peas: contains about 45 mg of calcium per cup. Not only that, peas also contain vitamin K can increase the density and flexibility to the bone, it is a source of vitamin C, and protein A wonderful.

Soy contains many proteins in all kinds of vegetarian food, we have used to improve bone and tissue volume. To increase the height, need at least 50g of soy per day.

Sweet Potatoes: A sweet potato provides about 55 mg of calcium and a bowl of cooked sweet potato has about 76 mg of the substance. You can choose sweet potatoes as food supplements daily calcium by feeding potatoes with cheese or yogurt.

Notes on use of calcium supplements for children.

These foods are rich in calcium aforementioned nutrients, parents should be sent immediately to the daily diet of children. In addition to regularly change the items together to avoid boredom and help her feel more delicious, mother to note a few things below to have a calcium supplement for optimal child.

- The use of microwaves to the food processing calcium supplements. If you do not have a microwave, can be autoclaved or security, cook a water helps retain calcium more.

- Parents should be feeding grounds for young country and getting enough calcium and other nutrients as protein in meat, fish, shrimp ... only in the flesh but not soluble in water.

- For children under one year of age, we should be feeding your baby from the view was not allergic to seafood. No child will be eating too much bloating and indigestion.

- Simultaneously with the process of feeding fresh foods calcium supplements, parents should be combined for the further use of the function to ensure the calcium needed for the baby's body.

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